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    Hi Brett, i have a Gamma 5003 6pt mount stringer (have had for many years). One of the A220...

    Hi Brett, i have a Gamma 5003 6pt mount stringer (have had for many years). One of the A220 mounting stands has cracked straight through right where securing bolt is. Is there anywhere to purchase a replacement mounting stand (or stands)? Thanks in advance.
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    Grip and Mallet Finger

    Hi there, I had a mallet finger injury last September which kept me away from tennis for a few months. It was the same right pinky finger (i am right-handed). I made the decision to go to the doctor immediately and had to wear a splint for quite some time, followed by physical...
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    Mallet Finger and Tennis

    hey WilsonPlayer, glad to hear your finger healed and you were able to do it avoiding doctors. Honestly, i wish I would have done more research myself too, because now I am being hit with all kinds of bills. Even with insurance it is really adding up...all for a little pinky finger! Yes, I...
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    Mallet Finger and Tennis

    Hey Wilsonplayer, hope you had a good Thanksgiving too! I just returned from the doctor today and had a good checkup. The finger seems to be healed fine and the hand therapy is working properly. The doctor said I should be fine now with no splinting at all. I do have to do hand therapy twice...
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    Mallet Finger and Tennis

    Thats good that you are getting used to the splint. I know how that is, to be honest I could probably put it back on now and it would seem pretty normal. As far as the therapy, its been productive with noticeable improvements each visit. A lot of bending, gripping and strength exercises. I...
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    Mallet Finger and Tennis

    Hey, i just got back from my first appointment with the hand therapist. I felt really comfortable, seemed like she really knows her stuff. The first 10 minutes or so she took all kinds of measurements, like grip strength and hand/finger flexibility measurements. Its interesting, she said you...
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    Mallet Finger and Tennis

    Wow I wish I would have thought of the food service gloves...great idea. I got some good news and bad news from the doctor yesterday. The good news is that the finger appears to be healed fully. I can now remove the splint during the day. Bad news is that I have to wear the splint at night...
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    Mallet Finger and Tennis

    Ha, I knew i should have included "shower tips". That has been one of the biggest challenges. What i did was take a shower cap and put it over the finger, then put a rubber band at the base of the finger to hold the cap in place. I would wrap the rubber band around 2-3 times to keep water...
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    Mallet Finger and Tennis

    Yes, I know what you mean about the typing. After about a week or so, though, i kind of got used to it and can type pretty normal now. I am using a stax splint. It is much simpler than the standard finger splint. Like I mentioned before I've been doing some running and P90x, although I...
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    Mallet Finger and Tennis

    I'm a right handed player and got mallet finger just over five weeks ago playing basketball. I didnt realize what happened, then a little later noticed the ball felt strange in my hand, then noticed my right pinky finger would not straighten at the end. I've been in a small splint now since...
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    Tennis in Detroit (SE Mich)

    Maybe try Farmington Tennis Club in Farmington. I grew up playing there. Nice facility, not sure about pricing though these days.
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    las vegas adult tournament
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    Need some Michigan Colleges for tennis

    You could maybe make the team at Michigan Tech University up in the Upper Peninsula. Its a D2 school for tennis, and as far as I know they don't have scholarships for men. Its a great school though, especially for engineering.
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    Is sending flowers always a good idea?

    You should just TELL HER that you WANT her to come visit this weekend. If she wants to she will, if not then not. If people want to see each other they will make it happen, I don't think flowers are going to make any difference.
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    International Tennis Centre, Las Vegas

    Hi Charles, thanks for introducing yourself and telling us about the facility. I am a local 5.0 player here in Las Vegas and had a couple of opportunities to hit at the facility a few years back when it first originally opened. I know your team has made a lot of improvements to the facility...
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    Who has been to Palmas Del Mar country club and resort in Humacao, Puerto Rico

    I haven't stayed at that resort, but i did stay at a resort right next to it (Sheraton Four Points). The area is very quiet and peaceful, seems like the type of place to go on a honeymoon. I drove right by the courts at Palmas Del Mar and they didn't look like anything too special, although I...
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    Agassi benches 300 pounds

    Just saw Agassi hitting with Hewitt in Las Vegas. He was wearing a tight, sleeveless shirt and he looked like he has put on some serious bulk (still very fit, though). I wouldn't be surprised if he could put up more than 300.
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    Which whey protein powders taste okay in water

    There is a company called Syntrax that has a line of whey protein called "Nectars". Lots of great flavors, with my favorite so far being lemon tea (tastes like iced tea) or fuzzy navel (just like drinking orange juice). This protein costs a few cents more per serving than some other brands...
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    Replacement for Dunlop Muscle Weave 200G 95

    Was wondering if anybody could recommend substitutes for the Dunlop Muscle Weave 200g 95. I have been using this frame for the past seven years or so, and am very happy with it. However, these frames are pretty hard to find so I'm looking for a more current frame that has similar specs and...
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    too many good cheap poly's

    I tried Gosen Polylon 16 in the past and developed tennis elbow. I have been using Pro Supex Big Ace 16 for the past two months now and love it. No elbow problems whatsoever. Big Ace still plays well two-three weeks in, playing three times per week. This string allows me to swing...
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    Gamma 5003 Tennis String Machine

    I got one of these machines about 4 months ago. It is an excellent machine, very good quality. Easy to set up and maintain. I think it is definitely worth the price, especially if you can get it from a place that offers free shipping and/or string/grip packages. Overall I am very satisfied...
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    Dunlop 200GMW is anyone still using these?

    I've been using this frame for the past 6 or 7 years. Very low power, great control and feel. I've been experimenting with different strings lately, but have been consistently stringing at the lower end of the recommended range for this frame. What I've found with this frame is that you have...
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    Dunlop M-fil 200 18x20 vs. Muscle Weave 200g

    I haven't tried the mfil 200, but I have used the muscle weave 200g since for about six or seven years. It is extremely low powered on every stroke, but if you are set up properly for your shots and hit the middle of the strings it is great. I like it because it forces me to focus more and get...
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    Chipotle Mexican Grill

    burrito bol - with rice, black beans, peppers and onions, barbacoa, fresh tomato and corn salsas, sour cream, cheese, lettuce. good stuff.
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    bending knees really helpful?

    I feel like when I bend my knees and get my lower body more involved I am able to hit deeper shots, more powerful shots. It also makes things a little easier on the arm if you get your legs into the shot.
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    Is A Stringer w/ a Stand Worth the Cost

    I just recently upgraded from a Klippermate without a stand to a Gamma 5003 with stand. I probably string one or two rackets a week, and am loving the stand up model. When I used to sit down and use the Klippermate, my back would start to feel it. I would recommend a stand up model if you...
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    Tonsils and nose/septum surgery

    I had surgery twice for a deviated septum. A short time after the first surgery, my septum "collapsed" and became severely deviated again. After the second surgery, however, I have had no more problems and am very happy with the results. My breathing is so much better on the court, while...