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    Recommend me racquets to try

    Familiar story I’m sure. 35 year old trying to play again more regularly. Coached and played tournaments as a junior so decent foundations but then stopped at 16. Picked up tennis again playing club tennis off and on through mid-20s, but not played much past 4 years. New found lockdown...
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    Yonex DR 98 / Ai 98 (1 or 2)

    Looking for one or two Yonex DR 98 310g or AI 98 310g Grip 3 ideally UK/Europe
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    Boris Johnson racket

    Any ideas what boris is really using and his specs? Also string setup?
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    Boris Johnson racket

    Any ideas what boris is really using and his specs? Also string set up?
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    FS: 1 x HEAD iPrestige MP XL 4 5/8

    I have a HEAD iPrestige Mid plus Xtralong for sale. Grip 4 5/8 - 5 Made in Austria Condition 6/10 Has paint chips, a couple of long scrape sand the paint has started to fade on the throat of the racket. Located in the UK. I can be contacted through my profile. Payment through Paypal...
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    HEAD Magnum and Apex Plus

    Hello got a couple of old HEAD graphite rackets that I don't have any info on and thought some of you might be interested in as I cannot find anything on them (maybe down to my poor use of the search function) HEAD Magnum: midsize looks similar to the Special 35 but slight paint differences...
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    reflexace is a fantastic seller

    I had a excellent experience buying from reflexace. Good and enjoyable communication, fair price and negotiation and overall a pleasure to deal with such a friendly guy.
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    FS: PK Black Ace, Volkl PB10, Pro Staff Classic, Fischer VT Pro 98 and Match Maker 1

    Hi there, I have for sale in the first instance in the UK: -Pro Kennex Black Ace 98. Great condition - 9+/10. Grip size 5 although Pro Kennex grips seem to run slightly smaller than others. 9/10 £50 -Volkl Power Bridge 10 MP 325. Again very good condition - no paint chips just a couple...
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    Volkl PB10 325

    Hi, Do you expect to be getting anymore PB10 midplus rackets in? Thanks
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    FS Wilson N Code Six-One 95 & Volkl C10 Pro

    I have 1 x Wilson N Code Six One 95 for sale. Grip size 4 3/8 (3) 16x18 sting pattern It is strung but sorry not sure what with. It has no grip. No cover included. 7/10 - There is wear to the paintwork around the hoop - some of the red paint next to the bumper guard is worn...
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    Motherwasp is a good seller

    All as promised. Thanks
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    Wanted: Ncode sixone 95 18x20

    Looking for Ncode but with 18x20 pattern (not sure if they were released in Europe?) Ideally 4 1/2. Thanks
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    Ncode sixone 95 18x20

    I looking for a Wilson Ncode 6.1 95 but with an 18x20 string pattern. Ideally 4 1/2. Sorry if wrong board but I thought the wanted board might be for US. Thanks