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    WANTED: Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.9 95sq in

    It’s metallic blue with silver at the top of the hoop. The one I have is 4 3/8 grip. If interested, e-mail Mike at and I will send pics to your private e-mail.
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    WANTED: Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.9 95sq in

    Is that the silver one? I believe I have it in near mint condition. Will check tomorrow and if I have it, will send pics.
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    Anyone else using old racquets

    Absolutely! My racquet collection contains about 100 racquets from every era from mid- 80’s up to approx. 2015, all acquired from thrift stores. I Generally have used headlight, 95 to 100 sq. in. 11 to 12 1/2 oz. frames with fairly firm flex, mostly from mid 90s to 2010. I’m 74 years old and...
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    Wanted: Wilson Jack Kramer Staff

    Are you looking for the midsize or oversize? I have one of each, both in excellent condition, however they are L4 grip size. E-mail Mike at if you are interested.
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    Wanted - Prince Triple Threat Rebel 95 (3/8 or 1/2)

    I have one in pristine condition, but it has a 4 5/8 grip. If interested, e-mail Mike at
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    Wilson Pro Staff 95S

    Hi N23, I have the white 95S, near mint condition, L3. I wasn't successful in contacting you through profile. E-mail me at with your personal e-mail. I will send pics and price. Best regards, Mike
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    Wanted: Prince Triple Threat Rebel Midplus

    I have one, near mint condition. Bought new, unstrung. Strung it, didn't like the way it hit and never used it again. Complete with full case in which it has been stored. Grip size is 4 5/8. Midplus, 18 x 20 string pattern. Will sell for $75 plus cost of shipping. If interested, I will...
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    Hi, I have near mint condition Triple Threat Rebel 95. Bought it as unstrung new old stock, strung it, and hit with it only a few times. It's like new. If interested, contact Mike at I am away from home until Friday, April 4, but can send pics when I return...
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    Wanted Head Tour 630

    Do you mean the Pro Tour 280, blue and black? If so, I have one. Reply to Mike at for details and pics.
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    Wanted: Head PT 280 1/4 or 3/8

    Head PT 280 Hi, Are you still looking for a Head PT 280, made in Austria, 4 1/4 grip? I have one. Reply to Mike at for details.
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    Wilson Pro Staff Original Midsize

    I may have what you are looking for. E-mail Mike at
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    Wanted: Black Ace 93 or 98

    Pro Kennex Black Ace Are you looking for the original, narrow beam 80's version or the recent Black Ace models. I have 2 of the original 80's version. If interested, contact Mike at
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    Wanted Pro Kennex Silver ace in 4 1/8 or 1/4 grip

    Pro Kennex Silver Ace I have one: 9.5 condition, original leather grip size 4 1/4. If interested, will send pictures. E-mail Mike at
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    Old School Classics

    WILSON PRO STAFF ORIGINALS Wilson Pro Staff Original 6.0, Midsize, early St. Vincent version (no headguard), red primer, butt cap code "GYQ", flared throat grommets, stick-on racquet info labels, original Fairway leather grip in very good condition, size 4 1/2. Overall condition is about...
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    Kramer Staff Mid 5/8

    Kramer Staff Hi, I have it: Kramer Staff 85 sq. in., made in St. Vincent factory, 4 5/8 grip (original fairway leather grip in very good condition), overall racquet condition is 9.0 or higher, a few surface paint scuffs, no structural damage. Will sell for $100 plus shipping. If...
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    Wilson to Extreme: From Kuebler to the Spin

    From Tennis magazine March, 1990 racquet review issue: Wilson Profile 2.7 si 95: Beam width (tip to grip) 24-31-26 mm); 94 sq. in.; 12 1/3 oz.; 1 in. headlight; 16 main, 18 cross, 50-60 lbs.; stiffness 5.0 (scale of 1-5); graphite composite. Wilson Profile 3.6 si 95: Beam width (tip to...
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    My Manufacturers List

    Racquet Brands Rucanor.....made in Holland. I picked up a Rucanor "Endeavor" in a thrift store. Midplus, over 12 oz., very solid.
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    Wanted: Head Trisys 270, 93 sq. inch (600 sq cm)

    Head Trysis 270 I have it... the blue/green one with the red/snakeskin vibration dampening insert in the throat strings. These racquets were constructed of graphite/twaron and were not inexpensive in their day. Excellent racquets of the quality of the trysis 260 (bumblebee) and the PT 280...
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    Wanted; Fox Bosworth ATP Ceramic Pro WB-210 (4 3/8)

    I have the WB 210 (white with red) in superb condition, clean original leather grip, but in size 4 5/8. It is unfortunate if that is too large, as the racquet is really fine and has the head cover. If you are interested, e-mail Mike at
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    WTB: Prince CTS Racquets

    CTS Racquets Hi, I have : CTS Synergy Tour DB Mid Plus (very rare) 9.5 condition CTS Synergy DB 26 Mid Plus 8 condition CTS Precision 110 9.5 condition CTS Approach 110 8.5 condition If interested, e-mail Mike at for prices and pictures.
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    WNTD: Pro Kennex Black Ace 86 (98)3/8

    Black Ace I have 2 Black Aces with 4 3/8 grip. One is 9.0 with case ($75), the other is 8.0+, no case ($60). If interested, pictures can be sent. Contact Mike at
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    wilson profile 2.7 110

    Wilson Profile Hi, Why not stick with the Profile? I have one in near mint condition. It's the Profile 3.6 (the silver model), 110. It's slightly more flexible and arm-friendly than the 2.7, still a rocket launcher but has exceptional feel for a racquet of this heft. I'm 63 and must use...
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    Yonex Super RQ 500 LONG

    Super RQ-500 long I Have one in about 8.5 condition: a few paint dings that have been touched up, but totally structurally sound, recently restrung and given new Klipper overgrip. If interested, e-mail Mike at for pictures and price.
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    Prince Tournament Graphite Oversize

    Prince Graphite Tournament Oversize Hi, I have one in near-mint condition. Fresh strings, used very little. Will sell for $50 plus cost of shipping. If interested, pictures will be sent. Contact Mike at
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    WTB: Dunlop Max Impact Pro

    Dunlop max Impact pro I have two: one with the gunmetal grey paintjob, one with the green/silver paintjob. e-mail Mike at
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    Pro Kennex Black Ace 98G

    Pro Kennex Black Ace Hi, I have one: PK Black Ace 98, 4 3/8 original leather grip, excellent 9.0 condition with original case. Contact Mike at
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    Wilson Pro Staff 5.5 airshell (95 sq. inch.) (4 3/8 grip)

    Wilson Pro Staff 5.5 Airshell I have it in 4 1/2 grip. About 8.5 condition. Paint dings and scuffing around the head have been touched up with paint. Totally structurally sound. Recently hybrid restrung with Klipper Synthetic Gut Ultra Fiber and Klipper Neon Synthetic Gut. If interested...
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    Head Genesis 660

    Hi, I have a Head Ventoris 660 in very good condition. It is the same era of head widebodies as the Genesis. Same general multiple taper beam as the genesis, but not quite as wide. Very solid racquet. If interested, will send pictures and further details. Contact Mike at...
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    Want: Prince CTS Synergy 28 MP

    Prince Synergy DB I have a Prince Synergy Tour DB midplus. At least 9.O condition, with full case. Recently restrung and with new Klipper overgrip. Very solid racquet. If interested, will send pictures and price. Contact mike at
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    WTB: Dunlop Max Impact Pro

    Dunloop Max Impact Pro I have two. One is the silver-gray model with one impact modulator on each side of the throat; the other is the silver-green model with two impact modulators on each side of the throat. Both are 4 1/2 grip size with Klipper overgrips and have full cases. Both are in...