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  1. treblings

    Identifying vintage Slazenger

    beautieful racquet ;) the logo and shape of the racquet suggest around 1900. i own a few Slazengers from that era but not this one. couldn´t find it in Küblers book of Tennis racquets either could you post a pic of the buttcap?
  2. treblings

    If you only had ONE racket for LIFE?

    you can find them from time to time. i have about 6 of them that are still in playing condition:) played my last senior tournament with it in 2017 just for the fun of it. truth be told, i´m a bit of a racquetaholic myself. i own a couple hundred racquets and have played with many of them. i...
  3. treblings

    If you only had ONE racket for LIFE?

    it´s a Wimbledon Graphite. he and Joakim Nystrom played with it in the 80´s. i ran out of rackets after all that time. Pernfors played with Snauwaert afterwards. His own Pernfors Autograph model and also the ATP model
  4. treblings

    If you only had ONE racket for LIFE?

    i´ve played with too many great racquets over the last 40+ years. The above one has to be my number one choice as i´ve played with it from 1987 till 2001.
  5. treblings

    do u travel to play tennis tourna vacation?

    I ´ ve been playing senior tourneys all over europe the past few years. You meet interesting people,play sports and enjoy the local sights and beverages. People get injured regularly but seldom die on the courts;)
  6. treblings

    Thoughts on this Checklist for Junior Tennis Players?

    The one thing i noticed particularly, is that they start their training at age 3. while it is essential to start very young, i wonder whether their is any statistic about at what age the current generation of pros started their training. In other words, is it too late to start at age 5 or 6?
  7. treblings

    The Coolio High Performance Method

    Hi Coolio, Interesting, how old are the kids in your performance group? Willy
  8. treblings

    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    Nice collection...i ´ve been playing with the bio300 tour for a number of years. I could use a number of racket stands where did you acquire yours?
  9. treblings

    Players used Pro Kennex racquets.

    Did Masur play with PK? I seems to remember him using Fischer and Emrik racquets
  10. treblings

    Players used Pro Kennex racquets.

    Very impressive pics, thank you
  11. treblings

    Open Era: Italian best players

    Paolo Cane?
  12. treblings

    My newest paint job using Hydro dip

    Beautiful(y) whats underneath the paint? Another Club Pro?
  13. treblings

    Players used Pro Kennex racquets.

    Don’t think i ever heard of them. Kunnan Lo manufactured many rackets during those years for many firms under many names.
  14. treblings

    Players used Pro Kennex racquets.

    He played professionally from 69 till 84, celebrated his 70th birthday a few weeks ago.
  15. treblings

    Players used Pro Kennex racquets.

    the Silver Ace is a beauty and very playable. i own three of them and recently strung one to use in training
  16. treblings

    Players used Pro Kennex racquets.

    not many on this forum will know him;)he´s a long term no.1 player of my home country Austria, and the first one to win an ATP Tournament. He played with Fischer racquets for years and then got his own Pro Kennex Kary Ace
  17. treblings

    Players used Pro Kennex racquets.

    I have to mention Hans Kary ;)
  18. treblings

    Players used Pro Kennex racquets.

    Sundstrom used the Black Ace, Seguso the Silver Ace, iirc Steve Denton was another PK user, i believe Black Ace
  19. treblings

    Opinions racquet crack

    Where would you send it to repair?
  20. treblings


    For those of you who enjoy a good book, i recommend Bahramis biography ´ The Court Jester ´ Gives a good insight into the problems he had to overcome to be able to play professionally. He is an inspiration,amongst other things, for the physical shape he is in at 62.
  21. treblings

    Work up the ladder to become professional stringer.

    as a professional coach i´m in the same situation. i made a job out of a hobby. as a rule, i feel lucky that it worked out that way. may i ask what kind of a machine you use? i often wonder how much money i need to spend on a machine to guarantee a consistent string job. we are organizing a few...
  22. treblings

    Work up the ladder to become professional stringer.

    Thanks for the interesting insight(y) If i may ask, is it still a dream job for you? And also, when you work at smaller tournaments, do you travel with your own stringing machine or do you just accept what is there at the tournament?
  23. treblings

    IVAN LENDL Career Racquet?

    i think he did
  24. treblings

    Tennis in the Second Golden Age of Sports

    Hi Dan, i hope you and your family had a peaceful and joyful christmas and everyone´s healthy I see you added many interesting articles and videos since my last visit, and i´m looking forward to read them all and listen to the wonderful music
  25. treblings

    The Evolution of the Service Rule

    Here´s a quote from an article in the NY Times There was one more rule change that affected serving, although it took awhile for the implications to be understood. In 1961, the International Lawn Tennis Federation abandoned the requirement that servers keep one foot on the ground. Fox, who...
  26. treblings

    Henri Leconte, more versatile than you remember.

    agree totally. he had the ability to accelerate the ball with hardly a backswing if needed. fascinating to watch, nearly impossible to emulate
  27. treblings

    Head Prestige Mid - Which One To Choose?

    A friend gave me his old i.prestige mid a couple of months ago and it‘s a great racket ;) It would be my choice among the three you mentioned
  28. treblings

    Best husband wife and BF/GF mixed teams?

    Jürgen Melzer and Iveta Benesova won Wimbledon in 2011 and married the following year.
  29. treblings

    Lew Hoad-A discussion on his career

    and is the story true?