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  1. DunlopDood

    Jerzy has the talent to be number 1

    He may not be number one, but he will be a major force in the game over the next decade, Bank on it! People who say he s a mental midget, or that he's nothing but a ball basher don't know anything about this sport. Clearly they don't understand what they are seeing. A big guy with his...
  2. DunlopDood

    Overrated Janowitz

    Well at least he finished the match, even when injured. How many so called "champions" can we say that about on tour these days?
  3. DunlopDood

    A pic of James Blake from last night's match

    Last night Blake showed why he was once a top 5 player, it's a real shame that these days he can only come up with those performance once in a blue moon.
  4. DunlopDood

    Raonic shouldn't have fired Galo

    Ljubicic is doing the right thing with Raonic. Lets face it he can't return serve consistently, he can't hit an offensive backhand, his movement is not great...why in gods name would anyone want him to play from the back court (Blanco)? First strike tennis and net rushing is the way he should play.
  5. DunlopDood

    Nadal is going to win the double career grand slam

    Problem is that Djokovic and Murray are still arround and there's a guy called Janowicz who is coming.
  6. DunlopDood

    Best Drop Shot

    no Janowicz in the poll?
  7. DunlopDood

    Anybody else bored with mens tennis

    Not bored in the least, this years wimbledon was probably one of the best I have seen in years. Love the the fact that there seems to be a transition with all the new guys showing up on the scene (janowicz...etc). Would love to see more variety, like SV, but I think those days are long gone :(
  8. DunlopDood

    Will Roger Federer regain his No.1 ranking?

    Don't think he will, but I think he's still very much capable of winning slams. And that's really all that matters when you're RF.
  9. DunlopDood

    Sampras vs Nadal

    We all saw what what aggressive fast court players can do against Nadal. Losing to Rosol and Darcis to years in a row :/ Sampras would have him for breakfast on a 90's grass court!
  10. DunlopDood

    What's up with Jack Sock

    Saw the guy play last year at a challenger tournament close to where I live, Honestly, the guy has more of a football player build than a tennis player. Very promising player though, but from what I saw he needs to start taking his fitness more seriously if he wants to reach the next level. Dude...
  11. DunlopDood

    Jerzy Janowicz Screaming is unacceptable

    It wasn't that long ago that people were complaining about Layton Hewitt's "lawnmower celebration". I would rather see a guy who cares than some cold emotionless robot.
  12. DunlopDood

    Anybody else bored of Ferrer?

    Don't wanna disrespect a to 5 player, but his game is kinda difficult to stomach. Great mover and mentally strong. Other than that i don't think he does anything exceptionally.
  13. DunlopDood

    2013 Wimbledon quarterfinal: (24) J. Janowicz (POL) vs. L. Kubot (POL)

    Guess what, there were top ten players in that side of the draw, and they all lost early. Still a legit run!
  14. DunlopDood

    No play on middle sunday sucks!

    I really can't tell whether this is meant as sarcasm..sorry :(
  15. DunlopDood

    No play on middle sunday sucks!

    I'm probably gonna be told to quit whining, but seriously this has got to be the dumbest thing about this grand slam. A tournament known for it's chronic rain delays messing with the schedule choosing not to play on sunday is just silly in my opinion. And selfish perspective, most people are at...
  16. DunlopDood

    2013 Wimbledon Round of 16: (24) J Janowicz vs. J Melzer

    He beat Raonic in the final on a really fast indoor court in Memphis last year. I noticed that he tended to chip everything back in play for the most part and waited for raonic to tighten up (which he eventually did). He was taking the return way back in the court and moving around a lot durring...
  17. DunlopDood

    Tomic worst athlete ever?

    Tomic is a good young player, I just hope he has enough sense to tell dad to take a hike before it seriously takes a toll on his career. Tennis is tough enough mentally without having a psycho parent shouting in your ear!
  18. DunlopDood

    I made a bet for Dustin Brown to win Wimbledon...

    Let me just say that, i'm glad you're not my stock broker.
  19. DunlopDood

    Wimbledon 3rd round: Jerzy Janowicz (POL) vs Nicolas Almagro (ESP)

    was super impressed with this guy in paris last year. This guy is gonna be a star in this sport!
  20. DunlopDood

    Wimbledon 3rd round: Jerzy Janowicz (POL) vs Nicolas Almagro (ESP)

    Big man, big serve, big game....Janowicz in 4!
  21. DunlopDood

    Is Wimbledon 2013 is even Valid?

    You sir, are clueless!
  22. DunlopDood

    Wawrinka [9] v Janowizc [21] - R3 French Open 2013

    JJ is the type of player that if he plays his best and catches fire like he did in Bercy can blow pretty much anyone off the court, stan included...that said I think stan has too much experience, Stan in 4
  23. DunlopDood

    Who has the best service action of all time?

    Saw roddick play live, there is no way that he was 6'3.
  24. DunlopDood

    Raonic splits with Blanco

    i have noticed that he's finishing points earlier. Came to the net like 32 times if i'm not mistaken, served and volleyed a bunch of times too. It would appear Ljubicic is having an influence.
  25. DunlopDood

    Best tennis match ever played

    there have been many matches that have had quite a bit of drama, but in terms of pure tennis quality i have to go with: Sampras Agassi 2001 quarterfinal at the open: A classic match up between a great counter puncher/baseliner vs. a pure serve and volleyer. Nothing but high quality tennis for...
  26. DunlopDood

    Raonic splits with Blanco

    I find this to be more than a little bit troubling. From everything I have seen Blanco is a no nonsense work hard to get better kind of guy, and Raonic has been allowing all the fame lately to get to his head. I think that he believes that he's better than he actually is. Now don't get me wrong...
  27. DunlopDood

    Is Janowicz a bad sport?

    Safin 2.0, Love his passion, love his game and he will continue to get better. All the haters on this board need pull that stick out of their arse and get a life.
  28. DunlopDood

    Nadal Gangnam Style!!

    what the hell did I just watch?
  29. DunlopDood

    When will Tipsarevic exit top 10?

    Pretty soon I think, with guys like Raonic, Nishikori getting better and better, i think I'll give him till wimbledon