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    New Pro Kennex Black Ace series 2020

    More flexible than prince tt310 o3.
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    Prince Textreme Tour O3 100

    Didnt volley much, but i think the same for volleys. O3 is more manouverbole, and stability is the same. On serves i now that i dont have good enough technique to coment. Maybe standard version is better on touch shots because o3 does mute feelling a little,and i should tried it with new...
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    Prince Textreme Tour O3 100

    Hi. Played with o3 5 hours and standard version for about 3. Cant give you numbers, but i liked o3 more and with some margin. I think that sweetspot is bigger, easyer to manouver. Stability, control, spin, feel is very good with both, but with standard version you have to hit the ball dead in...
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    Prince Textreme Tour O3 100

    Hi. I tested both and i prefer o3 version. It has bigger sweetspot, more stable on of center hits and better sense of depth of the ball. O3 was strung with green poly and regular version with unknown string, so this can be reason of diferent playability.
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    FS: Wilson Ultra 100

    Can you send me your email?
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    Hi, are you still on forum?

    Hi, are you still on forum?
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    FS: Wilson Ultra 100

    Are these still for sale?
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    FS: 2x Yonex Ezone Ai100 (grip L3)

    Are yonex still for sale?
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Hi, i send a message to angellsports on jan 10 about k7. And Paul Angell replayed that new stock is on its way and that it should be despatched within 7 days. I am playing with tc 97 16*19 now and will write a review about tc and k7.
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    Völkl C7 Pro

    Hi IS volkl still avalible? Specs? Price is?