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  1. WalterSlovotsky

    What are the rackets you carry in your bag?

    3x Bridgestone X-Blade RS300 1x Tecnifibre TF40 305 (for doubles) 1x Wilson ProStaff 85 (nostalgia) Occasionally I will break out the Prince TT Bandit MP just for giggles.
  2. WalterSlovotsky

    Aoyama plays with Bridgestone racquets.

    I am currently playing with the X-Blade RS 300. I have played with Bridgestone rackets off and on for about seven or eight years. Bridgestone sells exclusively in their domestic market in Japan, so unless you are planning a trip there or know someone who is they can be difficult to get. As far...
  3. WalterSlovotsky

    Re: the ‘junior and college tennis a waste of time and money’ thread

    I don't know about the rest of the post, but I can tell you that Amazon is a lot more selective about who they recruit to work on their cloud technology stack. You are going to need to be in the top 2-3% of STEM graduates if you expect to get hired straight out of school by any of the FAANG's...
  4. WalterSlovotsky

    Getting sick of Microsoft Windows

    You can purchase any computer from the Microsoft Store and it will come as a Signature Edition. Basically a clean Windows install with an Office365 trial installed. No other adware or bloat.
  5. WalterSlovotsky

    Getting sick of Microsoft Windows

    Microsoft also has great Office iOS apps. Requires an Office365 subscription, though.
  6. WalterSlovotsky

    Getting sick of Microsoft Windows

    Check your Chrome extensions. Disable or remove any you don't recognize. Do the same for search providers.
  7. WalterSlovotsky

    Getting sick of Microsoft Windows

    Mostly the latter, although when Microsoft merged their consumer OS with their professional OS they were a little sloppy and left quite a few holes that have since been closed up. At this point Windows is about as secure as any other OS, but due to its prevalence in large commercial enterprises...
  8. WalterSlovotsky

    Getting sick of Microsoft Windows

    Sorry to be pedantic, but MacOS does not use a BSD kernel. It uses a (highly) modified Mach kernel. It does use (mostly) the BSD userland utilities (all of the Unix-y command line stuff).
  9. WalterSlovotsky

    How do you organize your tennis bag?

    I don't usually worry about it, but you could glue some velcro strips into the bag and onto the plastic bags.
  10. WalterSlovotsky

    How do you organize your tennis bag?

    Ziploc bags work well, but now I prefer clear travel toiletry bags for their durability.
  11. WalterSlovotsky

    5 things I learned watching ATP pros today

    This conversation reminds of an old Jack Nicklaus story. Jack was hitting 3 irons on the driving range about 175 yards. One of the spectators watching commented to his friend that he wasn't that impressed and he could hit that same club 190 yards. Jack proceeds to hit the next three balls 190...
  12. WalterSlovotsky

    How Many Racquets Do You Bring To A Match And Are They Identical?

    Since I don't play high level competitive tennis anymore, I just grab whatever is handing. Which can mean anything from a 30+ year old PS 6.0 to a mid 90's Prince all the way up to a recent X-Blade. Not being a slave to my equipment is a nice feeling.
  13. WalterSlovotsky

    Tsitsipas Racket

    Blash, Ultrash and Pro Stash are much better than the alternatives. 'Cl' is just too.. well.. Clumsy. (sorry).
  14. WalterSlovotsky

    Most humbling USTA experiences?

    I spend a few weeks coaching at my old junior academy twice a year. Every year they get a little faster and I get little slower. It is really the only time of the year I can see (rather than feel) the effects of getting older. Plus, those kids can hammer it. Good thing they are still lacking in...
  15. WalterSlovotsky

    A.I. and the "4th Industrial Revolution"

    The main advantage of a traffic cop over automated systems is people are far less likely to disobey or ignore an instruction from a traffic cop than they are to ignore an automated traffic control system. A traffic cop is also better able to deal with a collision. Other than that a well designed...
  16. WalterSlovotsky

    When was the day your had "arrived" as a tennis player ?

    There were lots of days that could have been that day, but at the time they didn't feel like it as there was always the next target. Winning an age level tournament, winning playing up, winning a college match, etc. There was always someone better, always ways to improve and move up. Then the...
  17. WalterSlovotsky

    Bridgestone racquets???

    They can be a little pricey if you use a buying service or Rakuten. I am fortunate enough to have business relationships that take me to Japan two to three times a year so I can buy them retail. They are good sticks, but if I am honest about it, their uniqueness outside of Japan is a big part...
  18. WalterSlovotsky

    Why the Osaka dislike?

    Hasn't her professional association with Japan always largely revolved around financial considerations? That seems to be the general consensus, although that is mostly hearsay. She certainly wouldn't be the first one to make that decision. In the end does it really matter? There are only a...
  19. WalterSlovotsky

    What would be best for tennis

    Depends. Short term, A would be the best with the increased media attention and a short-term burst of interest in the professional game. Long term it would only matter to those who like to indulge GOAT debates. I leave it up to the reader to decide the value of that. Longer term, C would be...
  20. WalterSlovotsky

    Why the Osaka dislike?

    Depends on your definition of filthy rich. With over $22,000,000 in tournament winnings, I would say he is filthy rich because he is a great player. He is ludicrously rich from all of the Japanese endorsements.
  21. WalterSlovotsky

    2019 ATP Sudden Death League: Rotterdam

    R1: Khachanov BU: Shapovalov
  22. WalterSlovotsky

    ITF and Youth Tennis Grading

    This doesn't seem that confusing. A 2008 born would be 10 years old at the start of 2019. So they would be eligible for any 12 and under tournament in 2019: Players are allowed to play in a 12 and under event from the year they turn 10 years of age, and have reached their 10th birthday on or...
  23. WalterSlovotsky

    Dream Final?

    Why would you want anyone in the finals other than the two best players in the tournament? I understand the desire to see new players emerge and that would be great. But for now, Nole and Bull appear to be a step above everyone else and that is what I want to see.
  24. WalterSlovotsky

    So Federer mentions court speed after loss...

    Nothing wrong with that presser. Really excellent considering the circumstance. Roger is a class act, even if he isn't my particular favorite.
  25. WalterSlovotsky

    2019 Australian Open 4R - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [15] Daniil Medvedev

    Djokovic is going to have to hit is FH with a lot more conviction than he did against Shapo to beat the Bullsheet Russian who has been in much better form than Djoko's first three opponents. A bit more of a struggle for the favorite here, but he squeaks through in five.
  26. WalterSlovotsky

    2019 Australian Open 3R - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [25] Denis Shapovalov

    Nole up 2 sets with zero energy expended. Brutal tennis so far. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk