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    The Kei Nishikori Charitable Fund Fed's racquet up for bids
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    20110404 practice match vid

    Tony, you are doing a really good job focusing on consistency and movement. I think you form is good and will improve steadily with time. You can make quick improvements in terms of movement in the next couple months by improving your anticipation for incoming balls and improving your split-step...
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    Critique my service Motion.....

    Ditto. Improving the position and consistency of your toss will quickly take your serve to the next level. Your toss would land ~1/2 feet past the baseline at the moment. You do a good job bowing your body and shifting into the court so perhaps try tossing about a foot into the court and see...
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    The Kei Nishikori Charitable Fund

    "Help Japan’s number one tennis player Kei Nishikori raise money for the victims of the disaster in Japan. Kei’s initial donation was the first step." Maybe he did donate a good % of his earnings?
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    posters who you want to see hit.

    I watched your vids and yes, you play like an amateur 3.0 player. And yes, you actually play like a typical 3.0 amateur player, in many ways. As an amateur player, you do not fully understand my words and accept my rating as truth- just because you think differently. Your goals are totally...
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    posters who you want to see hit.

    It should have already taken place... ~7 hrs ago
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    Requests For Play Testers Of Beast Xp 17 Gauge String

    Can someone who got yellow dot beast provide the survey link plz? I have misplaced the letter that came with the string
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    New Adidas shoes?

    Thank you :)
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    New Adidas shoes?

    In the new issue of Tennis magazine (jan/feb), there is a TW adidas ad that says "adizero Be Faster On-Court" with a picture of new adidas shoes. I was wondering if TW will be carrying these kicks and when? Thanks
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    Official TW String Playtest: 361 Nation

    361nation string review Test Tension: 50lbs/ 50lbs, 17 Gauge Your regular string set up: Full Topspin Cyber Flash 50/50 String pattern of your racquet: 18x20 MG prestige mp Power & Feel: 361nation is a low-powered, control oriented poly. The stringbed is not lively nor springy...
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    F/S: Prince Graphite Lite XB MP, L4, 7.5/10

    Too lazy to make a new account, dishonest seller?
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    Lead under CAP bumper guard on Head Flexpoint Prestige

    I ran into the same issue when I used the fxp prestige. I also considered using mg/ytk caps but decided not to; it would spill over the invaginated areas, which I wouldn't be okay with :evil:. If you insist on putting it under grommets as opposed to the inner side of the frame (string side)...
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    Analyse my trophy position please?

    Yes naturally your knee would be over your toes, but compare how much over. Of course if you are balanced in that stance, then it is not a problem.
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    Your thoughts on this issue?

    Supplementation helps, but the golden rule of supplementation is that they are only meant to supplement your diet and not replace it. Eating a well balanced diet will be much more beneficial to building strength and muscle.
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    Analyse my trophy position please?

    It is not odd. In fact, I believe most people turn their tossing arm around before dropping it. Here is just one pic, but you can easily find more- OP- as people have mentioned, it is hard to critique based on a single frame, but it does looks pretty sound to me. The wind up will be...
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    Davydenko - Racquet Switch

    A bit off topic, but Davy says "After my injury, I play everything bad. I change from 18-string Prince to play 16-string during hard courts to try to get more control and top spin, but I have no confidence, no baseline game." Perhaps I am not interpreting this correctly, but did he go to a...
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    FXP Prestige MP Flex Rating?

    The flex is 65, but the feel is pretty unique because really does flex more in the head... perhaps it's worth trying out before buying
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    Syngut Mains Poly Crosses.. what's your opinion?

    I've been experimenting with this set up lately; I used Gosen OGSM 16 in the mains and a very soft generic 18 gauge poly in the crosses at 49/53 lbs. Compared to the reversed setup, this offers more comfort and a lot more touch and feel. Power, control, spin were pretty similar. Durability is...
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    tips on my -1.0 serve

    Is this at Logan?
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    learned an incredible rallying exercise today. I call it the monster rally drill.

    That sounds like a lot of fun! I had a similar experience once. My hitting partner would hit to only one side of the court e.g deuce court (so that I would be more consistent) and told me to go all out and disregard the singles lines. I would try to hit a winner off his feed, and he would run...
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    conservation of angular momentum, whip physics, and a serve question

    Well looking at this clip (, it does seem that the shoulders square with the net before the arm comes around and hits the ball. So cracking of the whip seems to be a good way to describe how energy is channeled from the lower body to the arm and hand...
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    Best Prestige MP: LQM, Fxp, MG, or Ytk?

    +1 for Flexpoint. It produces a ridiculous amount of pace and spin and even performs very well at net.
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    Poor transaction w/ Tennisfeld

    This is another look at the crack:
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    Poor transaction w/ Tennisfeld

    The racquet was well packaged, and the box it came in did not seem damaged at all. I've asked the seller twice why false pictures were sent, but my questions were pretty much ignored. The seller does not seem to acknowledge that he's done such a deed. In fact, he initially questioned if my...
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    Poor transaction w/ Tennisfeld

    Not yet. Seller insists that the racquet was damaged during shipment and claims to be dealing with the post office atm. :|
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    Poor transaction w/ Tennisfeld

    Welcome aboard guys :) I actually did sanitize it (serious). He actually emailed me back about an hour ago and said he was on vacation. I replied but a few emails bounced back, forwarded it to his other email, still waiting for his reply. Marc, feel free to check your emails or perhaps just...
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    Fearsome Forehand - Very helpful person

    You can actually go to the pic's properties and view the details. It will show you when the picture was created and with what device the picture was taken. Of course, it is not bulletproof as you can see =D
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    Fearsome Forehand - Very helpful person

    Just for clarification I am not writing to review a transaction with FF. This is my way to show appreciation for his help in one of my threads- The classifieds section is lucky to have FF watching everyone's back, spending hours to make...
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    Poor transaction w/ Tennisfeld

    FF, I don't see the send email to option; perhaps I don't have adequate posts? Please email me-