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    how do you handle deep balls?

    I'm an amateur player and I really struggle with balls which land deep and then shoot up really fast at my direction. I usually completely miss the ball. I always seem to be late with the shot. I try to do a proper take back and the 'circular' movement with the racket and then frame or miss the...
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    What tension to string at for wilson pro staff 90 (2014 version)

    I've been playing with the pro staff 90 for a while now with the strings it came with. I've never had it restrung, but I think I should now. I'm a fairly low-medium level intermediate player, what tension should I have it restrung at? I have no idea about these things apart from the fact thst...
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    How much wear and tear do your racquets have?

    I'm just wondering how well maintained are your racquets from their original conditions. I've played for a few hours with my new racquet and I've already scrapped it a few times on the ground and I can see there's a small rough patch on the outside of the top of the frame. Am I being careless or...
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    Order a wilson pro staff 90 online, it came already strung

    Is that normal? Because everywhere I've seen, shops and on websites, that racquet is always unstrung. I bought it from online, brand new as well, so I expected to be unstrung. It just seems weird to me, a pleasant surprise but the paranoid part of me fears it isn't authentic. But it does have...
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    Always off-balance when hitting forehands

    I'm right handed. I shuffle between semi-open and closed stance for my forehands depending on the shot that's coming back at me (usually closed stance when I have more time to prepare and get into position). Anyway, I always seem to be off-balance, especially during the follow through. I think...
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    What's the diffference between the wilson six one 95 blx and the non-blx version? They seem identical apart from the paintjob and the name. One has 'BLX', the other doesn't? What difference does this...
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    Please help me pick the strings for the Wilson Pro staff 90

    I'm not looking to spend more than £10, which strings should I get for that price range to get the best out of the pro staff 90 and also I want it to last long as well. removed link, sorry
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    Which Wilson Pro staff 90 is better, 2012-2013 or 2014 version?

    I want to settle this question that I am having. 2012-2013 version: 2014 version: Also, I understand that these racquets are typically sold unstrung. Which strings do you recommend I get for it? Ideally, I want something that is reasonably priced and lasts quite long.
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    Is there any reason to pick 90 square inch over 95?

    This is for the Wilson pro staff. I understand it depends on the player, but on the whole, do you guys think that its unlikely the 90 square inch version would be a better fit than the 95 square inch unless you're an exceptional/unique player?
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    My topspin serve goes into the net/lands very short

    I feel like the problem is that I'm making contact too high on the ball, brushing on the top rather than the back. Is that a correct analysis of the problem? If so, how do I correct this? The topspin serve is supposed to be very safe, clearing the net by a large margin, but a lot of my 2nd...
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    Design the ideal beginner's racquet

    What would the best specs for a beginner's racquet? beam width, weight, head size, etc.
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    How long was it before you were 'comfortable' with your serve?

    My definition of 'comfortable is: Being able to almost guarantee you can put the ball in the box, at whichever pace is easiest to you, whilst doing the full service motion (or most of it). This can be a flat serve or a topspin serve. For me, I've been playing for a year and a half, I've...
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    What should the feet positions be for a platform stance serve?

    I think the traditional way is to have the front foot at 45 degrees with the baseline and the back foot parallel with the baseline. But for me though, it feels somewhat unnatural. I tend to move towards having both my feet parallel with the baseline, which feels more comfortable for me. I...
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    Question about the legs on the serve

    Do you find that your leg closest to the service line (for right-handers, the left leg) works a lot harder than the other leg as you the push upwards? I have a platform stance, and I notice this for myself. I'm not entirely sure if this is normal, but I have ended up straining/pulling my left...
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    Where can I go to get a racquet's grip reduced professionally?

    I'm in the UK by the way. I've searched on the web, and it seems like the only way to do it is a DIY job, with people suggesting you should sand it down by yourself (with sandpaper I assume?) It seems to me like a very inaccurate way of doing it. I could easily make a mistake and mess up...
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    Did the old pro staff 90 come in an L1 (1/8) grip size?

    I''m talking about the pro staff 90 of 2012-2013 ( I've checked everywhere, **** included, there doesn't seem any record that an L1 grip size of that racquet exists. I'm curious if it was ever made in that grip size, or whether it...
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    How should you hit slow paced moonballs coming at you?

    My opponent often hits these slow loopy balls to me, its almost like a lob but not quite as high. After waiting for the ball to drop to a comfortable height, should I adjust the angle of my racquet to account for the fact that its dropping down? and if so, do I have it more closed or open?
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    How do you put away higher volleys?

    For balls which come at you above shoulder height, do you still maintain a slightly open racquet face at contact point with a continental grip?
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    Angle of the racquet head for a topspin serve

    For a topspin serve, on impact with the ball, is the racquet head meant to be sideways (just like when you hit a forehand) or pointed upwards at the sky (like when you hit a flat serve)? Presumably its somewhere in between, but where does it lean towards? And as you brush up on the ball...
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    For the serve, are you supposed to pronate the whole arm?

    Are you supposed to turn the whole arm (from the shoulders downwards), or is it only the lower arm (from the elbow downwards)?
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    Basic questions about the serve

    1) What is the point of having the 'trophy' stance? Almost every person has i, they hold that position for a split second right before they drop the racquet and launch themselves at the ball. But why not just start off with your racquet already in the dropped position behind your back...
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    How exactly does pronation help for a top spin serve?

    I can more or less understand the use of pronating your wrist and arm for a flat serve, and how it works. But when you're trying to do a top spin serve, I don't understand how you can simultaneously brush up the ball AND turn your wrist/arm so that the racket face is more open towards the ball -...
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    Tips on how to improve serve consistency?

    I'm an intermediate, probably leaning more on lower intermediate. The problem with my serve is that I can't seem to just put it in the box at will, theres no consistency and it seems like a lot of the times I'm just hitting and hoping it lands inside the service box. Theres no sense of aim as...
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    Some questions about controlling the depth of a topspin forehand shot

    Say if you get a ball which is coming towards you at a comfortable waist-lower chest height, your racket angle is slightly closed (as it normally should be), you hit at medium pace. All of those things are kept constant. 1) Would the amount of the topspin be the only thing that controls the...
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    Which racquet should I get?

    I'm a lower intermediate player, and I want to buy a racquet which would help me improve and last me well into the stage when I'm more advanced. I've heard that anything below 300g is only good for beginners and intermediates, but I'm not sure. A Wilson pro staff, 100 square inches, weight...
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    Angle of racquet on contact with ball for various types of shots

    The slanted line represents the angle of the racquet and the arrow is the direction of the ball. Basically, is that the correct way to have the racket at for topspin and backspin (slice) shots, on both the forehand and the backhand? I'm particularly confused with the slice shots (backhand...
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    Problem with overhitting the ball past my opponent's baseline

    I'm a beginner - intermediate player by the way. Basically, even when I'm not hitting with much pace at all (just casual rallying) I land many of my shots over my opponent's baseline. This is especially problematic when I get a short middle-of-the-court ball, I end up driving it way too...