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  1. Docalex007

    Federer is and always has been the cause of his own undoing against Nadal

    Let's face it, folks. Rafael Nadal is a remarkable competitor and always seems to show up against Roger Federer on the biggest of stages. But despite this fact, in basically all of their important non-clay matches, Federer has had opportunities galore to secure wins against his biggest rival...
  2. Docalex007

    Murray to win AO 2012

    If Federer can't win it.. then let's go MURRAY! :D
  3. Docalex007

    And then there were four... [Limerick inside]

    The players left are the Big Four Each intending to settle a score, But only Roger is keen On winning seventeen, The rest will weep on the floor After their match Rafael will call Roger to tell him he hit a good ball, Rafael will cry Roger will sigh, The Joker being the next to fall Add...
  4. Docalex007

    Federer v. Tomic - 4th Round

    I absolutely CANNOT wait for this one, mainly because I'm going to love watching the GOAT destroy the immature and classless (some would say cheating) 19-year-old. Stock up on popcorn, folks.
  5. Docalex007

    Came across this whilst browsing IMDb - most unexpected - Djokovic in Expendables 2

    Seriously, this took me by surprise. I was checking out the cast list from the upcoming Expendables 2 film on my iPhone when suddenly I saw: I actually laughed out loud as it was most unexpected, especially as he's playing himself. What the? Haha! Sounds awesome. I saw there was another...
  6. Docalex007

    Federer gets walkover to the 3rd Rd!

    Discuss! Good or bad?
  7. Docalex007

    Roger Federer - It's So Easy (video) One of the better Federer tribute videos. Just posted yesterday. Good song. :) Edit: And another good one... looks like it's by the same guy with a different account!
  8. Docalex007

    I think we can all at least agree Ferrer tanked the third set v. Berdych

    And why shouldn't he have? If was the smart move. Since he already qualified for the semis, there was no point in battling it out with Berdych knowing he'd have to play a MUST WIN match the very next day. Good move. No doubt Ferrer wanted to win this match... but in two sets. When he lost...
  9. Docalex007

    Will Barclays tank as official sponsor of World Tour Finals???

    They've obviously spent a lot of money on sponsorship rights here at the WTF... they'll probably consider tanking in the next day or two and prepare for 1st quarter 2012. Just sayin'.
  10. Docalex007

    Did Murray tank against Ferrer and fake groin problems?

    I mean, Murray probably just wants to chill out in London for the rest of the year. Maybe play some playstation. Maybe go visit a fashion show or two. Or maybe he's falling behind on his Christmas shopping? Just sayin'.
  11. Docalex007

    What?! Video showing the new iPhone 4S being SLOWER than the iPhone 4?!

    Anyone here buy the new iPhone 4S yet? I was just about to buy one tomorrow when I came across this video... Why would Apple come out with a new phone and advertise its amazing speed when it takes twice as long to the home screen and bring up the...
  12. Docalex007

    Please, as a Fed fan I beg all fellow fans, no trolling if he beats Joker!

    Title said it all, I'm a hardcore Fed fan but I'm beginning to see some crazy trolling posts by Fed fans saying negative and harsh things about Djokovic because he's losing. If Federer wins this match (and at this point it's still a big IF... Federer up a set and 5-4 in the 2nd), let's NOT...
  13. Docalex007

    RF "fans" showing defeatist regarding Nadal attitude/mentality - PLS READ!

    Let me just begin by saying that I don't mean to single anyone out here, nor do I wish to cause offense; I am simply and plainly expressing my disappointment and exasperation toward a certain type of cowardly perspective—regarding Federer supporters/fans—that I have noticed is becoming more...
  14. Docalex007

    Daily Mail article on Federer... some figures blatantly WRONG! How can this be?? Wrong. Australia 2010. Where's the author been? What the... ? If the first mistake was a careless error, how is this one explained? How can the Daily...
  15. Docalex007

    The Best Thing About Federer's Win Over Djokovic + Nadal Final Analysis

    ... is that Djokovic was playing his, if not very best, then almost best tennis yesterday. Essentially the same level of tennis he's been playing at throughout his winning streak. He would have beaten 99.99999% of the entire ATP tour in that semi playing the way he was... including Nadal. And...
  16. Docalex007

    Federer is now looking to steamroll to a 5th AO title...

    With the knowledge that Nadal is out of the tournament, I reckon this will give Roger a mental edge going into his semi against Djokovic, knowing that the only players left standing in his way to a 17th Slam win are players he's comfortable with. Sure, Djokovic beat Fed at the USO last year...
  17. Docalex007

    What time will the men's final be on Sunday??

    Hey guys, just need to know as I'm in the UK and I need to make sure I'm home in time to catch the match as I'm making arrangements to attend a party but need to be back! Any idea? The women's final is at 7pm but I can't imagine the men's being this late on a Sunday? I can't remember what it...
  18. Docalex007

    The thought of a Nadal vs. Federer USO Final is overwhelmingly exciting!

    Imagine. Just imagine for one second of this possibility. How huge would it be if these two were to meet in the Final? We've seen countless "Fedal" FO Finals but we've yet to experience this on Roger's best surface, and inversely, Nadal's worst. Perhaps Federer is secretly wishing for this...
  19. Docalex007

    Are we seeing Federer's "late twenties" version of God Mode?

    As the title asks: Are we seeing Federer's "late twenties" version of God Mode? He's won Cincy, he's crushing opponents handedly (even for first round opponents). He's confident on the backhand and his forehand looks to be back... ie. DEADLY. I think he's in the zone and loving it out...
  20. Docalex007

    24 consecutive quarterfinals....

    ...oh SNAP!!! Go Feds! :twisted:
  21. Docalex007

    Associated Press reporting (video) on Djokovic win over Fed in 2008, is clueless!

    This woman is clueless about tennis and can't even get Djokovic's name right! And she's like "Federer didn't even get to the final" like getting to the final of a grand slam is some easy accomplishment.. ROFL. Can't believe it's from the Associated Press...
  22. Docalex007

    Roger Federer [1] vs Nikolay Davydenko [6] QF

    Let's hear some predictions guys! I'm going to say Federer in 4... Davy will take either the first or second set. After Davy's unimpressive performance today against Verdasco, I'm not sure he can even win one set against the Roger of today.
  23. Docalex007

    Roger Federer to win 3 Grand Slams this year...

    That's right, you heard it here first fellas. Australia Wimbledon and US Open Year end #1 with 18 slams to his name. He'll also break the Masters shield record. Have fun this year everybody... hope it's a good one!
  24. Docalex007

    Avatar World Premiere London video of cast I made as I was there!

    You can watch it here: And yes that's me asking Sam Worthington if he enjoyed making the movie. And the bit with Michelle, it was awkward as she thought I was snapping a photo but I was in video mode instead so I had to play it off! Haha!
  25. Docalex007

    If Federer and Roddick had a kid, this is what he'd look like...

    Haha! Just saw this on google images when doing a search. Pretty freaky. :) Who do you see more in this pic? I'm undecided it's pretty 50/50!
  26. Docalex007

    I'm SICK of the "choker" talk! We're ALL clowns then...

    Seriously guys, some of you are crossing some lines here... only stopping short of calling the entire ATP a bunch of chokers and clowns. Point 1: First of all, tennis is a game. And just like any other game, there are lead changes as well as momentum changes. It's normal. You use the term...
  27. Docalex007

    Video of Nadal practicing today at the O2 Arena

    Here you go guys... Can only see his groundstrokes, he's looking pretty good. Edit: Here's another one as well
  28. Docalex007

    Is there a way to access one's profile via User CP????

    I find this really annoying. I want to view my recent posts but there's no way that I can see of accessing my own profile unless I post something and then click on my name! That or just bookmark the link to my profile... why can't I view my profile instead of just editing it from my User CP?????
  29. Docalex007

    Some pictures I took from Wimbledon!

    I got to attend Wimbledon on Day 3 ... just photos I took from around the grounds and Centre Court.