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  1. vsdtrek

    FS - 4x Becker Delta Core Londons

    Hi gang - Rotator cuff surgeries ended my playing days. Selling all four of my Becker Delta Core Londons and related supplies in a package deal. All four have 5/8 grips and 98 inch heads. Frame 1 Condition (x out of 10): 9.5. Yes, this one deserves the nice rating. *Specific Time Used (must...
  2. vsdtrek

    F/S - 2 Volkl C10 Pros (current model)

    Hi gang - Selling a pair of C10s in fantastic condition. Racquets: Volkl C10 Pro - current black and yellow paint job Grip Size: 4 3/8 Quantity: 2 Head Size: 98 Condition (x/10): easily 9/10 Specific Time Used: 4 hours each General Description: A few light scuffs on bumpers and one...
  3. vsdtrek

    Bodycamp13 = excellent seller

    Just bought two frames from him and everything was fantastic. Thank you again!
  4. vsdtrek

    samyunlee = fantastic seller

    Just bought two frames from Sam and everything was perfect. A great seller and asset to TTW. Thank you Sam! V
  5. vsdtrek

    davidcal = fantastic seller

    Bought two Beckers from him and things were absolutely perfect. Super nice seller and a great asset to TTW. Thank you David!
  6. vsdtrek

    F/S - Becker L4 pallet with orange buttcap

    Excellent condition pallet and buttcap for 4 1/2" - $16 shipped in the US. Please feel free to email me through my profile. Thank you! V
  7. vsdtrek

    tennismonkey = fantastic buyer!

    Bought my V1 Pro and it was just a great transaction. Really great guy with the emails and a real asset on TTW. Many thanks!
  8. vsdtrek

    F/S - Volkl Organix V1 Pro and ProKennex 5G

    Both frames have 4 1/2" grips. Volkl V1 Pro is in excellent 9.5/10 condition with just a few bumper scuffs. Strung with Babolat Touch 16 which is also great. $135 shipped in the US. The ProKennex 5G is also in easy 9/10 condition with just a few bumper scuffs. Strung with Tonic gut which...
  9. vsdtrek

    F/S - Volkl V1 Pro 4 1/2"

    Hi gang - I have one in excellent 9.5/10 condition (just a few bumper scuffs). Strung with Babolat Touch 16 which is also great. Looking to sell for $135 shipped in the US and paypal is fine. Please email me at vsdtrek @ (remove spaces by @ sign) if you have any questions...
  10. vsdtrek

    RollTrackTake = great seller!

    Was very fortunate to pick up two excellent condition Londons. Everything was perfect - great emails and super fast shipping. Thank you again!
  11. vsdtrek

    goherd27 = excellent seller

    Was real lucky to buy a V1 Pro from him and it was just a fantastic transaction. Thank you again!
  12. vsdtrek

    mad dog1 = hall of fame for a reason!

    Just a terrific seller! Everything from the listing to the shipping was incredible. A real asset to the TT site. Thank you again!
  13. vsdtrek

    Two Volkl Organix 9 and one PK 5G - all 4 1/2"

    Both Volkls have been hit with about an hour each and are in easy 9+/10 condition with just a few bumper scuffs. Strung with Gamma Fusion. Looking to sell each for $105 or $200 as a pair. The PK 5G is also in easy 9/10 condition. Paint and grip are excellent and there are just a few...
  14. vsdtrek

    Becker Londons (four)

    I'm looking to sell four Becker Londons: Two in 4 3/8 grip size, both in 7/10 condition due to bumper scuffing and some court rash on the hoop. Paint is still good. Both strung with Wilson synthetic gut at mid tension and the strings are in good condition. One has a new Gamma Hi-tech grip...
  15. vsdtrek

    NoMansLandPlayer = great seller

    Just bought two Londons from goose and they are just as described. Excellent shipping too. Thank you again! V
  16. vsdtrek

    royfrombigd = great buyer

    Just sold two frames to Roy. Excellent buyer with the communication. Thanks again Roy!
  17. vsdtrek

    F/S - 2 Pacific Xforce 4 1/2"

    Hi gang - I have two of these, both in 4 1/2" grip and with hybrid string jobs. I would rate one at a 7.5 with a bit of side scuffing and bumper scuffing. The other is 8.5 with bumper scuffing. I took off the stupid Pacific logo sticker in the throat area on both as those always fall off...
  18. vsdtrek

    F/S - ProKennex 5G 4 1/2"

    Hi gang - I'm selling a very nice PK 5G in easy 9/10 condition. Paint and grip are excellent and just a few bumper scuffs. Also strung with Tonic gut which is probably good for a few sets. Comes with PK drawsting bag. Looking to sell in CONUS for $80 shipped. Paypal is fine too...
  19. vsdtrek

    cxdale = great seller!

    Just bought two Pacific frames from one of our new members to the site. Fantastic seller and glad to have him on board! Thank you again!
  20. vsdtrek

    F/S - Two 2010 C10 pros in 4 5/8

    Hi gang - I just picked these 2010 versions (the yellow ones) up off the for sale section and they're just a bit too heavy for me. I'd rate them in 8.5/10 condition just due to some bumper scuffing and a few tiny chips on the hoop (probably from racquets being in the bag). Overall, very...
  21. vsdtrek

    jnd28 = great seller!

    This is my second transaction with Harold, this time I was the buyer. He's such a great asset to the board that I didn't even bother asking for pics. Everything was perfect. Thanks again Harold! V
  22. vsdtrek

    F/S - Volkl V1 Classic MP 4 5/8"

    Hi gang - I just bought a new one from TW the other week (the one on closeout) and while it's a nice frame, it's too light for me. I would like to sell for $85 shipped in the US. Frame is easily in 9+/10 condition with just a few light bumper scuffs from 6 sets of play. Strung with...
  23. vsdtrek

    F/S - Wilson BLX Pro Open 3/8"

    Hi gang - I'm selling one for my buddy. He purchased it about a month ago. I would conservatively rate it a 7/10 with some wear/scuffs/chips at the top and upper bumper. Strung with a synthetic gut in good condition. He's looking to sell it for $60 shipped in the US. Thank you! V
  24. vsdtrek

    jnd28 = great buyer!

    As you may have seen from other posts, Josh is a great buyer and a real asset to Talk TW. Thank you again!
  25. vsdtrek

    FS - two Boris Becker Londons 4 1/2"

    Hi gang - I'm selling my two Londons as a package deal for $130 shipped in the US. Here are the details: Racquet 1 - 8/10 condition with just some scuffs from normal play. Strung with Bab Xcel at 57/54 (mains crosses) and strings have lots of life. Becker leather grip and an extra set...
  26. vsdtrek

    dnj30 = great seller!

    Bought a really nice Volkl bag from Dave and everything was perfect. Thank you Dave!
  27. vsdtrek

    TennisTulku = excellent seller

    Just bought a PB9 from Brian yesterday. Already arrived at my door today and is absolutely perfect. That is seriously fast! Thank you so much!
  28. vsdtrek

    goherd27 = great seller!

    Bought a London from Ted at the end of last week. Already arrived here and is in fantastic condition. Really a top-notch seller. Many thanks Ted! V
  29. vsdtrek

    purpleULAN = fantastic seller

    Just bought two Londons from Louie and everything was just great. A real asset to the TW site. Many thanks Louie!
  30. vsdtrek

    Volkl and Becker leather grips: Which is thicker?

    Hi gang - I've been doing some searches on whether the Becker or Volkl grip is thicker and just haven't found a definitive answer. I was going to order both to compare but thought I might save myself a bit of time by just asking here. I have a Becker on my PB9 and like it but wouldn't mind...