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  1. Candide

    Kyrgios shows empathy, class selfless maturity

    Nah, just kidding. Like the tool high school kid at the back of the room he has to pipe up about everyone else's business because EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD IS ABOUT HIM. Way to exploit your co-workers shortcomings as an example of your own victimisation. I guess everyone is an extra in the...
  2. Candide

    Roger Federer is the greatest human of all time

    After a long process of research and statistical analysis it has finally been confirmed that with his 8th Wimbledon victory Roger Federer has been officially confirmed as the greatest human being ever to walk the Earth. Apparently, it was a close run affair, with some other fine candidates up...
  3. Candide

    Federer likely to regain No. 1 ranking this year

    As crazy as it sounds Federer will only be about 1300 points behind Murray if he manages to win Wimbledon. Djokovic is clearly out for a long time. Murray does not look right and his form is off. Nadal is pretty much a non entity in the second half of the year. AND, Fed has no points to defend...
  4. Candide

    Kyrgios - will not win a grand slam

    Alright, even I (as much as he repulses me) can see that he has the raw ability plus the serve to be able to do it, potentially. However, there are two ways he can go. On the one hand he could get himself properly, professionally fit, get a serious professional coach and get himself mentally...
  5. Candide

    I don't buy Kyrgios' food-poisoning excuse

    This is only a hunch but years of listening to teenagers' lame excuses has made me pretty cynical about tales of sudden sickness before a big exam. It can happen but the first thing I do is look at the attitude and 'form' of the kid. Kyrgios is the guy who always has a thousand excuses. My...
  6. Candide

    Big Four to become the Big One - Federer to Stand Alone

    It sounds weird but it's looking at the moment like Federer is going to outlast all of his younger rivals and be the last of the immortals out on the battle field. At the moment Nishikori, Kyrgios, Raonic and Dimitrov are beginning to overtake Murray, Djokovic and Nadal who for reasons of...
  7. Candide

    It's official. Fed confirms he's playing til 40.

    A legally binding contract has been signed in a press conference at the Gerald R. Ford Elementary School in Indian Wells. Federer is now legally contracted to not retire from professional tennis before his 40th birthday. Doves released. Crowds rejoiced. Some people in Serbia leaped from windows...
  8. Candide

    Statistical analysis of Federer's Backhand vs Nadal in Slams

    I don't know if this article has been posted before (I couldn't find it) but I thought it was fascinating. I like what this Sackmann's doing.
  9. Candide

    Federer's New Normal - Half-Volley Everything

    If this is the new normal, then I'm loving it! "We saw the origins of these tactics in his Australian Open run, as his solution to the puzzle of his career, Rafael Nadal: Step into the court, take the ball early before it kicks way over your shoulder, and rob your opponent of as much time as...
  10. Candide

    Federer AO '17 - His for the Taking. Awesome Vid

    There have been a lot of compilations in recent weeks but for sheer awesome epicness this one is the best I've seen. Goosebumpy stuff.
  11. Candide

    Brilliant Tribute to no. 18

    There have been a few of these around in the last week but this is the best I've seen so far.
  12. Candide

    At last a GOAT we can all agree on

    There can be only one.
  13. Candide

    Federer ties Lendl for most victories

    And will soon surpass. I'm impressed, the mileage is phenomenal. Is it any wonder that his career has encompassed odd losses and hiccups here and there. The sense of being out on the court forever must be surreal for him. I can only imagine the sense that he must have of placing matches within...
  14. Candide

    Tank Warfare

    Bernie takes it to a new level. There's the spirit of Gallipoli for you.
  15. Candide

    Paging Dr. Kyrgios!

    It seems that Dr. Kyrgios had to take an important phone-call, on court, about an urgent open-heart surgery that he had to perform directly after his match. Or, it could have been about a monster weekend special deal offered by Domino's Pizza that his mates wanted to snag with him. Either way...
  16. Candide

    Training with Federer

    Sorry if someone has already put this up but I just saw it and thought it was bloody amazing. Check out the volley at the start of the third link - it's crazy. The training vids really capture the speed of ball and the mongoose like reaction time of Fed especially on volleys. Training with...
  17. Candide

    The Nadal New Racquet Syndrome

    I've lost count of the times I've seen it written here that Nadal needs a new racquet in order to overcome his current decline. I find this very strange. What is the logic here? It feels like it could be something along these lines: Federer was struggling becoming overpowered by players he...
  18. Candide

    Kyrgios, coach split article. Kid is too annoying

    I don't know what it is but we seem to have a distinct oversupply of brats in Australian tennis. I get a distinct Tomic vibe from this kid. His on-court antics, his pre and post match persona and comments, his general petulance and Gen Y sense of arrogant entitlement. Most especially his clearly...
  19. Candide

    Tennis and Literature

    For some reason tennis seems to fascinate and attract the literary mind the way few sports do. I thought I'd float the idea of a thread dedicated to odd literary tennis titbits and see if anyone else had noticed this and collected any gems. I'll kick off. Below is a letter from J. M. Coetzee to...
  20. Candide

    Roger Federer - Stoic Warrior

    While people are discussing the various charms of other players on-court behaviour at the moment I thought it was a good time to bring up something that has always struck me about Federer. This may also be pertinent to the thread about which players are religious. One of the most compelling...
  21. Candide

    Is Djokovic dishonourable?

    I was initially a big detractor of Novak's with the 'carry on' of his early days and atrocious use of MTOs and general hypochondria. He then got himself together and I grew to respect what he did and how he carried himself as a player. His antics against Murray in Melbourne was a return to the...
  22. Candide

    Kyrgios - Tomic mk 2 or just growing pains?

    It pains me to raise this but I've been watching this guy with interest for quite a while. To put it bluntly he's become quite a disappointment in the character department. His on-court behaviour is atrociously petulant, arrogant and boorish for someone who has not even won a tournament -...
  23. Candide

    Graphic Look at Fed's achievements Key line, "By winning Tennis's premier team competition with Switzerland, Roger Federer claimed the one major trophy to have eluded him in...
  24. Candide

    Roger Federer's Weak Era? Never Existed.

    Well put by Doug Perry. As those who have any understanding of semiotics well know objects only obtain meaning in relation to other objects around them. The concept of a 'white race' had no currency until the discovery of the New World and someone to craft an identity against. In a land of...
  25. Candide

    Gilles - Hush your mouth

    I can't help but think that Simon has been shooting his mouth off a bit lately about how Federer wouldn't have been dominant if the surfaces were more differentiated and so on. It must have made it just a tad sweeter for Federer to put him back in his box given his brass. He's entitled to his...
  26. Candide

    Statistics: or why tennis is not baseball

    I think that the cause of a significant proportion of the silliness on these boards is the fact that there seem to be a high degree of American, English and Indian contributors. All of these countries have something important in common; they are all in the grip of an obsession with statistics...
  27. Candide

    Nadal the Azaranka of the ATP?

    Has Nadal's grunting gotten worse or is it just me? He's still moaning when the ball has cleared the net now, practically when it's bounced on the far side of the court. Massively irritating and charmless.
  28. Candide

    Fed-El, The Real Man of Steel

    This is a knockout fact. Fed has not had a single mid-match retirement in his whole career. The amount of trash talk about Federer by macho weekend hackers and neanderthals who think that shedding a tear is tantamount to gender betrayal is nauseating. It's jaw dropping to be able to play through...
  29. Candide

    Federer: “99 percent of all statistics only tell 49 percent of the story.”

    I hope I'm not re-presenting something that others have already talked about but if so I didn't see it. I think that at it's best sports writing can be a serious piece of literature (but of course most of it fish n chip wrapping). Ed Smith is an excellent sports writer and I think managed to...
  30. Candide

    Federer's Pride Cost Him Slams

    I've been thinking about this one for a while, one of Federer's main weaknesses and strengths in his career has been his lack of tactical flexibility. For someone who has so much talent he has often played a pretty macho game and consistently played into opponents strengths rather than...