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  1. federer envies me

    Should I play High School tennis or not?? *URGENT*

    i have just recovered from a string of knee injuries that have sidelined me for about three months. I am a freshman in high school and keep debating weather I should play tennis for my school or not. Our Varsity coach is a terrible coach (from what ive heard) and will make us run 2 miles in...
  2. federer envies me

    help!!! i missed the last cross

    I was stringing my stick and accidently missed the last cross! Will it hurt my game in any way or should i just ignore it?????????
  3. federer envies me

    How long will Rafa be #1?

    We all know nadal is #1 but how long do you guys think he will keep the ranking. I think he will not be able to handle the pressure of being number #1 and will have a mediocre year next season
  4. federer envies me

    Barricade V or Cage

    I need new shoes and have very sensitive feet. With all the other shoes ive had like the prince mv4, my feet have hurt very bad. I have limited my chices to either the barricades or cages. Which one has better comfort and fit... thanks for any replies
  5. federer envies me

    New Cages?????

    TW are you guys going to have the cage 2s available for preordering, like the Barricade 5s????
  6. federer envies me

    Luxilion supersense monotec 16L

    just bought these strings because it said "gut like performance." Do these strings really play like gut or are they just like any other co-poly????? thanks in advance for any replies Federer envies me
  7. federer envies me

    prince mv4

    Just purchased new prince mv4's because i didnt want to pay 104 for barricade IV and they looked like good shoes. Anybody have these shoes?? If so, do you like them??
  8. federer envies me

    good stringer 300-500 range

    I am looking for a new stringer in the 300-500 range. I want it to be easy to use and better than a klippermate. Any suggestion????:)
  9. federer envies me

    Meet Chris Edwards

    Today while I at the cincy tourny I meet chris edwards :p. I told him I was a huge fan and he put me in his new vlog which aires this friday.... :grin: It was REALLY cool
  10. federer envies me

    Official thread of the Western and Southern Financial Group Masters

    Post anything and everything about the cincy tourny, imo the best tourny in the us besides the open :p :p
  11. federer envies me

    best poly for a serve and volleyer

    I am getting new strings and was wondering what the best string (prefferably a poly) would be for a serve and volleyer (my style of play) :p ~thanks~
  12. federer envies me

    style of play???

    What is your style of play??? just wondering what everybody's style of play is. I'm a serve and volleyer :p
  13. federer envies me

    fischer sponsership/ players package

    Hi, I am about to get my second mpro 1 98 and was thinking I maybe instead of paying full price I could get a players package. Is anybody sponsered or have a players package by fischer??? How good do you have to be. thanks
  14. federer envies me

    soft poly that amazing???

    Hey, I am about to get my new fischer mspeed mpro 1 98 and I need a soft poly that is really easy on the arm and plays extremely well. So far, all all I have heard of is ALU power and sppp. How soft are these strings and how well do they play??? Also, do you guys have an other...