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  1. haerdalis

    New Donnay X-Series - My Thoughts

    In my experience thin beamed frames have smaller sweetzones than widebody ones. I feel however that my donnay gold 99 has a rather large sweetzone for such a thin frame. The donnay pro one os has a pretty small sweetzone in comparison. Its true though that you frame fewer balls with a thin...
  2. haerdalis

    Racquet Selection & TE - Somewhat different perspective. Am I totally off base?

    The pk ki5 also comes in a lighter package. Ki5 295 plays much like a radical mp and is very armfriendly.
  3. haerdalis

    New Donnay X-Series - My Thoughts

    I dont have any 94s but the feeling i get from my gold 99s is that i dont really need poly to tame the frame so to speak. Next string job for me will be natural gut mains and poly crosses. Excellent frames really.
  4. haerdalis

    New Donnay X-Series - My Thoughts

    I have a lot of racquets. I was a ps 85 and then ps tour 90 user. Then i decided i needed something bigger. Played kneissl for a while. A few völkls and recently i have been playing ki 5. I prefer prostaff type racquets but i need it to be lighter now. I think the gold is a better racquet. The...
  5. haerdalis

    New Donnay X-Series - My Thoughts

    I have bought two gold 99s and I really like the racquet. I play with it stock with just an overgrip. It is comfortable and stable for it weight and frame thickness. It is perhaps a tad too low powered for me but it is also very maneuverable, always a trade off. I would like to try the plat 99...
  6. haerdalis

    The good old prostaff days on TW with links

    I loved the old hps tour 95 One of the vetter frames ever. You have to wonder why Wilson isnt making such à frame now. I am hoping the donnay gold and a leather grip will feel close to it.
  7. haerdalis

    Just hit with a Pro Staff 6.0 95 today!

    I think we should leave out the 6.1s in this discussion as that is a completely different stick. We have the original 6.0 95 After that came the relatively unkown but great playing HPS 6.0 95 (red) And then came the Black yellow prostaff tour 95 I believe the original and the tour 95 plays...
  8. haerdalis

    Just hit with a Pro Staff 6.0 95 today!

    Which hyper prostaff? There was a red one which was stiff but superb feel and the black yellow which was softer and player like the old 6.0 95 iirc.
  9. haerdalis

    Völkl PB4, PB V1 MP and PB V1 OS

    Took me a while but today I got the PB4 PBV1 MP and OS. Only had time to stribg the mp and the 4. I really likes the mp. Less power on groundstrokes than the dnx os, which is good, but equal or better for serving. Didnt hit much with the 4 but it is an interesting racquet for sure. Feels very...
  10. haerdalis

    Bullet Shot Videos

    This is one of the biggest for sure!
  11. haerdalis

    Powering down a racket.....

    Kevlar strings will power down a racquet more than poly. Of course they are bad for the arm.
  12. haerdalis

    ProKennex Ki15 PSE vs Ki15 (300)

    On the european website there are different versions of the Ki15 than on the US site. US site has Ki15 and Ki15 PSE with strung weights of 289 and 326 respectively. The european site has the Ki15 PSE and then two versions Ki1 (260) and Ki15(300) the former seems 10 grams lighter than the...
  13. haerdalis

    Favorite Volkl Power Bridge Stick

    I would very much like to try the PB7
  14. haerdalis

    Völkl PB4, PB V1 MP and PB V1 OS

    There is something unique about these sticks. Typically in lighter weight wide frame sticks there is no control and too much power but not so here. It is not a players stick but the combination of power, control and comfort is hard to beat. I am going to order a PB V1 and a PB4 to compare.
  15. haerdalis

    Völkl PB4, PB V1 MP and PB V1 OS

    Has anyone played with all of them? I cant demo Völks here. I really like the DNX V1 OS. Would also like to know how they compare against the PK SQ Limited.
  16. haerdalis

    Babolat Pure Storm Tour GT vs. Babolat Pure Storm LTD vs. Babolat Aero Storm GT

    I really like the low power level of the pure storm limited Great racquet!
  17. haerdalis

    PowerAngle Pro

    I wonder is the powerangle string system the same as having lower tension on a normal racquet? It feels kind of similar and in the review of the Pro they talk about upping the tension to get control. I have the centric racquet and comfort is outstanding considering its stiffness. The stringbed...
  18. haerdalis

    Babolat Pure Storm Limited 16x19

    I think the stringbed of the PSL is very lively. I get massive spin with this racquet for some reason.
  19. haerdalis

    *** Beam width & Stiffness: Power, Comfort and Control ***

    Weight and stiffness are the most important specs when it comes to power. Beam width and headsize effect depth of shot more than power IMO.
  20. haerdalis

    Isn't Volkl PB 10 mid a better stick than PSGT Limited?

    The feel is different. IMo the PSL feels more raw and the PB10mid more muted. PB is more powerful because of its higher sw.
  21. haerdalis

    TW Review: Volkl Power Bridge 9

    I think alot of this has to with people confusing stability and plow through. Without having played with the PB9 I am guessing it has good stability but not much plow through. A racquet with decent weight but low sw will be stable but still get pushed around a bit by heavy balls. Not because...
  22. haerdalis

    Question for Spencer re: Pure Storm Ltd

    It is the same as with other longer sticks for me. I like them alot for serves but prefer the regular for everything else. If I could learn to choke up on the handle for everything else it would be perfect. It works better on clay though. I will probably use the + on clay.
  23. haerdalis

    A once wilson lover ---never to go back!!!

    Wilson have 4 racquets currently in production with a flex rating of 55 or less. Saying wilsons are stiff is not accurate.
  24. haerdalis

    Is the kbold the same racquet as the nfury?

    Anyone playing with this racquet?
  25. haerdalis

    starter or "perforamnce" racquet for my 10 year old

    It fits better with stage 3 balls but can work with regular ones aswell. Two problems can arise. 1. the ball may bounce too high. 2. The racquet may feel a little unstable at times. These shorter racquets and lighter balls are not just companies trying to sell a new product it is a great way...
  26. haerdalis

    starter or "perforamnce" racquet for my 10 year old

    The babaolat 145 is a perfect fit for a 10 year old who just started. Works even better if he plays with stage 3 balls.
  27. haerdalis

    Power Racquet Controlled or Control Racquet Powered - Easier?

    For baseline bashing with lots of spin I'd recommend the power racquet tightly strung with a poly (your body might not like it though). For an all court game I'd take a lower powered racquet with a soft string (this way you can also play more often without getting injured).
  28. haerdalis

    suggest a 110 size head racket to try

    I think you should give the prince O3 blue a shot. It is a little heavier but around the same sw and size and offers more comfort.
  29. haerdalis

    Can anyone compare the PB 4, PB V1 OS and the DNX V1 OS

    Nobody out there who can comment on this?
  30. haerdalis

    Bab aeropro control

    I tried this racquet a while back. I remeber it being a very solid stick with a big sweetspot. It had lots of power. I hit some really big serves with it. Not sure why I didnt buy it and when I wanted to I couldnt find one so I tried the aero storm thinking it would be the same but it wasnt at...