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    Prince Neos 1000, is $690 shipped a good deal?

    probably cost more than 100 dollars to ship
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    Used Prince Neos 1000 vs new Gamma X-ST

    You made the right choice. Neos used is probably better than X-St. I have used both extensively. The Neos with new clamps and from a reputable source well worth the paid price.
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    Stringing Options head YT Prestige Mp

    Use this racquet. Have had good experience with full bed gut, and full bed premium multi (x-1 biphase, wilson nxt, gamma live wire). Most of the time I use full bed poly (solinco tour bite works well, I also like genesis black magic).
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    Women to Men percentage for your area?

    you only need to find one, or three (doubles) hitting partners. I have seen more women at the tennis club, many of them work part time or do not work allowing them to play during the day. For the men at the club during the day, many are retired. Just my observation. I am of working age-...
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    Doc Hollidae good seller

    Bought babolat racquet. As described. Thanks
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    FS: Babolat Pure Control Tour

    please check your email.
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    The $5 poly budget

    I like both topspin cyberflash and cyber blue by topspin. They are good/ decent all around polyester strings. I use them when someone asks me for a good soft poly and doesn't have a specific string or brand in mind. Yes, some of the premium strings have a bit more control or spin, but not...
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    How do you decide the length of string needed?

    Most of the time I cut the package of 40 feet into half. I use the klipper site, but if I get burned then I take note for that racquet. USRSA stringer's digest, I have a few years of those, but often too lazy to get it out.
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    Solinco Strings

    Also been trying solinco tour bite diamond rough. Visually it appears thicker than the stated gauge. Feels less stiff and more powerful than solinco tour bite. There is much more snapback than the other solinco strings. Spin is good. Seems to lose tension pretty fast after stringing, but...
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    Solinco Strings

    barb wire is soft and powerful. more than tour bite and revolution. have not tried outlast.
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    How Strings have completely changed the game of Tennis

    I pretty much agree with the article. Most top players are using polyester strings. The strings allow you to swing harder and to get more spin. This has greatly helped the baseline players. Even changed the racquets used by players. The ATP players used to use small head sizes 85-90 in the...
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    When should child use full size racquet?

    Thanks for all the advice. At the sporting goods store it said 7-8 years old, 23 inch. I bought him that one a few years ago, and he hasn't been getting much better, so we never changed. Then I attempted to use it to hit a few balls and realized that it was difficult to use due to vibrations...
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    Calling LeeD: What NTRP is this?

    If you are division one and not ranked in the top 125 players, you are 5.5 or lower. That's most of them... See USTA. Plus, most players play down a level or two. On our local 5.0 team is a club pro who is under 30...
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    When should child use full size racquet?

    Question for those who have instructed their child or have a successful junior tennis player. When is the appropriate time to start using more full size racquets/ full length racquets for a child? I was a ranked junior many years ago. I started at about 6 and was using a full size racquet in...
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    FS: 2x Head Youtek Prestige MP 4 3/8

    please check email.
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    Inbound College player breaking strings within 2-4 hours

    Breaking string is much less common in the denser frames than the spin frames. I believe it is related the the dispersion of the force of the ball on more strings. If the school supplies strings, and time is a premium, have someone else string the racquets. Labor is cheap enough these days...
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    Babolat Pure Control Tour strings.

    Agree, I notice also that the tension isn't quite right on the first stringing, or the first time after the grommets are changed. Wouldn't use gut first time. Gut with poly works well for that racquet, have used gut with rpm in crosses, and gut with other ploys also.
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    Yojedi is a great seller.

    Great seller, fast shipper, babolat racquet, thanks.
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    In comparison to RPM blast and Wilson NXT, how spin friendly is ALU Power?

    RPM to ALU power. Not a big difference in spin. Mostly psychological. ALU less stiff by a little. Stiffer string may cause you to swing harder and generate more spin. If you believe Tennis Warehouse research, these are the numbers- Property Babolat RPM Blast 16 Luxilon Big...
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    Can higher tension make up for softer frame?

    Plenty of professional players use flexible frames, having one does not prevent you from hitting hard. The more weight you place on the racquet the more power you should get assuming that you can still swing the racquet at the same speed. People generally associate higher string tension with...
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    In comparison to RPM blast and Wilson NXT, how spin friendly is ALU Power?

    Honestly the spin difference is minimal for most of the strings, and spin is most closely associated to the player and racquet rather than the string used. If you get 5% more spin with one string vs 10% more with another, is that going to win you the set? Changing the technique is more...
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    Tension maintanace, is it a continuous drop or levels off?

    If it matters a lot, you can get the racquettune application for ipad/phones, etc. As a stringer I use that application to check consistency of stringing, and measure daily decreases in the tension of my racquets. Surprisingly there is a pretty large window for playability. Before I purchased...
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    Roll Call: enough with poly, give me SYN GUT

    thought about it, but found topspin cyber flash and cyber blue to be about as soft as synthetic, with the advantage of no string movement.
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    Tension maintanace, is it a continuous drop or levels off?

    See table regarding relative tension loss Most strings lose tension immediately after stringing and settle within the first day. For example Babolat RPM blast strung at 55 on a lockout machine is down to 50 once the...
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    I agree with the above, most of the tension loss occurs in the first 24 hours or less after stringing. I string my racquets and check using racquet tune. After that, tension loss is quite slow. Synthetic gut can sit in a racquet for a year or two and keep tension relatively stable, polyester...
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    Signum Pro Poly plasma best gauge

    I have used the 16 G, feels stiff even at lower tensions on a dense string pattern. It is a durable string, so I would consider using 17G or thinner especially if you don't break strings often.
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    Re-stringing frequency, have a read....

    Many club pros just pick up a loaner racquet and get out there to feed balls and hit. A futures player told me that he forgot his racquet bag once and borrowed a racquet, had it strung in the hotel room with a drop weight. When we hit, he used a racquet strung with loose synthetic gut. Many...
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    String help microgel mp

    I currently use the Prestige MP (18x20) I also like ALU power in the racquet. Slightly less expensive alternatives Solinco tour bite- I string this a few pounds looser. Kirschbaum proline II- I string this about the same tension. Even less expensive alternatives Genesis black magic. Topspin...
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    Life expectancy of a frame?

    Last year I bought a prince original graphite from a college player. It was from 1986? Used it and it played fine. Have head prestige intelligence and liquidmetal racquets which are close to 10 years old. I restring the liquidmetal about once every 1-2 weeks, plays fine, maybe a bit more...
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    Great transaction with ced

    Bought stringing equipment from ced. Fast shipper. Thanks