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    Really Soft Strings

    What are some really soft, almost mushy strings that are relatively cheap? I'm talking about a string like the Head RIP Control string.
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    Batman Comics

    I've decided to start reading and collecting Batman comics and am wondering if anyone on the board could help me choose what to get: Batman or Detective Comics? There are other Batman comics (any suggestions I wouldn't mind), but I would really like to focus on the two mentioned before (which I...
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    Different Versions of the Tour 90

    I have multiple Wilson ProStaff Tour 90 racquets (non-nCoded) and have just recently noticed that the paintjob on one of them is differnet from the other two (I bought them all separately). The throats of the two similar racquets have a large Wilson signature in silver on one side while the...
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    Tour 90 Sweetspot

    Where exactly is the the sweetspot for the Wilson ProStaff Tour 90 (non-nCoded)? The wear pattern on my Tour 90 is of the 5 middle cross strings that come out of the pws and somewhat above. Should I use lead tape to adjust the sweetspot? Where should I put it? How much should I put? What is the...
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    To be wiry

    I'm around 5'9-10" range, I think, and weigh 140 lbs. I'm somewhat skinny. I have pretty strong quads and calf muscles. My right arm is a lot more developed than my left. But, just about everything else is not very defined, although not weak. What work-out regime would be best to become stronger...
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    Stuck is the man

    Username: Stuck Great to do business with. Very patient during dealing; very quick with transaction. Awesome, trustworthy fellow who I would love to buy from again. I wish him and Missouri tennis well.
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    Prince Synthetic Gut w/Duraflex vs. Gamma Revelation

    Which of the two in 17 gauge is better for a crisp feeling (not extremely soft and mushy) yet have as much feel as possible? Also, which is better for durability compared to price? I tend to break strings after about a week or two playing around 5-6 hours a week (now only about 2-3). I do use a...
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    Multiple Racquet String Tension

    If one has four racquets, should the string tensions for each be all the same? Should I try differentiating them for more customization? How do most people here with multiple racquets customize with multiple string tensions? What would be best advised to do? Thanks in advance.
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    Wanted: Wilson Tour 90 US

    Grip size: L3 or L4 More than one would be nice, but not a requirement. Thanks Leave a message here for further negotiations through e-mail.
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    Nike Tennis Bags

    How are the Nike Tennis Super 6-Pack bags? The white one looks pretty good, so I'm interested in what some people would have to say about them regarding comfort, price, performance, etc.
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    Grass and Clay Courts in CA

    Would anyone happen to know where any grass or clay courts are in the Los Angeles area or Bay area in California? Would it only be at clubs with exculsive membership and/or playing time fees?
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    Nike Shoe Sizing

    I have heard that the sizing for Nike shoes run a bit smaller than what most people usually wear, so I was just wondering: If I wear 10.5 KSwiss Classic shoes, what size would best correspond for Nike shoes, such as the Air Oscillate or Vapor Speed?
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    Hard Court Tennis

    There are two things I'm curios about: How do the outdoor hard courts of Southern California, such as Los Angeles, compare with other hard courts, clay courts, etc., in terms of speed, prevalent playing style, etc.? And... Is it true that one's playing style is determined somewhat by...
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    Low Price Natural Gut

    What would be the best natural gut for a very low price? At TW, the cheapest natural gut seems to be the BDE Rally? Is that good? Could anyone recommend me a good natural gut string that does not cost too much and last some time? Thanks in advance.
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    Tour 90 Replacement

    Could anyone tell me what racquet would be a good replacement to the Wilson ProStaff Tour 90 since it is no longer available from Wilson?
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    Wrist Weights

    I'm thinking about using wrist weights on my right arm throughout the day and while playing tennis to help in increasing my arm strength and in turn, swingspeed. Would this help? How much weight should I use? Could anyone recommend any good products? I'm about 5'9 maybe 5'10 and 145lbs. My right...
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    Wrist Weights

    Sorry again, just delete this also.
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    Wrist Weights

    Whoops. Sorry, just delete this.
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    Argh.. Return of Serve

    I can't return serve worth a damn! I had slow, wanna-be kick serves hit straight to my forehand five times and my backhand twice on the Ad court which I popped up and out of the court with my forehand and dumped into the net with my backhand. Could someone help me improve my anticipation...
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    Is the sweetspot of the PS 85 and the Tour 90 (not nCoded) from Wilson that small? How big are the the sweetspots for those two racquets? I have a Tour 90 and they're not as "unplayable" as some say and my rating is probably no higher than 4.0.
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    Soft, inexpensive strings

    What would be a good soft, multifilament string with a lot of feel and at a reasonably cheap price? I previously used Head RIP Perfect Control 16 gauge, which I liked for its softness yet disliked for it felt absolutely dead (definitely not worth the price). If it helps, I currently used a...
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    Tour 90

    Are there no more Wilson ProStaff Tour 90 racquets being sold here anymore? How would you order matched pairs for it if available?
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    Power Pads

    How is the effect of power pads on acting like a string dampener? Would it be advised to use them with multifilament strings?
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    Volleys with Tour 90

    I've been using the Wilson ProStaff Tour 90 for a little over a month now (not the nCode-ed one). Although I'm not very advanced or very big, it was an easy racquet to swing initially ( I'm 3.5-4.0, 5'9-10" 148lbs). Yet, I'm having some difficulty hitting volleys with this racquet by hitting...
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    TW Staff: Tour 90

    How long will the Wilson ProStaff Tour 90 be available here?
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    Anyone compare Prestige Classic 600 Mid w/ ProStaff Tour 90

    How does the Head Prestige Classic 600 Mid compare with the Wilson ProStaff Tour 90 when played with?
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    Serve Toss Placement

    I've asked before, but I wasn't very clear on the answer. Where do I toss the ball so that I could hit all types of serves (flat, kick, etc.) and all placements (wide, into body, etc.) with the same toss like Agassi, Sampras, and Federer? Thanks in advance.
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    Serve Toss Placement

    I have totally reconstructed my serve from pinpoint stance to a simpler platform stance, somewhat Federer-esque (although not as good, of course). I have been having trouble with my toss, and that is ruining the timing, footwork, weight transfer, etc. of the rest of my serve. The toss always...
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    Federer's Grip

    What grip does Federer use for his backhand and serve?
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    PS 85 v. Tour 90

    I was wondering which of these racquets would most of you here recommend me. I'm a 3.5-4.0 player, not too big (5'9-10 148lbs), and like to construct points from baseline or serve and volley. Currently using Wilson HPS 7.6. Thanks