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    Youznhy v. del Porto

    Porto's up 1-0, nothing to worry about yet.
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    Whats with this? Mathieu's beating Gonzo?

    There is something wrong here, no?
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    Venus Williams v. Fedak

    What is up now? Venus' return to tennis. She had a terribel start, going down 0-4 and now there are stuck at 5-5 in the first!!! Great comeback, but let's see if she can finish it off.
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    WANTED: Babolat Racquet

    I was looking for a Babolat AeroPro Drive w/ cortex system and smart grip. w/ prohurricane tour strings would be preferred, but not necessary
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    Spin Strings

    I'm looking for strings that are good for spin, mainly topspin, and preferably Babolat, but I'm open for everything.
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    Nike or adidas?

    I , personally, favor one much more over the other, but I want the public's opnion, as part of a project, and will respectfully obstain from voting, to hide my favor and not to tip the restuls.