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  1. Frodo Baggins

    Another chance?

    Is There Another Chance Of A TW Get Together? Like In Pass threads that died?
  2. Frodo Baggins

    still alive

    just lettin you know i'm still alive.. ;)
  3. Frodo Baggins

    watches you

    *Strolls in & Watches You*:shock:
  4. Frodo Baggins

    hello mods

    hello mods just droppin in to say hello:)
  5. Frodo Baggins

    hello droppin infor the day..

    hello i'm just dropping in..
  6. Frodo Baggins

    I Got it,I Got It,I got It!!!! :)

    To Mods...Just wanted To say Thank You For my Nike Jacket!!! I Got it Today :D You guys Are Wonderful!!! P.s. There's a Message For You In Facebook!!! ;)
  7. Frodo Baggins

    Order Placed!!!

    Hey Mods: Check in Fb For Your Message Thank you!!! :)
  8. Frodo Baggins

    Mods-Will You Be Gettin More in??

    Hey Mods :) Was Wondering> Will You Be Gettin More >Sergio Tacchini Men's Spring Corallo Jacket??? in a med & Gardel Jacket In Navy blue??? Thanks!!!
  9. Frodo Baggins

    The Filth thread!!!

    Here's a thread for Filth.. Whatever That may be!!!! Enjoy!!!
  10. Frodo Baggins

    Where Do they Go??

    Question?> Was Wondering, When a Player Get New clothes to wear for a certain Tourny .. After The Tourny is Over.. Where Do The Clothes Go??? enlighten me?? :D Like Example Feds Gear Where do they go??? :)
  11. Frodo Baggins

    Serious Here!!! Continue Thread For Tw staff Only!!!

    Just a Heads up> This Summer I May Do a Lill Tw Shopping.. There's Some Stuff I Wanna Def Buy..But It'll be This Summer Sometime!!! So Just a Heads Up!!!! :smile: (You'll Be Hearing From me Soon) :smile:
  12. Frodo Baggins

    SummerTime Heads up!!!

    (Warning)> Don't ruin My Thread with Pointless Dribble Thank you!!!
  13. Frodo Baggins

    Hot Mail Probs??

  14. Frodo Baggins

    Caption this!!!

  15. Frodo Baggins

    seating Arrangements!!!

    Question> Are Coaches Allowed To Sit Anywhere?? Or do They Have a specific Seats to sit at? while at tournaments???
  16. Frodo Baggins

    Caption this!!!

  17. Frodo Baggins


    Who here Has Facebook? An Do you Like the new facebook?? Me I Hate The New Facebook:mad: Harder to use,.. Why can't they They Leave Facebook The Way it Was.. Without changing it???:cry::(
  18. Frodo Baggins

    Excuse Me May I take a min??

    Mods How come I Can't post replys?? I have to use The Quick Reply When I wanna Post somthing?? Tell Me Why??? Want an Answer? To this Please!!!
  19. Frodo Baggins

    Double up!!!

    What Do You guys think?? If Some of These Matches At Rogers Had to Double up.. Meaning Play two Matches In One day!!! Whats your thoughts on this??? If the Rain doesn't stop!!:confused::?
  20. Frodo Baggins

    Dumb Question!!

    Dumb Question is>Can a Coach of a Tennis player ..Play in a Tourny Even If He's Coaching???
  21. Frodo Baggins

    Shot Spot!!!

    Was Wondering??>What Happined to Shot Spot:confused: An How Come thier not using it??? Shot Spot Best Invention Ever!!! ;)
  22. Frodo Baggins

    Treat For me!!!

    Today While I Was Watching Bolleli & Chela in the stands I Saw My Grey hare.. Davide Sanguinetti!!! :D An How I Wish I Was Sooo there Sitting beside him!!! :( But Seeing grey hare has Put a smile on my face :) At lease he's doing Good.. doesn't seem to be too dissapointed bout his retirement...
  23. Frodo Baggins

    Take a Walk On The Wild Side?? If Ya dare? :twisted:
  24. Frodo Baggins

    No more Grey Hare!!!!

    As Of today:cry: My Past love grey Hare>(Davide sanguinetti) Announced that He'll be Retiring From Tennis.. :D So no more Sanguinetti!!! :) He'll Always be one of my faves!!! :) Farewell Davide My grey Hare!!!
  25. Frodo Baggins

    Plzz Change!!!

    Plzz I Would Really ,Really Like to change my UserName!!! found a New one that I like!!! An It suits me Better :) I'll Tell you If I'm allowed to change it or not!!!! :)
  26. Frodo Baggins

    Truth For TennisPro!!!

    Tennispro I Am Shy Belive it or Not.. Ok For Example> If I Seen you face to face an you intro yourself to me > I Would Say Hi but Thats it.. Cause Truth It Takes me a While to Warm up & To Trust new People..I'm not one of those Outgoing Bold Girls that Goes up To Anyone..Heck I Don't even know...
  27. Frodo Baggins

    Can you Change???

    Hey Just Wondering???>Can you change your screenname in TW??? if not Tell me Why???:confused: Thinkin of changin my screenname for good...
  28. Frodo Baggins

    my Birthday today!!! I'm 32!!!

    Yess I'm Another Year Older!!!:D Funny thing is I Don't Look it teeHee!!!;) So Wish me Some B-day Wishes..Thank you.:D
  29. Frodo Baggins

    Back Home..

    Home Sweet Home... Yess I'm Back..So Ask me Any Questions bout my montreal trip:D I'll try an answer All Questions ..The best I can..:D ;)
  30. Frodo Baggins

    Havin fun in montreal..

    Hey Yess I`m in montreal..An Seeing Loads of players..Even Some Up close..>Like ferrero,Almegro,Fed,Blake,Safin,An Many others!!!:D I`m Havin a blast!!!Gettin A few Autographs,,So Ohs Is Well With me!!! Laters To Report more!!! +I Have a Few Pics of the players too Up close Also!!! So Yaa Me!!!;)