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    Djokovic News

    Points are protected, but Nadal can gain additional 410 points and Djokovic 0, so for Djokovic to be safe he needs Vienna and London win (not losing RR match in the process).Of course, I dont believe Nadal will play both Atp 250 and Atp Cup before AO. It will be just one of them.
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    Slam Records are Garbage

    But I am more interested in your opinion about GS ultimate importance in comparing the different eras and different players. Suddenlly you are not so vocal defending it after you learn a little bit of tennis history in this thread.
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    Weeks at no.1 are nowhere near close slams

    For the last 30 years yes. This is a general consesus how to compare players in last 3 decades. They knew it and played accordingly. But to compare Tilden, Gonzales, Rosewall,Laver, Borg and others who played in the past with Sampras, Nadal, Djokovic and Federer based only on majors is nonsense...
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    Weeks at no.1 are nowhere near close slams

    I did say it was not the ONLY metric deciding who is better player. That was right approach then, and it is right approach now. Shall I write again: Slams are VERY important, but they are not the ONLY metric deciding who is greater.
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    Weeks at no.1 are nowhere near close slams

    We both know what I mean. Find me one article quoting Borg or anyone else talking about slam count as a sole measurment stick of tennis greatness, as you and some others are trying to imply now. Simply this is a recency bias created to hype certain players, but please be objective and just...
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    Weeks at no.1 are nowhere near close slams

    I would like to remind you that Borg in that time retired with 11 slams, just one short of Emerson who had 12. If slams were so important in the past as they are hyped now, then he will surely try to win one more before he retires, dont you think? Your opinion is that Emerson was GOAT in early...
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    2020 no1 - points and fairness

    I do understand your pain and need to let out your frustration coming from the fact Federer will lose all important records very soon, but life is not fair as we all know.You will see by time you will accept the fact that Roger will be the 3rd best player of his generation when everything is...
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    Djokovic doesn't even have two Olympic Medals

    T Trust me, you are the only one.
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    Djokovic Skipping Paris

    He didint play Rotterdam few years ago trying to become world No.1? Playing Rotterdam is the only reason he returned to No.1 spot in February 2018. Tournament which he played in 2012 for the last time before entering as wild card in 2018 to secure the No.1 ranking.
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    Chasing Federer Djokovic takes WC in Vienna

    Bottom line is that Federer will not have any significant records very soon and will be remembered as third best of his generation. Instead of being delusional its always much better to face the reality and cope with it.
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    Nadal: "Don't give an Extra Slam to Novak!"

    And when was Nadal era?
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    The Final Race to London (WTF)

    If Nole makes the final he will have 11740 and even if Thiem wins the difference will stil be 1815 points.On top of that OP forgets that ATP final points will drop off before the tournament like every other year, So actual gap is 2415 points in case Thiem beats Djokovic in the final of RG.
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    If Djokovic fails to surpass Fedal will his fans accept graciously he was the third of this era

    If the GS are the only benchmark regardless on anything else, then Emerson is greater player than Laver or Borg. Actually based on that logic until Sampras broke his record, Emerson was greatest player of all time.
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    Do you support PTPA - Poll

    USTA and grand slams are not ATP. ATP tournaments and owners are the main issue here. Do you see major difference in prize money between GS and Masters tournaments for example?
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    Nadal and Federer unite in statements against Djokovic decision

    You dont understand what is the issue here. Players demand bigger percentage of profits from ATP tournament, and rightfully so.Top players dont need it, but can show some solidarity and push Tiriac, Ellison and Co. to distribute more than 15% of revenues between players.
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    World rankings

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    Wawrinka: I don’t want to go to the United States

    And Nyon in Switzerland is only 1000 km, nine hour drive from Prague, so its much closer then Monaco I agree. He will surely drive and not fly, it makes perfect sense.
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    Novak Djokovic now 'very glad' US Open going ahead

    The whole point is that restrictions loosen up enough for Djokovic and some other players to feel now comfortable with them, and be willing to participate. Of course not all restrictions will be canceled, but they are not nearly so severe now.
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    Novak Djokovic now 'very glad' US Open going ahead

    Quote from previous USTA proposal: The precautions include "robust testing, additional cleaning, extra locker room space, and dedicated housing & transportation." Divisions between players emerged last week after the United States Tennis Association proposed a series of strict restrictions to...
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    Novak Djokovic now 'very glad' US Open going ahead

    THE US OPEN LOOSENS UP The Open has a new tournament director, former WTA chief Stacey Allaster, and she seems to have heard the top player’s complaints about the strict protocols that were floated last week. Today some of them were eased. Players can now travel to New York on their own...
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    Nole at number 1

    I was reffering to Hitman post regarding 2017. In all other years he was best or second best player in the world. He was the dominant force of this decade, like Real Madrid was dominant force in Champions League for last few years even though they lost few times before final.
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    Nole at number 1

    He is right. In this decade as whole he was the man to beat. Of course in so long span of time you have few dips, which in Novak case were also injury related.
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    Nadal News 2.0

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    Djokovic will not qualify for WTF 2017

    As a Novak fan I surely hope so. The matchup problem for Thiem is huge. To understand this you need to understand tennis a bit better. Thiem cant be rushed and cant play someone who plays flat and deep with a lot of angles. That is why he has problems playing Goffin for example.
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    Djokovic is so bad in doubles

    Djokovic is so bad in doubles but still beats No.1 pair in the world. You simply dont know what you are talking about even though you try very hard to convince us otherwise.
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    It will be weird if Murray is number 1 AFTER the WTF but loses the YE#1 to Djokovic

    Murray will stay No1 with losing final with 3-0 in RR even if Djokovic wins but with 2-1 RR. Its 1000 vs 1300 points. On 28th DC points will drop and Djokovic will become YE No1.
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    What would benefit Nadal and Djokovic the most. Olympic gold, USO or WTF

    I enjoy WTF very much. It is a tournament with great history which all great players won at least once. There is no fluke draws unlike some GS. 2010 US Open comes to mind. So we always have deserved winner on the end and not someone who was simply lucky with the draw.
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    Predict the winners of the remaining slams and masters in 2016

    Toronto Federer Olympics Djokovic Cincinnati Djokovic Us Open Djokovic Shangai Murray Paris Murray WTF Djokovic