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  1. Zebrev

    Should Thiem be considered the favourite for US Open?

    This guy literally won two tournaments in one week on two different surfaces, Novak and Rafa must be rusty as old nails come USO.
  2. Zebrev

    Federer chances at the US Open

    We know that Federer is good at starting without much practice and the rest from a long break can make his game fresh. Does that mean that, unlike previous years where he is usually tired or injured by this point, he can make a push for a semifinal spot or maybe even reach the final, should the...
  3. Zebrev

    Should Roger play Stuttgart 2020?

    Usually I would not suggest that a almost 39 year old plays TWO warm ups for Wimby, but given he will have plenty of rest in the months leading up, and that his Wimbledon seeding is in doubt, could it be a smart move? What if he is rusty and loses first match in Halle? Then he goes to Wimbledon...
  4. Zebrev

    Does Federer break make Olympics and USO hopes more likely?

    Federer will return to his favourite surface and have a few tournaments to make a comeback. I wonder if taking these months off will make him fresher for the USO (where he quite often is tired or somewhat injured) and maybe also Olympics. Usually I write off Federer post Wimby, but I think this...
  5. Zebrev

    Is Roger The Favourite For Wimbledon 2019?

    He hasn't played this well on clay since 2012 maybe? And the surface switch to grass will give him a boost, as long as he can maintain this level. What do you guys think?
  6. Zebrev

    The Dream Finale.

    How amazing would it be if Rogers last match came at Tokyo 2020 winning the Gold versus Djokovic? After all those defeats in recent years, it would be great for him to get the upper hand in something that they are both vying for. They both have wanted one for years. Then he could retire happy.
  7. Zebrev

    Would Roger treasure another US Open or Wimbledon more?

    9th Wimbledon or 6th USOpen? Which do you think could mean more for his legacy?
  8. Zebrev

    Hkw do you decribe the Felix AA play style?

    Which surface is he built for, and what are his biggest strengths?
  9. Zebrev

    Fed Fans - two options, which do you choose?

    Fed ends Djokovics slam run at the semifinals of Wimbledon in a 5 set thriller, loses to Zverev in 4 sets in the final, or... Fed battles past Zverev in 4 sets, but loses to Djokovic in the final in 5 sets?
  10. Zebrev

    I Told You...

    That Djokovic VS Zverev will be the defining rivalry of 2019. These the two players we will see in the finals of the most events in the coming year. Get ready for more matches from this match up.
  11. Zebrev

    A really long shot.

    Probably not going to have any success with, but might as well give it a go. Did anyone watch the Sky Sports coverage of the Djoker Nadal Rome semi? There was a cinematic montage of their past 50 matches together. If anyone remember that, do you know the name piece of music that was playing...
  12. Zebrev

    Definitive Wimbledon Semifinals Prediction

    Alex Zverev VS Marin Cilic Roger Federer VS Novak Djokovic Discust.
  13. Zebrev

    "I can see a Federer Nadal final at Wimbledon".

    Andrew Castle during the Cilic Verdasco match today. What do you make of this, can Nadal reach the final and provoke a rematch of 2008?
  14. Zebrev

    Anyone else want to see a Djoko-erer match at Wimbledon.

    Last meeting between the two was Aussie Open 2016, so nearly 3 years ago. One of the most interesting dynamics of any match up, like watching the greatest ever playing a machine designed not to miss. Fascinating clash of styles and personality. Been too long since these two faced off, who else...
  15. Zebrev

    Wimbledon 2018 Final Prediction.

    Federer VS Alexander Zverev Thoughts?
  16. Zebrev

    When was the last really good US Open?

    Is it just me or does the US Open turn out to be underwhelming each year recently? Fed versus Djoker 2015 was a good matchup, but not exactly the best match in the end. We thought we would finally get Fed Versus Nads, until Delpo ruined that. Been a long time since a really good tournament and...
  17. Zebrev

    Anyone hoping for a Coric comeback in 2018?

    In 2015 he was the golden boy of tennis. He looked to be the natural successor to Djokovic, playing with the same style, but since then he's fallen off the map somewhat. Nowadays people refer to him like he's part of the Dimitrov, Nish, Raonic lost generation, but this guy only turns 21 in...
  18. Zebrev

    Roger Federer Chief Strategist

    As we have all witnessed this season, the rivalry between Rafael Nadal and Rog let Federer has flopped this season and now Roger is dominating Rafa just like the reverse used to be true. The problem is that the pair don't have to enough years on tour for Roger to correct the deficit in the H2H...
  19. Zebrev

    Any Fedal slam finals in 2018?

    With all these injured players it looks like Feral will remain the #1 and #2 in men's tennis for some time in 2018. My question is, do you think they can both make it to the final of a slam to face each other, and if so where? (The French Open maybe?)
  20. Zebrev

    Let the GOAT speak for himself.

    Roger's post Wimby presser.
  21. Zebrev

    Has Djokovic lost a step yet?

    I think in all this pulling apart of Novak's game, we forget to mention his footspeed. Even though he is 30 now, he doesn't appear to have slowed down much, or become less agile as you'd expect. Why exactly do you think that is?
  22. Zebrev

    Did Roger make the right decision after all?

    I was right just thinking, With Rafa, Novak, Thiem and Zverev playing themselves into good form, is Roger now validated in his decision to skip the French Open? At 35 would he just be running himself ragged with these guys in such good form?
  23. Zebrev

    How many times does Murray have to lob someone before...

    British Commentators stop mentioning Davis Cup. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  24. Zebrev

    How many more matches will Federer play at Wimbledon?

    My prediction is 13. A semifinal loss to Stan Wawrinka in '17 and a Final Victory over Alexander Zverev in '18 shortly after which he will retire, having achieved his dream 8th title. :D P.S. Relax, this is just a fun thread by someone interested in what others think. I don't create many, so...
  25. Zebrev

    How many more matches Will Federer play at Wimbledon?

    My prediction is 13. A semifinal loss to Stan Wawrinka in '17 and a Final Victory over Alexander Zverev in '18 shortly after which he will retire, having achieved his dream 8th title. :D P.S. Relax, this is just a fun thread by someone interested in what others think. I don't create many, so...
  26. Zebrev

    Pillars of salt, pillars of sand

    A chilling summary by the BBC of the Feds shock defeat at Wimby '11 Long live the king.
  27. Zebrev

    The Greatest Federer video ever made.