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    Fantastic purchase from Marcoforehand

    Great transaction with Marcoforehand. Product condition was exactly as described (maybe better:)). Would highly recommend!!
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    Prince Beast 98

    Hello TW, I was wondering if you could provide a timeline for the release of the Prince Beast 98, specifically the model without ports, thanks.
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    Question for Chris about new Princes

    Hey Chris, I was wondering if you could do a quick comparison between the Prince Diablo mid and the new Prince Response and Graphite 100 standard length. I have been using the Diablo Mid for 10+ years and am liking the specs on the new rackets, especially the Response. I appreciate any info you...
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    Question for Chris re:new blade mid

    I was wondering if you could compare and contrast the new Blade mid to the Prince Diablo mid? I read your review and would like to know your thoughts on the differences in these racquets. Thanks a lot.
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    PST GT swingweight?

    Hello all, does anyone know what the UNSTRUNG swingweight is supposed to be for the Babolat Pure Storm Tour GT (standard length)? Thanks for the info.
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    Compare PST GT and Swirly PC?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone can compare the new PST GT to the Swirly PC, specifically the 330g PC model that was out around 2000-2001. I played with the swirly PC for many years and have never found that combination of pace, spin and feel. Any feedback would be great, Thanks...
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    TW, Speed Pro grip size availability

    TW staff, I see that the Head Speed Pro is available in 4 1/2 and 4 3/8. Is there an estimated time on 4 5/8? Thanks for any info.
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    FS/FT Prince EXO Graphite Mid, 4 5/8, 9.5/10

    I have a practically new EXO mid that I played with for about 1.5 hours. It is strung with Luxilon ALU power at 58 lbs. There are some tiny marks on the bumper guard, the paint is untouched. Looking for $130 plus shipping. I would also consider a trade for a Yonex RDS002 tour in a 4 5/8 grip...
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    TW staff, Luxilon ALU touch hybrid?

    Hello TW, are you going to continue to carry the Luxilon ALU touch hybrid? I don't see it on the Luxilon page. Thanks for any info.
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    Compare 2001 PC and Yonex RDS 002 tour?

    Hello all, I was hoping that someone could compare the 2001 version of the Pure Control(66 RA, 330g unstrung) to the Yonex RDS 002 tour. I'm looking for a stick that can provide a comfortable heavy ball as well as a nice feel for touch volleys, etc. I recently started hitting with the Pure...
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    Racquet Matching Help Needed

    Hey all, I have two racquet's I am trying to match and need some advice. The sticks weigh 341g and 355g, both are balanced the same, 13 pts hl(unstrung). My question is, where is the best place to add weight to bring the lighter one up to the heavier one? I know the standard procedure is to...
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    DNX 10 Mid string setup questions, NBMJ?

    I recently tried the Klip gut/Isospeed hybrid in a DNX 10 mid, strung at 60 mains, 66 crosses. I love the way it plays, but after 4 hours of drilling, the gut is fraying pretty bad and I don't think it's going to last much longer even though I used elasto crosses since string was put in. I was...
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    Question for NBMJ

    Hey NBMJ, question about your hybrid. I'm going to try it out this weekend, I usually use the Klip explosive hybrid with the gut in the mains, I string both the gut and poly at 58lbs. My question is switching to the Isospeed, should I string both mains and crosses a little higher, maybe around...
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    Compare Vapor speed 3 to Oscillates?

    Is there anyone who has worn both? I have never really found the right shoe after Nike discontinued the Oscillate. I like the looks of the Vapor Speed 3 and the fact they appear wider than previous models. I'm also excited to see that Nike may be bringing back the Oscillates:), but I can't wait...
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    Klip Armourpro update?

    To anyone who has been using the Klip Armourpro string, how has it held up? I am looking to try it, switching from a Lux hybrid, did anyone make a similar switch and if so what did you do about tension? Thanks for any info provided.