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    any replacement of a3 accelerator?

    is adidas going to make new tennis footwear using a3 technology?
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    Davydenko and very young top 10 players

    It looks like there's a chance for the oldest top 10 player, Davydenko, to drop out of top 10 in 2 months or so. He has something like 1800+ points to defend in next 2 months. And very young top 10 or ex-top 10 players have virtually no points( or low points) to defend. Del Potro - poised...
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    Cover ideas for Silent Partner Ball machine ?

    Hi, I recently got the Silent Partner ball machine and I now want a cover. They have the cover for $40 + shipping. That seems to be pricey and I am not sure if it would look cool. :) Any idea on something I can use as a cover for the machine ?
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    Nadal's ranking and Borg in 1978

    According to ATP record, it looks like Borg ended 1978 at #2 despite winning both French Open and Wimbledon. Borg did not participate in Australian Open and reached the final of US Open that year. It certainly looks possible that Nadal could end this year at #2 much like Borg in 1978....
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    This has been pretty young French Open this year (some spoilers on semi-finalists)

    5 of the 8 quarter finalists are between age of 19 and 22. Almagro 22, Nadal and Monfils 21, Djokovic, 20, Gulbis 19. Federer is the oldest semi-finalists at 2 month shy of 27 while other 3 are 20-21....
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    A bag that Federer carries (Dark Orange/Black)

    Federer seems to carry two bags: one is wilson that is white/red/black and similar to what we have at TW.( Then there is this back he sometimes carrys. It appears to be dark orange color and black color around handle. actually it...
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    the way djokovic breathes

    there's something strange about the way djokovic breathes. he often forcefully breathe deep via nose. at least he often look that way. i think i do that only when i try to calm me down intentionally of something of that nature. does he have some kind of problem in breathing ?
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    Lucky loser in main draw?

    has it been ever tried in the main draw of a tournament ? it could be benefitial for a tournament, especially after quarter final or later. i know ATP tried round-robin to show more matches to the spectators. lucky loser seems to be easy idea to implement...
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    Pump unit busted (Reebok Triple Break)

    I now know why the pump unit stopped working after about 2 months of usage. I noticed there are cracks in air units of my Reebok triple Break pump shoes. It can not build a pressure since its air unit is busted basically. Anybody had similar experiences with the pump ? I have had many...
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    Stringers, what is your revenue and working hours ?

    What is your rough revenue and how many hours do you work per week ? Me: revenue: ~$0 (I string for myself and sometimes for my tennis buddies, free of labor charge sometimes) time : average 1 hour per week.
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    Why no competitions to Wise Tension Head ??

    Sometimes I wonder... Stringing machines. If one manufacture makes certain models, a few other manufacturers have similar models. But I wonder why there are no competitions to Wise. Maybe there is not enough market ? If Stringing machine manufacturers make it, would it undermine their...
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    A guy who hits very silently (and very late)

    I seem to have problem volleying shots from this particular guy lately. Well, he is about 6'2" (or maybe taller). He is not exactly hard hitter for his height. He hits very silently. I mean there is very minimal sound of impact from his racquet. It almost sounds (often looks) like "catch...
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    "Other" young guns in 2008

    While Djokovic and Tsonga are getting the spot-light at the moments, there are these "other" young guns lurking just outside top 10. Murray, Berdych, Baghdatis from #11 to #13. They seem to be not quite ready to beat top 10 players like Roddick, Davydenko and get into top 10. Then there is...
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    Year of the youngest average age of slam winners ?

    When was it in open era ? With a 20 year old winner of 2008 AO Djokovic, I was wondering if we could have the year of the youngest average age of slam winners at the end of this year.....
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    Net stats of semi-finalists

    Here are # of points won at the net for 4 semi-finalists in their quarter finalists 1. Tsonga :33/110(30% of total) 33/45 (73% winning at the net) 2. Nadal :25/102(24.5 %) 25/32 (78%) 3. Federer :25/110(21.7%) 25/35 (71%) 4. Djokovic:19/107(17.8%) 19/23...
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    Federer's net approach stats against Santoro

    I couldn't catch the match on TV but according to stats on AO website, Federer won 44 points out of total 87 points he won. Taking out 7 aces, he won more points at the net than from baseline. OK, this was against Santoro who pulls you off from your comfort zone and maybe Federer was...
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    Where to get something like this ?
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    Having trouble motivating myself to win practice/social matches.

    anybody had same issue ? i win much better in real tournament/league. losing social matches/practice match isn't exactly fun. but not exactly have desire to win social matches/practice matches. anybody know what i'm talking about ???
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    Pacific Classic Gut -- Can natural gut string have clear color ?

    I recently strung up a Pacific Classic Gut(value one $26) on my FXP Prestige. Very nice feel and I like the string so far. But I noticed the color of it is clear(translucent) coffee color. I was wondering if a natrual gut string can have a clear color. I mean if it's from beef intestine, it...
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    Adidas Men's Fall Response Court LS Top

    TW seems to be out of the black ones MID size. Do you plan to have more of them in the future ? Thanks, FD
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    Dead feeling of hybrid of gut(mains) and poly(cross)

    Well, gut's playing charateristics dominated in this hybrid set up for a while. Very lively feel with just added control of polys. But after 20-30 hours of so, the string bed is rapidly firming up. I guess it's the poly losing resiliency. Once poly loses resiliency, this set up seems to...
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    What is "polypropelene" in new ISOSPEED lines?

    Is this just a polyester ?
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    3 out of top 4 seeds made semi's of French, Wimbledon and US Open 2007

    I wonder if this is unusual... As I recall, all of top 4 seeds made semi's at French Open 2006. That could almost happen in this year's US Open if Nadal wasn't injured... Well they were basically Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Davydenko many times (except Gasquet and Ferrer..)
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    Has anyone tried to repair the outsole ?

    Well, I have shoes I dearly love (Adidas Barricade 3). Due to my over-pronation, the outsole near heel area excessively worn out. I was thinking about super-glue some rubber material on heel area and sculpture that area out. I'm wondering if anyone tried to repair outsole of shoes....
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    Damanged string with string-guide(pathfinder). What to do ?

    I was trying to find a way to the grommet hole for the last cross. The target hole was covered with 2 mains already strung. I used a string guide to open up a space toward a hole. In this process, I damaged the strings around the hole (outside of frame) a bit. The string is natural gut and...
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    Players should take some chances on Federer's 1st serve

    I think Federer's serve (especailly 1st serve) is the best on tour right now. It may not have a pace of Roddick but its accuracy/disguise/variety paralyzes his opponents. However, I think Federer's serve is somewhat under-estimated by players. I think players should consider Fed's 1st...
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    For those who records tennis digitally.

    I have now accumulated about 500 gig of mpeg files that are tennis matches on TV. I now have about 1 Tera byte in total hard drive but half of them got filled in about 6 months ! Now I have to make a decision on whether I want to keep these files (archive away) or throw them away...
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    eletronic tensioner losing power

    i have a pretty old electronic machine and toward the end of a stringing job (was doing crosses) it lost power. the tension to pull was 65 lbs. once it reached 65 lbs, all lights went off. then it came back and the tension was reset to the default 60 lbs. i gave it a few minutes of rest...
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    tension on kevlar

    I have zero experiences with kevlar. should I tension it 10% lower (than basic synthetic gut) like poly or even lower ? what's the general guide line ? thanx
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    Topsin Cyber flash 16g vs 17g

    Any noticeable differences between these two gauges ? Thanks, FD