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    Should Ballkids return to just being Ballkids?

    I've wondered about this for some time now. Take Nadal, for example. Here's a guy that sticks his hand between his sweaty a55 cheeks before every point, then rubs his b@tt juiced hands all over his face. Then, prior to the next point, he wipes the sweaty b@tt juice from his face all over a...
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    The real reason why Djokovic won two slams? Two words. John Isner.

    Think Serena having a daughter has anything to do with it?
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    How come Murray didn't play against Nadal in GS final even once??

    Wow, I did not realize that. I've never subscribed to the fixed-draw conspiracies, but this is quite a remarkable coincidence.
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    Biggest underachiever, that isn't big-3!

    In today's big-man's game, Kei comes in a bit undersized. Also, he's had more than his share of injuries. I was talking to one his coaches last weekend and he mentioned that one of the things Kei has done is drop his string tension quite a bit. I'm currently struggling with an elbow issue; I...
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    I hate it when people compare Fed to ballerinas

    I sent this picture to my daughter (who happens to be a professional ballerina) and asked, "So, how is his form". Her response, "lol surprisingly good! decently turned out!"
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    For once, I agree with John McEnroe

    Love Johnny Mac! A good couple forehands from Millman (a journeyman) and Serena is clinging to the line's women she threatened to shove a ball down (her throat). That's funny stuff. Serena is the best "woman" player. "Woman". We're talking apples and oranges; JMac is spot on.
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    Umpires considering boycott of Serena's matches

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    Umpires considering boycott of Serena's matches

    What would have happened if Ramos said "f this", got down off the chair and bailed. For $450, I certainly would not have dealt with that.
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    Post USO Blues

    It's all good - F1 going strong and hockey right around the corner :)
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    Serena Wiiliams vs Carlos Ramos poll

    BJK voted to get tally to an even 6.
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    So is Djokovic ahead of Sampras now?

    Definitely, no question about it; Pete didn't have to battle Roger and Rafa his entire career.
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    Naomi Osaka in One Word

    NewFavorite! (recently invented compound word)
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    Serena Williams

    Me too. I have two (and one is a professional athlete). Me, my wife and both daughters were stoked to watch Naomi push Serena around today. And all of us (son included in this one) HATED how Serena seriously ruined the match. Total disgrace...yet again at the US Open. We really don't like...
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    Serena Williams

    Oh my God, that is frigging perfect! :)
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    Serena Williams

    "I wasn't be coached". I guess it's just a coincidence that she did exactly what her coach was telling her to do :/
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    Redefining Big 4?

    The Big Four have been downsized to the Big 3.
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    Thanks to the USTA, Serena is about to win 2018 US Open

    The USTA hasn't hit any balls for her; she could have gone through the qualy rounds and still made it to the finals.
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    Congratulations to Cakedrawvic, 2019 USO Champion

    Yeah, I'm sure a lot of people pull for their countrymen, but there are a lot who don't (regardless of where their favorite player sits in the rankings). And, BTW, I'm completely uninterested in proving any points. Ok, you win :) Uncle! Tap tap tap...
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    Congratulations to Cakedrawvic, 2019 USO Champion

    LOL. Multiply myself? Let me make it a little more simple for you. Your claim {that a majority of people stick with players of their nationality} is wrong. Most do not give a rats backside. Pretty much everyone I hit with is a Fed fan and none are from Switzerland. And no American I know...
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    Congratulations to Cakedrawvic, 2019 USO Champion

    Well, realize man often bits dog, meaning there are certainly exceptions to all rules (and in this case, definitely not a rule). Djokovic and Nishikori are - by far - my favorite players, and I'm a So Cal native without a drop of Serbian or Japanese blood. My guess is an overwhelming...
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    Ok its hot I get it.

    I just got back from New York (live on the West Coast). I'd just like to update everyone with regard to the temperature in's hot...and humid. (just in case you were wondering).
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    Fastest players

    Yeah, they do that with all NFL players. Where have you been? :/
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    Fastest players

    Well, for one, top speed and average speed don't tell the full picture. Possible more important is the how fast you react and get up to top speed. Nishikori has got to be near the top of that list. Also puts into perspective how fast 6'4" Martavis Bryant is, clocking-in with a top speed at...
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    Who will win tonight between Zverev and Kei

    Yeah, spent a couple hours with him yesterday :)
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    Who will win tonight between Zverev and Kei

    Hopefully Kei. Meet him recently - super cool guy. Also, I'm a friend of one of his coaches (Michael Chang - also super cool guy). I know that makes me a bit partial, but oh well... Nothing against Alexander though; he's a super talented player.
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    What is the most cringeworthy moment you've seen in professional tennis?

    Yeah, the Pete/Andre thing was super awkward. However, the one that turned my stomach (and turned me from a Serena fan to absolutely despising her) was her outburst at the US Open when playing Clijsters. Her melt-down and truly ugly attack on the linesman (lineswomen) was despicable and, for...
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    Kyrgios: "Grass is pure tennis, clay is not"

    So, based on 2018 Wimbledon, Isner and Anderson are amoung ATP's top four "talented players"? Interesting perspective. Not sure I'm buying into it though.