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    FS: Angell TC95 16X19

    Angell custom TC95 16x19, old grey metal paint job Head Size: 95 Quantity: 1 Condition: 8/10 (see description below) String pattern: 16x19 Frame stiffness: 70 RA Length: 27 inch Weight 290g Balance: 335mm HL Grip Size: L3 (B) length: 27" Specific Time Used: used on artificial grass and indoor...
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    Wilson Blade 98 (16x19) CV..... WOWZERS

    I was hugely impressed by the 16x19 cv mix of power and control. Although muted I actually enjoyed the feel and feedback the test racquet had with a full bed of revolve. Serving was a bit of a mixed bag, good control and placement, but if I tried to go for full out flat first serves, the pace...
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    Nike Vapor Tour 9.5

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G901F met Tapatalk
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    I have a TC95 RA 70 and am loving the solid response, spin and power. It is a bit too stiff for me though and am thinking about ordering a TC97, since I think the 58 strung flex of the TC95 RA63 might be a bit too flexible for me and I like the swingweight at 320 strung. Does the TC97 still...
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    Prince Textreme Warrior 100 = "Best All-Around Frame"

    Can anyone who played with both raquets compare the TT Warrior 100 to the Head Graphene Speed MP?
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    Rattling (foam filled) Angell racket

    Hi guys, just an update on the rattling issue. I have been in contact with Paul, who suggested to check if the weights where properly fixed. I found out they were fine though, after removing the pallets. So I still believe it is something in the throat, which is odd according to Paul, since the...
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    Rattling (foam filled) Angell racket

    Thanks for the suggestions. Sent Paul an email.
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    Rattling (foam filled) Angell racket

    I noticed the recent hype [emoji1] Good for Paul! Am pretty happy with it. My main racket is a Lm radical mp. The Angell makes an easy transition to a more open stringbed in tc95 16x19 ra 70 specs, weighted to around 305 gr unstrung
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    Rattling (foam filled) Angell racket

    I hoped to get rid of it through the grommets, but am pretty sure it is in the middle/ lower part. Pretty sure it is not the weights since it sounds like small stuff moving over a few inches of length.
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    Rattling (foam filled) Angell racket

    There is quite a bit of rattling going on in my Angell racket. Tried to get rid of the loose bits by removing the grommets but to no avail. Guess I have to get rid of the grip scales. It could be the foam running loose, possibly due to moist or rain since I play on all weather surfaces. Anyone...
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    Arthur Ashe would be proud

    Apart from being ashamed, there is more we can do and that is stop buying gear from her sponsors, Nike and Wilson will set things straight in no time...
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    Should SERENA apologize to the Lineswoman for her tyrade ?

    I hope she will, would be good for her and tennis in general. Many things have already been said, but at the end of the day her behaviour was unacceptable and she should realise she is a role model for young kids as well. It is not even funny how many kids you see around smashing their rackets...
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    Attention Dunlop AG 4D 300 Users!

    What about leading up a standard 4D 500? Stiffness in between the 300 and 500 tour at 66, will probably be quite a bit more comfortable than the tour version. Say 5 to 10 grams to the head and 10 to 15 grams to the grip. Did anyone try that? Would be interesting to try...
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    Weight of strung Head LM radical MP

    Hi there, how much do your LM radical MP rackets weigh? Do these rackets have some serious weight variations or am I just unlucky? Just bought a third one, not from TW by the way as I am in Europe, to match my favorite one weighing 318 gr strung, just as is listed by TW. My older LM radical...
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    nadal overgrip

    Nadal is actually using a Tournagrip with a paintjob :)
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    Schnyder Bangalore final twist

    I do mean Serena of course.. I'd like to think that it was because of exhaustion of the first set, but somehow it looked a bit odd
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    Schnyder Bangalore final twist

    Was just watching the Bangalore final between Venus Williams and Patty Schnyder (taped it from last night). It was an amazing match, at least for the first set, going to Venus with 7-5 in very exciting rallies. Both women playing at their best. But half way in the second set Schnyder seems...
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    Head heat 16x19 or 18x19??

    The head flexpoint heat has been advertised with both stringpatterns. On TW it used to be 16x19 now they changed it to 18x19. On the official head site it is 16x19 but they show a picture of an 18x19 racket. So are there really two types of stringpatterns/ rackets (old/ new, US/ Europe) or is it...
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    Head MG Radical MP vs. Wilson Ksix one Team vs. Yonex RDS 002

    Nice review TripleB! I recall reading your Yonex RQ7 playtest. You are quite a Yonex fan! :) Are there any similarities to the frames or are they very different?
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    Head grip size

    My LM radical grip 3 measures about 1/3 grip size smaller. I checked the LM radical against the FXP radical the other day in the shop and on feel the FXP grip felt slightly bigger, was not able to measure though. Anyone experienced the same on th FXP vs the LM?
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    How Do You Build Up Your Grip?

    Usually one overgrip (0.5-0.6 mm) adds one grip size, would start with that before you are going to work with the shrink sleeves. Anything you add, adds weight also the overgrip, about 4 grams and could change balance by around 1 point
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    Dunlop Hydramax Tour vs Wilson MicroDry Feel

    Does any one know how the hydramax compares in thickness to Wilson true grips or Babolat syntec grips? I took off my hydramax and put on a Tyger dura grip which is supposed to be very thin but gained 1/2 a grip size... I kind of liked the hydramax on my Mfil 300, it gives great feel and is...
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    LM Radical, Instinct, Pure Storm, or NBlade

    Played with the Pure Drive, went to the Pure Storm, then the M-fil 300 and now I am with the nBlade and loving it! I agree with noob that if you are used to the Babolat feel, the Pure Storm may be a good pick. Basically I did not like the comfy feel of either, did not give me enough...
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    Dunlop M-Fil 300

    Hi all, nice to read all the stories on the M-fill 300, couldn't resist to add mine... Bought one two months ago and after a few weeks of play decided to modify it slightly to increase swingweight and stability. Put 2 grams both on 3 and 9 o'clock and 7 grams in the handle. It seems...
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    Any thoughts on the Fischer Pro Tour?

    Thanks for your feedback Swingman. I'll see if i can get the three for a demo.
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    Any thoughts on the Fischer Pro Tour?

    Hi, Did any of you try the lighter (295 grams) Fischer Pro Tour? I can't find a lot of info on them here. I am looking for a flexible lighter control oriented racket which could still be customized. Babolat Pure Storm looks interesting as well but since it already has a high swingweight I doubt...
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    M-Fil 300 or Pure Storm, which one has more feel to it?

    Excellent stuff guys, thanks a lot! The nanospeed RQ7 looks very promising as does the catapult 8 by the way ( i was mistaken about the stiffness). I will definitely try the shockbuster on my PD, have the Babolat shock thing on it currently, which is ok. For the moment i might decide...
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    M-Fil 300 or Pure Storm, which one has more feel to it?

    I played today again with my PD and I think the problems I experienced with the M-fil might partly be due to gripsize, since it was one size smaller than the PD what I actually liked for spin but might be not too good for my hand. Marius, I take it very serious, therefor I am looking into it...
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    M-Fil 300 or Pure Storm, which one has more feel to it?

    Thanks all for you replies. I do not really have elbow problems but do occasionally experience pain in my fingers/ back of my hand. I think it is from gripping too harshly. Strings were Dunlop's multis on 26 kg's, actually really nice. The catapult 8 seems very stiff, I am looking for a...
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    M-Fil 300 or Pure Storm, which one has more feel to it?

    Hi there, I just joined this incredible forum after reading so many great threads. I love it! Here my quest(ion): I am looking for a flexible frame combining control with some power. This weekend I played with the Dunlop M-Fil 300. I really love the flexy feel of it and the balance...