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    Help me cut down this demo list

    I'm going to a local store to take out some demos. The most you can take out is three, so from the following list, which racket should I cut? I'm coming from the Blade 93 using some Solinco poly. Aggressive all courter. Burn FST 95 Prestige Pro Duel G 330 RF97
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    What is yall's favorite Solinco poly? If it is not Outlast, how would you favorite Solinco string compare to Outlast in the same gauge?
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    String Question for Andy

    I recently switched to the Blade 98 18x20 and have loved it, but like you, have found it a tad hard to generate massive top spin on both the forehand and kick serve. What poly is there that has good control, lasts a while, and isn't too pricey that you would recommend for the Blade 98 18x20...
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    Caloric Maintenance Level

    How can one know their calorie maintenance level? I'm trying to lose fat and gain muscle at the moment, and I eat a lot of protein to gain muscle, but I'm not sure if I'm hypo-caloric, and therefore not sure if I'm losing fat.
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    Where to go after Blade 93?

    Been playing with the Blade 93 (modded to 12.5oz 335SW) for the better part of these last 3 years and have gotten super used to it and loved the racket. After a couple of unfortunate racket slips and a few racket throws, I've gotten down to only one more racket, and I'm thinking it's time to try...
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    Where to go after Blade 93?

    Been playing with the Blade 93 (modded to 12.5oz 335SW) for the better part of these last 3 years and have gotten super used to it and loved the racket. After a couple of unfortunate racket slips and a few racket throws, I've gotten down to only one more racket, and I'm thinking it's time to try...
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    How to find the love for the game again

    In the summer of 2015 I loved playing, played 20+ hours a week and had a great time. The fall season in school tennis was awesome and I played great the whole season. In November and December out of nowhere it started becoming less and less interesting and I started losing more and more. Per the...
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    Compare these polys

    Can you compare Savage 1.27 vs. Outlast 1.15 vs. Black Code 1.18? in terms of power and playability duration/tension maintence? Thanks!
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    Protein Powder

    I've been taking time off from tennis in order to workout instead. I've been experimenting with supplements and have settled on some protein powder. I bought it, but then I realized, it tastes like SH*T! That stuff is nasty, and I have a hard time drinking it. Any ways to make this stuff taste...
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    String Comparison

    How would you compare Solinco Outlast with Red Code and Pro Line II?
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    How do I get bigger?!

    Over the past 3 months I've been working diligently in the gym trying to get stronger all over my body. I know I've gotten stronger and have seen big benefits on the court as a result of my gym training. However, I still weigh basically the same as when I started 3 months ago!!! I want to gain...
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    Tour Bite vs Outlast

    Do you guys like TB or Outlast more and why? 18g for both!
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    Solinco Polys

    Out of the Solinco polys (Revolution, Tour Bite, Hyper G, and Outlast), which one would you guys pick and why? I'm looking for my new string and have heard great things about Solinco.
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    If you guys could pick any shaped Solinco poly (Revolution, Hyper G, or Tour Bite), which one would you pick and why?
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    Tension Maintenance

    What is a thin, medium powered poly that has good tension maintenance? I love ALU Feel, but for how expensive it is, it dies and loses tension pretty quick.
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    Cheaper Alternative to ALU or RPM

    I'm a user of ALU Feel now, and I love it. Hands down one of the best strings ever made, up there with RPM Blast 18g. I love everything except the cost. Its so expensive, and I get such little life out of it that it gets real pricey. Is there any string similar to ALU or RPM offered at a discount?
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    Do Sports Psychologists Work?

    I've had mind problems from the time I started the game. I've been through it all- getting incredibly frustrated, lacking confidence, etc. I'm wondering whether it would be worth my time working with a sports psychologist, or do I just have to grow out of these things myself?
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    BB Ace vs. BB ALU Power

    How does BB Ace compare to ALU Feel in terms of power, spin, comfort and control?
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    How does Hyper G compare to RPM?
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    Low FH

    I've been having trouble with this shot lately. Off any lower ball to my FH, I feel like I have to spin it aggressively to keep it in and don't get any court penetration, because I'm brushing up too much. When I try to hit thru it more, it tends to fly. It's been frustrating me recently. Any...
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    Replacement string

    If I wanted something slightly more powerful and softer than ALU Feel, what should I look for? I like all the attributes of ALU Feel except that it can feel stiff and sometimes slightly underpowered and loses tension and playability rather quickly. Any similar options but better in the...
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    Is this unjust?

    Okay so I had an incident this weekend with a USTA ref. I was playing and my opponent made a bs call, so i turned to the fence and said relatively quietly "why can't he call the f-ing lines in?" The official overhead I guess and coded me right off the bat. No warning or anything. Then I turn to...
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    Knee Pain!!!

    My knee hurts sometimes when playing and it is right in the middle on the anterior part of my knee. I can't really tell the depth of it. It will come and go when playing, it can be bad for a game or two then go away, or stay for a set, and it can be at the beginning, middle or end of a match...
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    Shaking hands

    Is it required to shake the other persons hand after a match? I saw a match recently that ended and one person refused to shake hands with the other, and the ref said that he would code the player who refused to shake hands if he didn't. Is that allowed?
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    Playing with throat cracks?

    Okay so many of my rackets have small hairline cracks in the throat area of the racket. I continue to play with these, but should I? I notice a difference in feel between a cracked and a non-cracked one, but is it really worth it to retire a stick just because of a few tiny cracks in the throat?
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    When will this string be available and the review posted?!
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    New poly

    Okay so I am a long time user of polys, and really need them for their spin and control, however, I do not want a really dead poly. I used to use BHB7 but it got a little too powerful for me, and I now use ALU Feel, which I think is a little too dead for me. What string would be a good...
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    In a slump...

    Ever had the feeling for a few weeks where nothing feels right? Footwork is off, kinetic chain is off, swing is off, racket and strings feel super stiff, no power. Nothing feels right at all. How do you deal with getting out of a funk like this?
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    New Stick

    Coming from a weighted Blade 93. 12.5oz 340sw 7pts hl Out of the Tour G 330, Blade 98 18x20 (add weight to it), RF97, and Pure Strike Tour, what do you think would be the best one to pick? Any other frames you think would be better? I know I will demo, but I just wanted to know what you thought...
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    Cyclone vs ALU Feel

    Does Cyclone 1.20 or ALU Feel have more power? What about Cyclone 19?