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  1. SinneGOAT

    Mouratoglou: modern tennis is a fake contest to see who can be the nicest

    Will be at each others throats? Or won’t? They seem to all be buddy buddy and not be competitive and willing to play aggressive against people they are friends with. I guess I agree with him on that, and he’s not wrong it’s just he is not somebody I would like being around and seems to talk like...
  2. SinneGOAT

    Mouratoglou: modern tennis is a fake contest to see who can be the nicest

    I wonder how people listen to the guy, he seems like a jerk.
  3. SinneGOAT

    ashaway.monogut vs topspin.cyber.flash vs tourna.big.hitter.silver

    I recently tried silverstring and topspin cyberflash, I was not impressed. In fact it made me switch to multi’s from poly, just because it feels better.
  4. SinneGOAT

    You guys ever realize you weren't cut out for certain communities?

    I like basketball as a solo person, I loved going to the gym(before the 200+ day lockdown) and shooting baskets myself and practicing layups and 3 pointers because it was me by myself. It was very therapeutic because I had time to myself to relax and just have fun, without the pressure of having...
  5. SinneGOAT

    Cheaper alternatives to X1 Biphase and ALU Rough?

    Never tried it. I tried head velocity and it was good, just doesn’t feel as good as nrg2, I can’t really say how but I thought I’d do a hybrid but now I’m changing my mind.
  6. SinneGOAT

    Could any player from the last 20 years have challenged Nadal in the 2020 FO Final?

    2011 semi final Federer would have challenged him. Beat him? Most likely not.
  7. SinneGOAT

    Cheaper alternatives to X1 Biphase and ALU Rough?

    I think I’m going to go full bed multi from poly. NRG2 is a very comfortable string and I have performed well with it. I like hitting more straight with spin to reel it in rather than spin everything short, and NRG2 has been helpful on serve and at net. I’ve been trying many polyester strings...
  8. SinneGOAT

    Adidas Barricade 2021

    I’m glad to see they are back to the numbers like 7 and 8 and not just year.
  9. SinneGOAT

    Cow vs Milk: AO20 full match

    This forum is too much. Cow vs. Milk? TIGER? GOAT? Can we get the rest of the farm animals and then make our own children’s song?
  10. SinneGOAT

    Most overrated player on tour currently?

    Most overrated has to be Tsitsipas or Thiem. Yeah Thiem won US Open but I think if Djokovic wasn’t unlucky he would still be at zero.
  11. SinneGOAT

    New Tsitsipas Shoes Vienna

    Probably the ubersonic 4, I saw a picture of him wearing it somewhere.
  12. SinneGOAT

    Best radical PJ?

    It’s very nice in the sunlight.
  13. SinneGOAT

    Jordan Status

  14. SinneGOAT

    Big lines at my local Apple Store today!

    The 12 is shaped very much like the old iPhones before they went rounded, I have some nostalgia for my amazing IPhone 4.
  15. SinneGOAT

    Strings for net play

    Multi/gut/syn gut. Mainly when you go to the net you probably want to finish the point so you don’t want something low powered.
  16. SinneGOAT

    Diary of a Racketaholic

    I got two ezone 98’s, does anybody else really like NRG in this frame? I’m also gonna try silverstring in my ezone, hope my tension isn’t too low(46)
  17. SinneGOAT

    Best prime?

    I would like you to get acquainted with a good friend of mine, the block list.
  18. SinneGOAT

    Signature shot

    Serve and volley;)
  19. SinneGOAT

    ‘Novak Djokovic’s level of success is hard to even comprehend,’ says Jim Courier

    *gets bageled* “His level of success is hard to comprehend” :-D
  20. SinneGOAT

    Why don't experts talk more about shortening a racquet as a possibility to get more control?

    Because it would absolutely decimate your serve :-D Imagine serving with a 26 inch kids racquet, much harder than the standard 27 for anybody under 5’10.
  21. SinneGOAT

    FS: 2x Wilson blade 98 16/19 v7 9.5/10 #2 4 1/4

    Yeah, I took off the stock grip and put lead and a grip that is 17-18 grams when cut with two overgrips. Taking off the lead and second grip is probably 330 something.
  22. SinneGOAT

    Will we see a carbon plated tennis shoe ?

    This may surprise some but back in the day Nike used carbon fiber shanks. The lunar vapor 8 has a carbon fiber shank at retail, but then switched to plastic with the 9.
  23. SinneGOAT

    Best radical PJ?

    I thought the microgel was the candy cane, was my life a lie?!?
  24. SinneGOAT

    Best radical PJ?

    1. Bumblebee with the classic style head logo: 2. Microgel 3. Liquidmetal
  25. SinneGOAT

    Babolat Pure Aero 2019

    Felt a little more powerful and better on serves, spin was very good, pretty much everything was good except maybe control but you gotta use spin, but I am sticking with the ezone, just because it’s a little less stiff.
  26. SinneGOAT

    Who is this for?

    The weapon of choice for the infamous “weekend warrior”
  27. SinneGOAT

    Best BLUE shirts worn by pro players

    Simple, yet stylish.
  28. SinneGOAT

    Tennis Warehouse playtest: Solinco Hyper-G Soft!

    Solinco Hyper-G Soft String Playtest Review by SinneGOAT Gauge Received: 16L Tension used for playtest: 50 pounds Regular string set up & tension: Yonex poly tour pro 1.25 at 48 pounds Racquet used for test: Yonex ezone 98 2020 Control/Power of test string: Power was quite low for this...
  29. SinneGOAT

    String Tension Only. Really!

    You got me interested. Racquet+ string?
  30. SinneGOAT

    String Tension Only. Really!