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    free babolat?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong thread. SO i found this website, where they are saying you get Andy Roddicks signature racket for free. I was wondering if this is real or a hoax. Cause heck, I may try it...
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    hey girlsss need your help

    So i've looked through the under garments and i'm trying to find some compression shorts that are longer than the ones that i have. I bought the Adidas Women's Tennis Classic Short Tight and they are too short for my skirt and my likeing. So i want some longer ones that go to maybe mid thigh. Or...
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    What to do when you cant play

    Hey all, wasnt too sure where this would go. Buuuut, since where i live i can only play tennis during tennis season at my school and during summer, what would be the best way to keep your skills when i'm not in play? Like what i could do to not loose my rythem? Ah sorry i'm fragmented, it's...
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    best dampener for babolat

    Hey all. I was wondering what would be the best dampener for a babolat pure storm? Right now i have the pete sampras damp. I was leaning towards a rubber band or RVS. I just want to know what would be the best. Thanks! :)
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    16 orrr 17?

    For my new pure storm team, should i get the 16 or the 17?? I'm getting babolat pro hurricane @ 57 for my mains and babolat xcel premium @ 55 for my crosses. I was just wondering what would be best. thanks!!
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    help a woman out?

    Hello. So I am looking for a new racket because the one i use now seems to not be helping my game. It's the only racket that i have played with. I'm using a Head TDI or something along those lines..who knowes..that's discontinued. For a long time i've been wanting to try the Babolat Pure Drive...