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    Drive volleys

    Playing a match today, I won a number of points with drive volleys. Seems a pretty effective shot to have. Every one, though, was on the forehand side where it felt comfortable basically using the normal forehand swing but taking the ball closer to shoulder height. I didn't take on any...
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    Tried Something Different

    So, I was playing this evening as normal; playing OK. Normally, on my groundstrokes, I have some trigger thoughts, usually something like 'get sideways, turn shoulders', etc, etc. I then decided to do something different - focus solely upon the intended direction of the shot (really...
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    Rules Question

    Yesterday, I was played doubles and receiving the serve. My partner was standing at the net as usual. Our opponent hit his serve straight at my partner, striking him on the full. Clearly, the serve was going well out, but who's point was it?
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    Tip For Greater Spin On Serve - Link In The Kinetic Chain!

    So, I’ve been trying to hit kick serves with some mixed results. Some really kick, while others clearly have much less spin on them. However, last time out, I made one change to my service action which made a huge difference. Basically, all I did was to delay the release of the wrist so that...
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    So, What Are The Pros Thinking?

    There was a good thread earlier on watching the ball and what the pros may (or may not) be doing. But how about what they’re thinking going into a shot? Most of my competitive sporting career has been golf-related and I am quite new to tennis, so indulge me a bit. I have played with and...