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    If Thiem wins this Australian Open he will win French Open

    I hope he wins. I’m just really tired of the big 3.
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    Who can stop novak Djokovic at 2020 Wimbledon ? ( serious )

    In form Federer. Yeah it is getting embarrassing. As a long time fed fan I have mixed feeling if Fed gets another major. Especially if he played in the finals vs another big three. I’m tired of seeing them all the time.
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    Losing yet again in a slam to the same player who denied you 2 MP at W ?

    This forum too much from everyone. Federer is 38 and not in top form. He is not super consistent anymore like he used to be. It is a given he can suddenly play horrible tennis (for his level). And it is not about choking. It comes with age. I mean it’s not that hard to understand. I’m closing...
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    Thiem beat all the Big 3 in a couple of months

    Finally. I’m getting real tired of seeing the big 3.
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    Federer Fans - I assume you are all rooting for Dimitrov from here on out

    Nah. It took Dimi 5 sets to beat an injured fed. And Dimi’a crucial double faults didn’t look good either. I don’t believe in Dimi.
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    Dimitrov mugging it up again!

    Even if Dimi wins, I don’t feel hopeful for him at all. Federer played absolutely terribly. It’s still going to take 5 sets for Dimi to win...
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    Halep superstar

    What happened to all the haters that said she was done because of her losses in other slams?
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    To those that don't like clay season

    Wow! My username STILL checks out
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    Why no grass masters?

    Clay court should also be removed. In Asian countries playing clay is an luxury. I’ve only done it 2-3 times and they were all in top luxury clubs.
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    To those that don't like clay season

    I’d rather have more variety than removing any one. What happened to carpet?
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    Federer must have been bored to death in this fashion show

    Yeah. They’re supposed to not smile and be friendly. It’s supposed to evoke some “blue blood” feeling for high fashion.
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    Nadal to Thiem: "If I wanted to lose to someone it would be you..."

    I don’t know. I personally really dislike this kind of “sportsman talk”. It’s like saying “you were better but I beat you.” And “Inspiration for small kids”? What? Small kids probably only remember Nadal.
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    When does the grass season start??

    Indeed. Keep lying to yourself. Get a MTO while you’re at it. Withdraw too. And oh, if you lose it’s because you were injured.
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    When does the grass season start??

    If you want to list out all of these events, I don’t think you are going to win.
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    When does the grass season start??

    I’ve played on clay and I still don’t like it. It is also very suspicious that a certain player who was injured and unable to compete previously always suddenly comes back to life with no sign of injury during clay season, no?
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    Who was the third best player in the 2000s (2000-2009) behind Fedal?

    Nobody. They were big 2 for a reason. It is very difficult to say who was the better player out of the big 2.
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    Who will be the Moral Winner™ of Roland Garros 2019?

    Ah. We forgot Indian Wells this year. No?
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    French Federation makes big decision: RG to go...

    Woah... my username is still relevant.
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    Does anyone need more evidence that top seeds losing early is bad for the tournament?

    I think 2-3 years ago in women's tennis, upsets happened everyday and tennis went on.
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    US OPEN crowds support Agut, not Djokovic

    I mean if the crowd never likes him, maybe there is something wrong with him.
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    "Novak Djokovic Is No. 1, Like It or Not"

    I see you a lot in the forums hating and I'm new. It's pretty clear who the hater is.
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    Federer surprise retirement with USO Title?

    No. I'd rather see him play forever.
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    Who is the least liked No. 1 in the Open Era?

    Djokovic. He is better now but his method of celebrating is not fun to watch. Sometimes I'm wondering if I'm watching the MMA when he is celebrating. Nadal is also annoying in that department but, ah, there is annoying and more annoying.
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    Should Roland Garros be renamed after Rafa?

    Roger's Cup for Roger Federer?