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  1. McGradey

    Best radical PJ?

    Zebra for old, IG for more recent
  2. McGradey

    Toes going numb while playing in new shoes

    Played again tonight and laced the Nike’s as loose as possible. Felt better at first, but within 20 minutes of warm up... numb toes. Went back to my solecourt boosts and played great in total comfort. Looks like I just plain bought the wrong size :cautious: SCB are 11.5 and always felt pretty...
  3. McGradey

    Toes going numb while playing in new shoes

    Yeah, I'll try lacing them super loose next hit out, but I'm not confident that's going to work. I haven't tightened them at all on the lower hoops, just at the top.
  4. McGradey

    Toes going numb while playing in new shoes

    It's purely the discomfort whilst playing that's the issue. Never had this issue with any shoes previously, especially not my old Solecourt Boosts which I may be going back to. They are a wide shoe, a bit too wide almost but better than having numb toes! I have about a full finger's worth of...
  5. McGradey

    Toes going numb while playing in new shoes

    Yeah I think you're right in that it's too much pressure somewhere, but I can't pinpoint the cause. When I walk around in them, they feel fine. I've tried wearing thin socks and thorlo's and the problem is the same. It's all my toes that go numb when I'm playing, but particularly the outer ones...
  6. McGradey

    Toes going numb while playing in new shoes

    Anyone ever experienced numb toes while breaking in new shoes? My Nike Tech Challenge 20s, [finally able to put some court hours into them after an extended lockdown], are giving my feet major grief. About 5.5 hours of play so far. They feel like they fit fine, until I start playing, at...
  7. McGradey

    Zverev changed his forehand slightly and it pays off!

    No, that one on match point looked about the same though. Absolutely annihilated it.
  8. McGradey

    Zverev changed his forehand slightly and it pays off!

    Hit a 175km/h forehand with minimal effort vs. Schwartzman It does feel like a matter of time before he irons out the kinks and starts rolling everyone
  9. McGradey

    Any shirts wick moisture as well as Nike Dry Fit

    The Champion ones are solid. I just stocked up on a few of the double dry shirts which are comfy, perform well and the colours stand up to washes.
  10. McGradey

    Is the Pro Staff Six One in black the same racquet as the WIlson SIx One 95 in white and red?

    The new black one is the Hyper Pro Staff 6.1 under the paint, according to the thread in the racquets section
  11. McGradey

    Iga Świątek’s next Racquet Poll

    Wilson Blade.
  12. McGradey

    Federer's Biggest Career Mistake as reviewed in 2020

    Surely he was handcuffed and conflicted by the Nadal problem for many years. A more resilient backhand was a must to beat Nadal, but changing frames weakened his forehand. And I think Federer knew that would be the case before he made the switch. Hence not doing it for so long. Traded potency...
  13. McGradey

    Do any atp or wta pros play with full multi?

    Edmund uses a multi hybrid iirc
  14. McGradey

    The Greatest match of 21st century: Uploaded in full

    Not many players play their best ever match and end up the loser on the same night, but I think Verdasco did here.
  15. McGradey

    The Greatest match of 21st century: Uploaded in full

    Love Fred Stolle's commentary, not only on this match but in general Packed with insights and technical knowledge In stark contrast to his co-commentator Peter Donegan who just blasts off the first cliche that pops into his head
  16. McGradey

    2019 Wilson Blade

    Having had the chance to play more extensively with my 2015 after lockdown, I'm surprised by just how different it is to the v7. Totally different feeling racquet despite the balance and SW on them being almost the same. The v7 feels more stable and solid The 2015 feels more manoeuvrable and...
  17. McGradey

    Best Looking but Worst Performing & Worst Looking but Best Performing Racquets

    v7 Blade—excellent racquet, dull paint Clash is obviously similar but I prefer red to green when it comes to racquets, and I definitely prefer red to that nasty lime green on the v7 Blade
  18. McGradey

    The Greatest match of 21st century: Uploaded in full

    My favourite tennis match to re watch. Pure hype, crazy attack vs defence dynamic that switches on a dime between shots/points; also loads of personal memories attached to it for me. AO12 final not even close for entertainment value.
  19. McGradey

    Need stiffest tennis shoe

    Nike Tech Challenge 20 are fairly stiff.
  20. McGradey

    FAA and his powder-puff groundstrokes: an obstacle in his path to becoming a slam winner?

    He seems like he’d be a very predictable opponent to counter once you are used to the weight of his shots. Not much variation of depth or spin. Sinner is similar in that respect but hits bigger so it’s more effective.
  21. McGradey

    Was the Pure Drive VS a flop?

    Doesn't seem to be any reason to choose this over a Pure Strike, which basically plays exactly how you'd want a 98" Pure Drive to
  22. McGradey

    Who was the prettier serve motion, Pete or Rog?

    Sampras’s was like an incredibly well oiled mechanical process. With the accurate and sharp way he brought ball to racquet before the toss. Federer’s is totally fluid. Federer, although they are both sick.
  23. McGradey

    2019 Wilson Blade

    It takes a while to dial in the serve on the v7 Blade ime If you are used to a stiff frame where you can muscle the serve and get a bomb out if it, you'll probably need to make some adjustments to get the most out of your serve with the Blade Blade can really output some huge serves but you...
  24. McGradey

    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Great feedback, cheers. I remember the crazy spin serves I used to hit with the Pure Strike; super addictive.
  25. McGradey

    Diary of a Racketaholic

    @Power Player How do you find the V3 Pure Strike compared to the 2015 Blade? I used to use the P17 Strike 16x19, absolutely loved it, but got some nasty elbow problems while using it. Sold it and ended up on the Blade train. I'm not looking to hop off the Blade train, but curious how the...
  26. McGradey

    Looking for new Tennis Cap...

    Nike heritage 86 dri fit is pretty nice I have a Lacoste that was great when new but the strap on it lost all grip after a few months of washes
  27. McGradey

    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Story time! I bought a PT2.0 and now it sits majestically in my spare room, collecting dust on its beautiful blue-black gradient paint. I used it for a month; wonderful frame, very demanding, had some good moments with it but my results suffered, went back to my Blade and started winning again...
  28. McGradey

    2020 Roland Garros SF: [5]Stefanos 'The Philosopher' Tsitsipas vs [1]Novak 'The Tournament Director' Djokovic

    Novak either in 3 or 4. I can see Tsitsipas going hard early then deflating when his attacking game can’t break through Djokovic’s defence.
  29. McGradey

    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Great post. This should be pinned as a reference. The best thing I ever did for my game was to stop thinking about the racquet. I have a few racquets in my collection and I enjoy having them but I only actually use one now. I'm hesitant to even use a different racquet for a mess around hit...
  30. McGradey

    2020 Roland Garros QF: Rafael 'Rafaello' Nadal v. Jannik 'the unrepentant' Sinner

    Good effort from the young lad. Nadal FH started looking scary again in the latter stages but Schwartzman might be able to expose his movement a bit more than Sinner did today