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    Indoor tournies should be banned.

    i mean life changed i cant see people or players can be involved on indoors was always breatless and boring.if any chance this illness Wuhan virus contained soon no risk can be taken and all the tournaments have to be cancelled after Us Open september.If the virus contained Miami and...
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    i dont believe Rafa is capaple of winning slams after 35

    Rafa won most slams after age 30 in history of the sport.No one can question his longetivity anymore but he has to stay in form and injury free for the next 2 years.A possible huge slump like 2015 and 2016 or mild slump but no MAJORS there wont be any chance breaking the slam record.20 to 19 it...
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    Best Us Open final since 2009.

    It was so dramatic until the very end and until the it finishes i have that feeling it would be like surprise winner like Delpo.I think the drama was even higher than 2009 final.Total classic.
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    Who will be Novaks rival in general for the next 2 or 3 years.

    If Novak stays injury free who will be his rival ??We all know deep down is Fedal wont be but who ?? I think Thiem on clay and Zverev on other surfaces.After today ı wont even surprised Rafa wants avoid this match up in the future.Fed ı dont think he would that much interested to involved in...
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    Worst Rafa ever in major final.

    Congrats Novak for sure he played rock solid but oh boy. This is terrible from Rafa he did nothing with the ball all match. Ugly stuff. This is 2015 stuff from him. Yes Novak in his head he would probably lose even he played well. Shanking nearly set and half a bit too much.
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    Nobody ask the question but Novak can.

    For sure Rafa is playing well but ı am not sold to that this is the best Nadal ever and so on. He never played anybody who can be really tough for him and ask the question.On the other hand regardless off what will happen in the final, thats should be the move forward for Rafa, If he wants to...
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    Rafa wont win US Open with this performance.

    He is playing the worst tennis off year right now.This wont cut the deal against his big rivals (djoko Fed),but ı think he will lose before the final. I think Rafa mental game declined a lot as the years go by becomes a little bit off a choker but at least he was still hitting the ball really...
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    If Djokovic dominated the game for next 2 or 3 years.It will be terrible for the sport.

    It is up the young generation now to spice up things make the game interesting.Fed too old for this Rafa mentally is joke against him. I dont think his dominance or win makes the game interesting or even spice up the things.It isnt his fault but people clearly dont like him as a player. His...
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    Stop Nadal and Djokovic match is a crime.

    Wimbledon has everything lights roof yet this amazing match cancelled because of policy give me a break.Why you have light if you dont even have night session.
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    Are we entering in to Djokovic era yet again.

    ı have to say ı see nothing woow or special from him so far.He is just solid,he will still be favorite to win the title now. Then hard court season will come.
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    Isner and Djokovic will be Wimbledon final of 2018.

    Both Andersson and Rafa will feel the affect off their truly EPİC matches today. Djokovic pretty not sure he is in 2015 level yet so Isner might have his chances for the possible final.Rafa should have beaten Delpo easier he have his chances he could easily up 2 sets.So Isner Novak final will...
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    I almost want Djokovic to lose.

    It wont be good story line for the event. Fed have his excuse ı am old 37 blah blah my back on so on. Rafa has his excuse this is grass ı cant bend on my knees anymore. It would made the sport look weak,ıf he suddenly win the event out of no where.
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    3 times ı thought Rafa can win more GS than Fed.I dont think he will anymore

    The first ı begin to believe was 2009 right after AO. What could go wrong he totally owns Fed and Fed cant win RG and Rafa already winner of GS titles in ALL SURFACES. We know what happened. 2011 he had an amazing GS season year before already career slam winner and his biggest rival is his...
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    Do you guys think Thiem is more dangerous player than Wawrinka.

    It ıs a very difficult to compare them for me Wawa on a attacking mode ıs amazing but he isnt a amazing mover nor he has amazing fitness like Thiem.
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    Is Thiem better than 2006 Federer on clay.

    I think he really is but it is still a close call. Your thoughts.
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    If Thiem handles the nerves of being in a first major final.He has a shot.

    I think the biggest factor will be this rather than playing Nadal. I also think thats why playing Nadal will help him because you can have the mind set that ı have nothing to lose which in a way helpful. I think Thiem would be more nervous ıf he plays the final with another person.
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    This Rafa is pretty much beatable.3rd defeat on the cards.

    I have seen enough no he ısnt at his best by any means. He isnt playing as well as last year not in this RG nor all clay court season. Hıs level play of isnt as bad as 2015 thats for sure but also ıf he go on to lose ıt wont be huge SHOCK like it was in 2009 RG. If someone puts heat on him like...
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    Will it be transition year ??

    All the big guns are injured and you never know if age issues could catch up with grandpa Fed as well or his back this could get interesting. Who do you think would benefit most of it ?? Young generation like Zverev ,Kyrigos,Thiem which would be transition or some old guns again like...
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    Is it all over for Rafa ??

    Age nearly 32 seems to be injured again,It seems he will skip AO again and a long break again. Rafa had terrible 2015 and 2016 but at least he wasnt ınjured.Yes he did have great comebacks before but how long can he continue to that ??? The last time he fully recovered from injury and have great...
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    Which is more prestigious ???

    I am perplexed now cant make my mind on this.
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    It wont be a shock to me Djoko cant do what fedal does.

    I mean turn back from injury problems and still turn back to no 1 and win slams. The most important shots off the game is service and forehand.He lacks in that department compare to Fedal. It still going to be very interesting to watch. Fed and Nadal forehands are legendary. Djokovic as great...
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    I think Rafa peak level is better than Djokovic on grass.

    Just like ı truly believe Novak is better on hard courts and yeah should have won Us Open more than 2 times. So strange things happen in tennis. Young and Peak Rafa better on grass.Djokovic better on hard courts.
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    Anderson or Raonic.

    I really think this guy service Anderson is the most deadly service of the tour now. Your thoughts.
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    Any similarity between 2009 Us Open final 2017 Us Open final.

    Nobody gave delpo any chance 2009 final and Fed look really amazing against Djokovic in semi final. Rafa looked really good against Delpo in semi final and nobody give Anderson any chance. For me there are many similarities.
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    I really think Anderson is more difficult than Delpo.

    If Rafa isnt on his A plus game and got tight he can be ROSELED very badly.
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    Amazed by people who complains about Nadals Draw.

    Lest be honest this is a strange tournament. There is no Djokovic,no Murray,no Wawrinka,Murray last minute withdrawal ruined the event but still too many big names missing. Who would have been more tricky for him anyway. Who else would you like him to play seriously ???
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    It can still be repeat of 2014 AO for Rafa.

    People think he will win but what A0 2014 shows us never say never. There still 2 guys who can out ace and out hit him as well.
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    The kind of year Fed have age 36.

    For me this is already one of most fishy stuff the sport history not just tennis ever seen. You can twist as much as you can like he is special talent blah blah. Sometimes ı wonder especially for the last 4 or 5 years that are we watching a REAL COMPETİTİON or is it all fixed behind the closed...
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    I Zero hope at the moment.

    I know you guys will say 2009 Rafa done it he will do it again but ı dont think so. This 5 hour match took all off his chances. He isnt 22 anymore. Congrats Fed for the 18th. I would really like to see Rafa win AO 2nd time but sometimes things just dont happen.
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    Will Stan Tank again ??

    After 2015 Us open fiasco ı am convinced this match is kind of a formality.Fed as good as or as great as he is still not at his PEAK and Stan under normal circumstances should be very difficult opponent. Yet somehow Stan tries shorten things and hit the ball out and to the net all the time. No...