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    All In Bet!

    put it all on THE EXPRESS! and come out twice as rich!
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    Prince Graphite Lite XB oversize size 4

    together with case condition 9/10 any takers?
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    My Bet for Wimbledon 2008

    I can only laugh.
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    RUSEDSKI'S VERDICT, "I think NADAL is seriously ready to win.....''

    Rusedski on the 'big three' The battle for the men's singles title at Wimbledon is one of the most eagerly anticipated in years, with five-times winner Roger Federer facing a huge challenge to hold on to his crown from Spain's Rafael Nadal and Serbia's Novak Djokovic. Federer has...
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    Could Federer learn from Tiger?

    Game over, friend.
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    Could Federer learn from Tiger? Game over, friend.
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    Could Federer learn from Tiger?

    You obviously have no idea what torque means. All ball sports require torque.... even when you throw a dart or object from the 'lever arm' it requires torque.
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    Could Federer learn from Tiger?

    true ...i don;t disagree with that forget you have to be millimetre perfect in pool and snooker. Plus, the accumulation of shots adds up to the 'total energy expanded' count ...
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    Could Federer learn from Tiger?

    You forgot to include a link of someone putting a ball.
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    Could Federer learn from Tiger?

    so how many 147s can tiger pot then? u cant really compare the two... u only require power at required stages in both...and both require totally different torque and actions.
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    $60K betted on nadal!

    Some people have a lot of money, I like that.
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    Could Federer learn from Tiger?

    golf is a sport. It is the most mentally demanding sport in my opinion. If you switch off for 5 mins during play u can go from 1st to to 20th easily and throw the match. In tennis you can get away with 'switching off' and still eventually not so.... Tiger is on top because he...
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    $60K betted on nadal! Could it be Uncle Toni's money or Davydenko's?
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    Could Federer learn from Tiger?

    In terms of how many human skills Golf is just slightly more difficult to sports such as Darts or Pool or Billiards. The reason why i classify it as 'slightly' is because the golfer has to adapt to weather and terrain conditions which requires a differnet type of analytical skill...
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    I have $100....

    is Rodney George Laver coming out of retirement to play this year?
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    I have $100....

    who do I put it on to win the Wimbledon final? Keeping in mind I would like to buy another Volkl T-Flight stick..
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    Could Federer learn from Tiger?

    MJ also tried baseball...and failed at that too. MJ simply regarded golf as a second hobby and you also forget that IF he was any good at it why did he amass a $1.25 million loss gambling on golf? In regards to your other comment: ernie els, vijay singh, K j Choi, lee westwood, montgomerie...
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    Could Federer learn from Tiger?

    sorry you are correct. that;s only for american athletes. laver, borg , federer, nadal , graf, lendl...would be up there too alond with addtional entry Tiger Woods. so u r correct..the link is innaccurate. Apologies.
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    Could Federer learn from Tiger?

    J mac was very athletic.
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    Could Federer learn from Tiger?

    sorry. got a little carried away.
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    Could Federer learn from Tiger?

    u obviously haven;t played table tennis on a competitive level. Badminton tests yr stamina to the max. Golf simply has emphasis on two areas: mental toughness and technique. Tiger has the former plus physical attributes which has been responsible for his sucess.
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    Could Federer learn from Tiger?

    One word : how many atheltic golf players are there on the PGA tour apart from Tiger woods ? answer: not many.. probably none.
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    Could Federer learn from Tiger? Without Tiger...Golf simply wouldn;t even be considered a 'sport'. The second link simply clears things up.... hope...
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    RF Cosmetics: Roger Federer Cosmetics

    Today i bought some RF deodrant. It made me play exactly like the Federer of late. highly recomended.
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    Will Federer dare wear his creme suit to Wimby?

    Will he he dare wear it? If he does...surely he wins wimbledon?
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    Federer and Big Brown

    big brown stopped taking steroids for his last race. did federer do the same for his match vs rafa?
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    very embarassed for Roger...

    :( This sucks
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    If Roger Federer wins tomorrow..

    will be he be acknowledged as the greatest to ever play tennis ?
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    Andy Murray on Jonathan Ross now.