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  1. federer envies me

    Miadidas Barricade choice?

    My Cincinnati Bearcats inspired Barricade V's
  2. federer envies me

    The Fischer Faction!

    I love Fischer's. They are by far the best racket i have used in a very long time.
  3. federer envies me

    What ATP Rank can the number 1 WTA Beat?

    Any highly ranked high school player or above can beat a top ranked women. When the women were in cincinnati Safina hit with my coach and he beat her easily in straights. Another kid at my club, a decently ranked sophomore in high school, lost to Wozniacki 3 and 3
  4. federer envies me

    Are you thinking about captilising on the cheap Fischer Mpro #1 98?.........

    I am absolutely in love with this racket. I have 5 of them and still want more
  5. federer envies me

    The Official "I missed that amazing match because...." thread

    2009 Men's Wimbledon Final I was too busy playing my twin brother in a tournament and losing 17-15 in a third set tiebreak while blowing three match points :cry:
  6. federer envies me

    i'm lookin for this shirt Did u even check tennis-warehouse???
  7. federer envies me

    first time i've seen federer applaud a shot

    he did it once against murray. i was at that match
  8. federer envies me

    I got Fed's racket!!! (See pic)

    you are the biggest waste of time these threads have ever seen.
  9. federer envies me

    Is that Nadal?

    i was at the match today. i felt Nadal was quite level headed despite the way he was playing. I also was quite confused about what happened to his serve. In the last few matches it has been extraordinary yet today it all collapsed as he couldnt make a first serve for his life and had 3 doubles
  10. federer envies me

    Fed's practice shoes....what are they?

    ya your right. thats a great pic of them
  11. federer envies me

    Fed's practice shoes....what are they?

    it looked black too me, but i was too far away to tell for sure
  12. federer envies me

    Fed's practice shoes....what are they?

    Pictures of Fed's shoes from his practice today in Cincy It doesnt make sense to me why he would change shoes in the middle of a tournament. Anyone have answers
  13. federer envies me

    Fed's practice shoes....what are they?

    oh i remember now. Is guys tennis is the fall for you?
  14. federer envies me

    Fed's practice shoes....what are they?

    Im great how are you?? Do i know you from somewhere?
  15. federer envies me

    Fed's practice shoes....what are they?

    im going to take some detailed pics of these shoes today or tommorow when Fed practices. I want to find out what theyactually are
  16. federer envies me

    Fed's practice shoes....what are they?

    yeah my bad. for where i was watching the shoes actually looked green
  17. federer envies me

    Fed's practice shoes....what are they?

    i was watching him practice today too!! You cant tell from the pic but the outsoles of the shoes are a distinct lime green color. PS: anyone know the shirt Federer is wearing, ive never seen it before but it looks very good
  18. federer envies me

    most liked player by fans

    i really dont understand how Fed is winning this thread. IMO he has become waaaaay too cocky with all the 15 stuff
  19. federer envies me

    most liked player by fans

    i would choose tsonga. i cant think of a reason to hate him
  20. federer envies me

    Rafa playing doubles with Djokovic

    im definetly looking forward to seeing that!!
  21. federer envies me

    Clijsters Comeback?

    clijsters will win cincy for sure after watching her in person yesterday. She has established herself as a top 5 player already and i can see her winning the open this year the way shes playing
  22. federer envies me

    Can you hit the ball with your head?

    haha it would be so sick if that was actually legal
  23. federer envies me

    Federer's outfit is kick ass.

    i really love the color. but besides that there is nothing special about the outfit
  24. federer envies me

    Commentators being paid to not talk about painjobs?

    racket reps are doing the same thing these days. I was talking to a babolat rep in cincy yesterday who was persistent in saying that Nadal actually uses Cortex. I even showed the guy a picture of a painted on cortex from my iphone and he still wouldnt believe me.
  25. federer envies me

    I don't like Nike

    i agree. adidas tennis shoes last so much longer than nike shoes
  26. federer envies me

    Home tennis museum

    Wow im geniunely impressed. How long did it take to accumulate all those rackets?
  27. federer envies me

    The Roger Federer Suite

    the pillows would look sweeter if they actually had the rf emblem on them
  28. federer envies me

    Will Federer play the Rogers Cup?

    i agree. i doubt he will have as good of a summer as he did last year
  29. federer envies me

    Best footwork & court coverage: fed or nadal?

    without a doubt Nadal. It is virtually impossible to get a ball past him
  30. federer envies me

    Best player autobiography?

    i actually really liked breakpoint by vince spadea. It showed the (sometimes) brutal life of the average tennis player on tour