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    Where does Olympic Tennis rank?

    There has been occasional discussion of the value of the Olympics as far as a tennis tournament. Where does it rank for you? Edit: I tried to add the equivalent WTA events, but was unable to. They are included. So, ATP / WTA Finals. Masters 1000 / Premier Mandatory. Let the debate begin!
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    Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 17 gauge vs 16 (or 18)

    I've been playing with BHB7 in a 17 gauge and really liking it. Thus, I'm going to have to order more. I'm pondering trying it in a 16 gauge - or maybe even 18. Does anyone have any comments on any differences they noticed? I've played the same string in various gauges before and generally I...
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    Recommendations for a good Tabletop Stringing Machine

    My friend has had a Gamma Drop Weight Stringer that he got a year and a half ago. He's thought about upgrading to either a lockout or a electric pull machine. However, he lives in an apartment and the typical stringer with a base is likely just too large for his situation. Maybe, I'll be able...
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    Good Flying Clamp?

    My buddy has a drop weight stringing machine that we both use. A few days ago, he was stringing a friend's racquet and the string kept slipping though one of his flying clamps. It's a Gamma Composite one (sold on TW, for example). Does anyone have any recommendations? Is this not that...
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    Comparison and Thoughts on Tourna Polys

    Hey everyone, I've been playing polys for about a year and am enjoying the spin and control I'm getting from them. I used to play on multis - Xcel and Rip Control were my favorites. I've used Volkl Cylone, Ytex Quadro-Twist, Isospeed Cream and Pyramid, and Prince Vortex so far. I just strung...