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  1. DunlopDood

    No play on middle sunday sucks!

    I'm probably gonna be told to quit whining, but seriously this has got to be the dumbest thing about this grand slam. A tournament known for it's chronic rain delays messing with the schedule choosing not to play on sunday is just silly in my opinion. And selfish perspective, most people are at...
  2. DunlopDood

    Hilarious shot by Raonic vs Monfils in practice
  3. DunlopDood

    Safin won't be a TV talking head in retirement

    In his post match interview Safin had some interesting things to say, and took a jab at a certain JMAC. It's five tournaments and counting for tapped-out Marat Safin, who can't wait to see the back of his tennis career. The Russian has moved a step closer to his goodbye to the game after...
  4. DunlopDood

    Players shaving legs?

    I was at a local challenger event yesterday, and I noticed a weird thing. Most every player participating in the event had shaved legs. Is this something that players, and perhaps men in general, do now a days or is it that tennis players sometimes have to have tape jobs done on their legs...
  5. DunlopDood

    Why not more doubles on TV?

    As some of you may have already mentioned, the women's final (like most WTA matches today) was a total bore fest. On the other hand the mens doubles final was outstanding with great rallies and spectacular shot making. My question is, why don't we see more doubles matches during grand slams on...
  6. DunlopDood

    Tommy Haas talking to himself!

    I found an interesting clip in youtube land of Tommy Haas talking to himself at the Australian Open. Gives some real insight into the psychology of a top tennis player. I speak some German and can confirm the subtitles are correct. My first reaction of this was, "this guy's a bit of a nut case"...
  7. DunlopDood

    Player Strokes in HD

    Found this cool channel out in youtube land with many of your favorite players practicing at the recent Indian Wells event. It's all in HD too so you get a great look at technique. Next best thing to going to a live match...