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    Is there something unique about tennis players?

    Is there something unique about tennis players? By "tennis players," I do not mean only professional players but people who see and feel playing tennis as part of their identity. I grew up playing baseball and American football in organized leagues and schools and tennis as something on the...
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    Reality of Tension Loss on 17 ga. Volkl Cyclone Co-poly Due to Non-Use

    I played tennis somewhat regularly from 1980 to 2008. During this time, I always played with multifilament string and synthetic gut and never thought twice about letting a racket sit for months while I favored playing with a different racket. I would play with a racket until the strings broke...
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    Portable Tennis Net that Approximates Regulation Height at Center

    Does anyone know of a good portable tennis net that is easy to set up and that approximates regulation height at the center? I have a 6.1 meter portable net, but it seems that the height is meant for kids, as it is well below 36 inches at the center. I may try to fabricate some pvc extensions at...
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    Anyone Aware of a BLX Six.One Prostaff 95 Available in a 16x18 String Pattern?

    Is anyone aware of a BLX Six.One Prostaff 95 available in a 16x18 string pattern?
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    New Leather Replacement Grips Without Adhesive Backing

    Have any of you ever purchased leather replacement grips the come without adhesive backing? If so, have you experienced problems with such grips, or did you apply your own adhesive backing? This is the first time I have ever received leather replacement grips without adhesive backing, and I'm...
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    Pro's Pro Offerings Nearly Entirely Rebranded Chinese Manufacture?

    I like searching for the best quality out of China and hate the idea of paying some company's premium for rebranded quality Chinese products. Why shouldn't I do the research and buy directly from China, since that's what many western companies are doing anyway? In my research, it seems that...
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    Introverted or Extroverted?

    Do tennis players on average tend to be more introverted or extroverted in life generally, not necessarily just on the court? I tend to think that they are more introverted generally, though playing tennis can be an outlet for some extroversion.
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    Universal Programmable Wi-Fi Remote (or App) for Tennis Ball Machine

    I am looking for a universal programmable Wi-Fi remote or smartphone app that can record basic remote functions for a tennis ball machine. I have the OEM Wi-Fi remote for my tennis ball machine, but, out of curiosity, I'd like to know if it is possible to program a universal wi-fi remote or...
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    What Racquet Plays Like a 90 Square Inch Babolat Pure Drive

    I've played mostly with Wilson Pro Staff racquets since the 1980s. I still play with and like the Prostaff 90. However, as I'm getting on in age, I'd like to find a racket that provides a bit more power. I have recently tried both the 300g Babolat Pure Drive and the 315g Pure Drive. I like them...
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    Repurposing Used Tennis Balls

    I have a difficult time throwing out anything that seems to have potential use in some manner other than the intended use. While there are many lists on the Internet for how used tennis balls can be repurposed, maybe we can come up with additional innovative ideas. A quick search turns up some...
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    Suggestions for How to Reuse/Repurpose Tennis Ball Tubes

    I hate throwing out things that seem like they can be useful. This includes tennis ball tubes/cans that are no longer needed to store tennis balls. Many of these are thrown out daily on tennis courts. What are some ideas for how cans/tubes can be reused/repurposed? My suggestions: 1. planting...
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    Seeking More Information About this Raised Platform for a Tennis Ball Machine

    Might anyone have more information about this raised platform for a tennis ball machine? From what I can see, it looks perfect, though from this one picture I can't tell how portable it is. I would especially love to get more insight into how to make the part with what looks like a threaded...
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    Ball Machine: Effect of External Battery Cable Length on Energy Consumption

    I'm hoping there are some engineering/electronics-oriented people who can answer this question. I am trying to configure (or having someone configure for me) an external lithium-ion battery for my ball machine. I was told that the length of the cable (battery to machine) affects energy...
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    Anymote Universal Remote Control App for Ball Machine?

    Has anyone ever tried programming the Anymote universal remote control app to work with a tennis ball machine? I know that some ball machine remotes use wi-Fi or Bluetooth. I'm not sure what other signals are used. RF?Infrared? I think the Anymote app works only with Wi-Fi and infrared but am...
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    Pressureless Tennis Ball Comparison Thread

    Because there seems to be a wide discrepancy in the performance of pressureless tennis balls available, this thread is to compare and document specific aspects of each branded ball. For starters, we can focus on the following parameters and modify and add others as we go. 1. Brand: 2. Model...
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    Teloon Tennis Balls

    I am under the impression that there are only a few tennis ball factories in the world producing balls for all the brands, and, to quote a poster on this forum, all the rest is "marketing BS." I know there is one very good factory in Thailand that has been identified as Bridgestone Tecnifibre...
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    Siboasi 4015 Tennis Ball Machine

    After months of research to decide what tennis ball machine to purchase for delivery to the Middle East, I decided on the Siboasi 4015. The only machine available in my area locally is Tennis Tutor at an inflated price, so I went with the 4015. The machine will be delivered when I return from...