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    The reason behind Murray and Djokovic relationships with Adidas

    Apparently the Djokovic family in signing for Tachini got the sales distribution rights for the brand in the country plus a big deal for Novak. A global brand such as adidas would never do this, the same happened with his racquet switch
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    So What will happen if Djokavic signed with Head?

    Djokovic signing will be announced by Head January 1st when his contract with Wilson expires, legally it can't be done before this
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    First look at a Adidas racket??

    Federer is currently top dog in the money stakes on spoonsorship, the rest I don't know I am afraid. The Novak deal will be BIG, BIG money, I think they "let" Ivanovic go last year with one eye trying to save to keep Djokovic.
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    First look at a Adidas racket??

    Contracts usually do run calendar year as the brands are now launching most of their new racquets and technologies at the Aussie Open rather than the french. It ties in better with the US launches The reason I know that his contract expires is that I have friends working in Wilson. Wilson...
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    First look at a Adidas racket??

    I believe that Djokivic contract with Wilson expires at the end of 2008
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    Ivanovic's Yonex?

    From what i heard Ivanovic was offered more money than Federer gets paid by Yonex!
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    Prince rumors...

    They are too small for goggle! lol I think it was an private investmnet company but not too sure, it ceratinly wasn't a sports global conglomerate. Apparently Prince gave a presenation to a top agency company tellling them how much they had to spend over the next 5 years. They could be the...
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    Prince rumors...

    prince have got lots of money to spend on players apparently over the next few years as they have just been bought out. Don't be suprised to see more players switch like the bryan brothers did
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    Wilson #1 on Tour

    This is my first post! The reason that wilson is No 1 on tour is ceratinly not the $$$$$, they are known on tour as the brand that generally pays the least!