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  1. jason n

    Wilson Ultra Pro grommets

    I emailed Wilson for grommets and they said they don’t sell them and to check with TW. I don’t understand why they would say that since they won’t let TW even sell the racquet. I know the Ultra Tour will fit but it’s different color grommets.
  2. jason n

    Foot cramp question

    So I’ve been playing a lot of tennis since the courts opened a month ago and last week after playing I got home and I felt a cramp coming on in the arch of my foot and my calf muscle. The actual cramp only happened in my foot for 20 seconds but from that day on it has the feeling that it could...
  3. jason n

    Burn H19 16x19 grommets

    Tomorrow I’ll be receiving a Wilson Burn 100 H19 16x19 and I know it needs new grommets but don’t have any idea what grommets could fit. Anybody have a clue what I could use? Thanks
  4. jason n

    Wilson pro staff 85 grommets

    I know it’s a long shot but anyway @TW Staff can have Wilson produce some grommets? Thanks.
  5. jason n

    Dunlop pro stock ?

    Does anyone know what Option 1 is on a Dunlop aerogel 4d 300 Tour is? It also has a sticker on it saying “Smyczek 102108 T-12” Looked around and can’t find anything but I do know it was for Tim Smyczek. Thanks
  6. jason n

    Won a signed Head racquet!

    I signed up for the Head Playbetter contest and was notified last week that I won a Head Graphene Instinct racquet signed by Maria Sharapova. It came in today and just happy I won something and wanted to share. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. jason n

    Wislon K pro tour 96 16x20

    Item description: Wilson K pro tour Grip size: 4 1/2 Headsize: 96 Quantity: 2 Condition: both are about an 8 out of 10 Description: racquets have been sitting unused for 4 years so they are do for restringing. Both have minor scuffs, no cracks and used for about a year. Both have TW leather...
  8. jason n

    New Dunlop Fort All Court Ball?

    I have these balls but my cans do not say "tournament select" at the top like the ones you have do. Are these balls completely new or is it just an updated can design? Thanks.
  9. jason n

    New Dunlop Fort All Court ball?

    Has anyone used these yet and if so what are your thoughts? Ive played with the grand prix's but those felt heavy so i switched to pro penn marathon and those are very good balls. So basically debating if i should give these a try as I can get the Fort balls for the same price of the pro...
  10. jason n

    Dunlop prostock?

    I just purchased my first prostock frame (Dunlop 4d 300 tour) and the sticker in the throat says the construction is UD+3D, can anyone explain what that is? Thanks
  11. jason n

    hotmelt 200g xl Demonstrator?

    Does anyone have any info on this racquet? Specifically why does it say "Demonstrator" in the throat. Thanks
  12. jason n

    Modifying stringing machine ?

    I have a prince p-200 and modified it so the racquet could swivel 360 degrees. I did this so that the racquet handle would not hit the tension head. My question is; is it ok that the racquet is now above the tension head and not level with it like it use to be?
  13. jason n

    Taiketsu is a good seller

    Purchased 3 racquets from him. Received them quickly and arrived as described.
  14. jason n

    anyone have manual for prince p200?

    just purchased p200 and im looking for a manual. Also does anyone know what the J mounting piece is for? Thanks
  15. jason n

    Power string or lower tenison

    Im trying to get some more pop out of my 4D 300 tour and was wondering if there is a difference between stringing an average powered string at lower tension or using a more powerful string. I play with a hybrid set up. Thanks
  16. jason n

    New Wilson playtest?

    So I find a Wilson envelope in the mail with what seems to be a new string but there is no letter or no email. I have done a playtest for Wilson a few times before but they usually included a letter or atleast an email. Just wondering if anyone else has got a new sting in today?
  17. jason n

    Gamma frequent stringer points

    Was wondering if anyone had some points that your not going to be using. Thanks
  18. jason n

    string moving?

    i have been playing with tt bandit for the last 3 months with bb alu in the mains strung at 63 and prince synthetic gut at 60 in the crosses. The mains lasted about 3 weeks (playing 4 hours a week) untill they started moving, and the crosses never moved and i am know just starting to play with...