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  1. sportsfan92

    Wimbledon Photos / Memories

    With Roland Garros past and thoughts of grass now dancing in every tennis fans' head..... I thought it would be fun to hear stories / see photos of your Wimbledon memories. I knew my time there would be unforgettable when we saw the draw for our Centre Court tickets.... Fed v...
  2. sportsfan92

    Songs that Inspire You?

    What songs inspire you?
  3. sportsfan92

    Getting back in the game...after a long long time

    Just starting back into the game after years out. Wanted insights into what kind of raquet I should look at starting with. And really - what is the best way to find a good teacher for lessons. That DON'T ocurr during a normal workday. Thansk! -
  4. sportsfan92

    Anyone watching/watched LeBron James on SNL?

    He was hysterical on the ESPY's....this should be good. i hope. SNL can be very painful lately....:)
  5. sportsfan92


    any great trip tips to this amazing place? i.e. must see, traps to avoid, etc. we're trying to plan a family trip for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary next year.... thanks! (put this here since it wasn't tennis travel related):D
  6. sportsfan92

    Familiarity with London?

    It looks like I MIGHT have a ticket to a day at Wimbeldon through a work colleague....however, i'm trying to figure costs for airfare and hotel. I have located a few hotel options, but I am not familiar with London. I found one hotel on Bath Road in the Chiswick area of London. Not far from...
  7. sportsfan92

    Save Darfur

    below is from the web-site. an opportunity to do something, if you haven't already. because this forum reaches all over the world i thought i would post it here. since i don't have all ya'lls e-mails...i thought this the next best thing...
  8. sportsfan92

    Pursuit of Happyness

    This movie was amazing! Definitely not an action movie...but one that should move us to action. PLEASE go see it! Even though I wouldn't give the movie five stars....i give the message 10! See it this holiday season. And be thankful. And remember the lives of those around us that we may know...
  9. sportsfan92

    US Open Series / US Open live matches on-line

    Does anyone have any idea if the US Open and the series leading up to it will have live/on-demand coverage via the net like Wimbledon did? I know it's early - but I didn't see any mention on their web-site. I am getting rid of my cable and wanted to see if I still might be able to watch tennis...