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    The show Tennis Unstrung is on now.

    If you haven't seen it already, the show Tennis Unstrung is showing on ESPN2 right now. Looks pretty good.
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    You have to bet everything you have on the men's final. Who do you bet on?

    You may have your favorite, but who would you put all your money on? For this poll, we'll say it's even money. You bet 10000 and win you get 20000 back.
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    A genie grants you 2 strokes from anyone in history. What's your pick?

    If you could magically have any 2 strokes of anyone in history, what strokes and person(s) do you pick? And combined with your own shots and abilities, how good do you think you'd be? I'm going to pick Goran Ivanisevic's serve and Stefan Edberg's backhand. Combined with my current game, I...
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    Do you wear a jockstrap playing tennis?

    Came across this picture of Thomas Muster and wondered do men still wear jock straps in tennis? I haven't worn one since high school football.
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    How long does Nadal keep the #1 spot? (Assuming he gets it)

    If/when Nadal takes over the number 1 spot, will #1 go back and forth with Federer or someone else, or will Nadal stay on top for a few years? This is not an argument about whether or not Nadal will take over the #1 spot. If you think he will, how long will he hold on to it?