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    All In Bet!

    put it all on THE EXPRESS! and come out twice as rich!
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    Prince Graphite Lite XB oversize size 4

    together with case condition 9/10 any takers?
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    RUSEDSKI'S VERDICT, "I think NADAL is seriously ready to win.....''

    Rusedski on the 'big three' The battle for the men's singles title at Wimbledon is one of the most eagerly anticipated in years, with five-times winner Roger Federer facing a huge challenge to hold on to his crown from Spain's Rafael Nadal and Serbia's Novak Djokovic. Federer has...
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    $60K betted on nadal! Could it be Uncle Toni's money or Davydenko's?
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    I have $100....

    who do I put it on to win the Wimbledon final? Keeping in mind I would like to buy another Volkl T-Flight stick..
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    RF Cosmetics: Roger Federer Cosmetics

    Today i bought some RF deodrant. It made me play exactly like the Federer of late. highly recomended.
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    Will Federer dare wear his creme suit to Wimby?

    Will he he dare wear it? If he does...surely he wins wimbledon?
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    very embarassed for Roger...

    :( This sucks
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    If Roger Federer wins tomorrow..

    will be he be acknowledged as the greatest to ever play tennis ?
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    Andy Murray on Jonathan Ross now.

    Its on BBC1 now for UK viewers. replays can be seen on BBC i viewer on
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    Montanes to dump out Federer

    watch this space.
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    dunlop aerogel 200 16 x 19

    Hello, has anyone used the dunlop aerogel 200 16 x 19? If so, how does it compare to the other aerogel dunlops?
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    How corrupted is tennis? Betting review targets 45 matches An independent panel has revealed 45 professional tennis matches over the last five years remain under suspicion because of unusual betting patterns. The review into the sport's integrity was...
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    Players who are left handed that play right handed..

    I'll start : Carlos Moya are there any more?
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    French Open fails to shut down internet betting

    Sorry if posted berfore, extract Guardian. French Open organisers have failed in a major assault through the courts aimed at shutting down internet betting on their tournament. The landmark ruling was delivered in a Belgian court in Liège yesterday with the defeat of the Fédération...
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    Head Prestige Classic 600 to the Head Microgel Prestige Mid Tennis Racquet

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the Head Prestige Classic 600, the Head Liquidmetal Prestige and the Head Microgel Prestige Mid Tennis Racquet. Obviously Head claims the technology to be different in each, and obviously the paintjobs are diffferent, but could anyone tell me what the...
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    Davydenko diffferential

    hi everyone ! Could every tell me the diffferential in string tension between Davydenko's match between Roddick and Nadal. Davy's serving was amazing during the Roddick match, yet I noticed a slight dip in power against Nadal