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    Recommend me racquets to try

    Familiar story I’m sure. 35 year old trying to play again more regularly. Coached and played tournaments as a junior so decent foundations but then stopped at 16. Picked up tennis again playing club tennis off and on through mid-20s, but not played much past 4 years. New found lockdown...
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    The Brotherhood of the Traveling Radical

    Don't forget to leave a nice expansion gap on that flooring
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    'Personal' Racket . . . . . (??)

    Yes I saw this - can't say that I am convinced
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    Tecnifibre TFight 315 ATP 18X20 Ltd Racket

    No problem. I assume you know it's possible to change the grip size
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    Tecnifibre TFight 315 ATP 18X20 Ltd Racket

    Hi Condition: 8/10 Grip size: 3 Specific Time Used: I used for one summer season 2/3 years ago. Sat unused since then General Description: Few minor paint chips and scuffing to paint and bumper. Comes with original leather grip, no customisation. Shipping: from the UK I would prefer to sell as a...
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    Yonex DR 98 / Ai 98 (1 or 2)

    Looking for one or two Yonex DR 98 310g or AI 98 310g Grip 3 ideally UK/Europe
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    Tecnifibre TFight 315 ATP 18X20 Ltd Racket

    Are you still looking? I have 2 available
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    Lta grade 4 tournament FINAL

    £12 p/h plus £6 if you want floodlights...
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Thanks mad dog and thanks again for the hit - really enjoyed it and good to meet you. Always a bit of a risk meeting a stranger from an internet forum in a London park at 6am - but it worked out great! If any others members are visiting or live in London and looking for someone to hit with...
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Hey I work in London during the week staying close to Regents Park tennis club. Been struggling to find someone to hit with - let me know if/when you're around and if fancy a hit!
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    Head Ti Fire Pro Edition vs PT 280

    Sorry to resurrect such an old thread but I wondered if you (or anyone else) could offer some thoughts on the Ti.Fire Pro Edition vs the i.Prestige MP? On paper they look very similar, does that translate on court too? Thanks!:)
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    The official LeeD vs. Maximagq Poll

    Generous on your part. I'm not sure he will manage to get 2-3 games off you per set.
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    Practice Videos

    Looking good. However I do not see the value in that overhead exercise. Surely, the way you need to hit an overhead to keep the 'rally' going with the wall does not bear resemblance to how you would hit an overhead in matchplay? It seems you need to hit more directly down against the wall...
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    Some live photos of RF97 and RF97 Autograph

    Sounds like it plays quite similarly to the HEAD iPrestige MP
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    Playing On the Wall

    It's strange, your opponent has such poor footwork but still gets everything back. You seem to be working much harder and they just block back
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    Graphene MP Prestige - 11/10 STARS!

    Not as good then basically?!?
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    Boris Johnson racket

    Any ideas what boris is really using and his specs? Also string setup?
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    Boris Johnson racket

    Any ideas what boris is really using and his specs? Also string set up?
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    Graphene MP Prestige - 11/10 STARS!

    Interested in how this racquet compares to the i.Prestige MP
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    Review: Graphene Prestige MP

    How does this racquet compare to the I.prestige mp?
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    The TT Football Club

    I agree. I'm no great Cole fan (Spurs supporter) but the decision not to take him is a very poor one in my opinion. Plenty of time for Shaw after the World Cup.
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    I think you may be correct.
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Reading this thread I get the feeling that Mike may be giving the rest of you lot the runaround. Mike, are you real?
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    Head Finest Calfskin

    And if you do find one for sale be sure to moove quickly.
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    FS: 1 x HEAD iPrestige MP XL 4 5/8

    Any one still using these?
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    FS: 1 x HEAD iPrestige MP XL 4 5/8

    I have a HEAD iPrestige Mid plus Xtralong for sale. Grip 4 5/8 - 5 Made in Austria Condition 6/10 Has paint chips, a couple of long scrape sand the paint has started to fade on the throat of the racket. Located in the UK. I can be contacted through my profile. Payment through Paypal...
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    HEAD Magnum and Apex Plus

    Links to pics:
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    HEAD Magnum and Apex Plus

    Hello got a couple of old HEAD graphite rackets that I don't have any info on and thought some of you might be interested in as I cannot find anything on them (maybe down to my poor use of the search function) HEAD Magnum: midsize looks similar to the Special 35 but slight paint differences...
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    reflexace is a fantastic seller

    I had a excellent experience buying from reflexace. Good and enjoyable communication, fair price and negotiation and overall a pleasure to deal with such a friendly guy.