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    Dimitrov: OUT, Donski and Andreev: IN

    Dimitrov has officially withdrawn from the ATP 250 tournament in Sofia that's coming up in Sofia this week due to a shoulder injury. But on the other hand it looks like two Bulgarian teenagers are getting wildcards into the main draw; Alex Donski (19 y/o) and Adrian Andreev (16 y/o).
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    Alex Donski from Operation Liftoff Earns a WC into ATP 250 Sofia

    I watched Alex Donski (BUL, ATP 1572) win his first ATP point on Operation Liftoff (him and his cousin Lazar's YouTube Channel) back in June of last year when he was 18. He got a second point a little later that summer but kind of got stuck in the qualies at Futures for the rest of the year. He...
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    Operation Liftoff: Alex Donski and Lazar Dokov - A Pro Tennis Vlog

    So yesterday I came across this channel on YouTube, Operation Liftoff, a pro tennis vlog, that shows how the 18-year old rising Bulgarian player, Alex Donski, who was a top 100 ITF Junior player in 2016 is fighting his way through the ATP rankings. He also played at the Junior U.S Open last...
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    German Regionalliga/Bundesliga System?

    Does anyone know about the structure of the German Regionalliga/Bundesliga? As a USTA player I've heard some good things about club tennis in Germany and would like to know what I would need to do to play for a German club in one of their leagues this summer. Any advice or tips would be greatly...
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    HELP! Dunlop Grommets!

    Will Dunlop Biomimetic 300 Tour grommets fit into a dunlop 4D aerogel 300 tour?
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    Youtek IG Radical mp grommets

    Would Youtek IG Radical mp grommets fit in a liquidmetal radical mp?
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    Youtek IG Prestige MP grommets into IG Speed 18x20

    Would Youtek IG Pretige MP grommets fit into a IG Speed 18x20?
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    Best Tennis Radar Gun?

    What is the best tennis radar gun to get?
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    Your Favorite Barricade

    Which is your favorite barricade and why?
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    Best string setup for ig speed 18x20

    What string setup works best for those of you that use the IG Speed 18x20. I use the IG Speed but I can't find a string that gives me a lively response.
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    Playbrave: ripoff

    Playbrave makes a couple of black shirts for $100+ that you can find anywhere for $5. Why are they all priced so ridiculously?
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    Most comfortable strings

    What strings/string combination in your opinion are the most comfortable and that offer the most pop?
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    Your String Setup

    What kind of string setup do you use and what tension do you string it at?
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    No more commentators

    No matter what match you watch that has commentators they are always biased and the only thing they are good at is trash talking.
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    Head Flexpoint Prestige MP 4 3/8 (7.5/10)

    I am selling a Head Flexpoint Prestige MP 4 3/8 (7.5/10). In good condition, it just has some minor scratches and paint chips on the bumperguard and on the frame. Selling it for $65 shipped.
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    Head Djokovic 6 pack bag 8.5/10

    I am selling a Head Djokovic 6 pack bag (8.5/10). It's been used for two months but is in good condition. Selling for $55 shipped.
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    Does any other pro other than Djokovic use a Head Speed?

    Does any other pro other than Djokovic use a Head Speed?