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  1. ohiostate124

    Another French Open does nothing for a Rafa’s legacy

    Its just a fact. We already know he is the clay goat.
  2. ohiostate124

    Is it time to just remove lines people and rely on hawkeye?

    Could this be the last straw?
  3. ohiostate124

    The real issue with the Serena/Ramos situation.....

    is the fact that people are so shocked to see an umpire actually enforce the rules. We are so used to seeing umpires let things slide that we aren’t used to seeing this. I, for one, find Ramos’ officiating refreshing. I’ve never bought into the whole "let them play" idea which usually means...
  4. ohiostate124

    So what happens if it doesn’t stop raining?

    If Cincy can’t finish by Sunday, what happens? Just no winner? I’m assuming players like Fed will just pull out if it gets to the point where he has to play multiple matches in a day.
  5. ohiostate124

    Any chances of a Pro Staff 90 reissue in the near future?

    Seems like there is a big desire for one. I can’t speak for everyone else but I’d buy atleast like 3 of them. If there is and you can’t talk about it, don’t reply to this thread. ;) Edit: I’m gonna take that as a yes.
  6. ohiostate124

    Is Cliff Drysdale having a bad day today?

    Seems like he has been very short with Brad Gilbert. I know Brad is a quirky guy but relax Cliffy.
  7. ohiostate124

    Nike’s planned USO shirts for Federer

    If legit, maybe it’s good that he left.
  8. ohiostate124

    So, the Babolat Pure Strike Wimbledon......

    Any chance for a 4 5/8?
  9. ohiostate124

    WTB: Wilson Pro Staff 90 4 5/8

    I’m looking for the last 90 Wilson made. The red and white one. Thanks.
  10. ohiostate124


    Best start to a season in Fedr’s career.
  11. ohiostate124

    Wilson PS85 grommets sold out?

    Are they all gone? I put some in my cart but hadn’t pulled the trigger for a few days and now they are removed and don’t appear to be listing for sale anymore.
  12. ohiostate124

    Battle of the Sexes 2

    Serena vs. Tennys Now, that whole tweet controversy where he allegedly called her disgusting was fake news but let’s do it anyway. It would be hilarious watching the meltdown as he double bagels her.
  13. ohiostate124

    Possible scammer named Alan Featherstone.

    So recently I put a post in wanted about looking for various ps90s. I got an email from claiming to have a ps tour 90. He sent 2 pictures and said no more. One of the pictures was actually the same as an auction I was watching and the other picture I had seen through...
  14. ohiostate124

    Securing new butt caps

    whats the best way other than staples? I’m thinking about replacing some older buttcaps that don’t have trap doors and I was thinking about locktite or something like that.
  15. ohiostate124

    WTB: Red/Black RF97 in 4 5/8 I keep waiting for one to pop up in the used section but it never seems to be the right grip size so I thought I’d post here. Please let me know the condition and include pictures if possible.
  16. ohiostate124

    WTB: various PS90s in 4 5/8 grip

    I’m looking for ps90s in just about every paint job except K factor. Please let me know the condition and price. Pictures would be appreciated. Thanks.
  17. ohiostate124

    Tension question for different head sizes

    I’ve been playing with ps85s for awhile now and I prefer low tensions. They are currently strung with full natural gut at 45. I’m thinking about moving to a 90 or maybe the rf97. My question is, what should I string at in a 90 and 97 to keep a similar feel. Thanks.
  18. ohiostate124

    Dunlop Srixon Revo CX 2.0 Tour 18x20 Grip sizes

    Is there no 4 5/8? Not even listed as an option.
  19. ohiostate124

    5 knots?

    so I got a few rackets strung and picked them up today. Noticed 1 of the 3 had 5 knots. 2 in the bottom left of the hoop and 1 in each of the other 3 "corners". Is this a problem?
  20. ohiostate124

    Maintaining concentration

    How do you do it? It seems like that's my biggest problem. If I get frustrated or try to hard, obviously my level goes down. If I go out there, say **** it, stop thinking, and just concentrate on the ball, everything works. The problem is maintaining that over the course of a match. Any tips?
  21. ohiostate124

    Which natural gut to use these days?

    My ps85's are still strung with the old Wilson natural gut. I haven't been playing that much until recently so I left it in the racket for quite awhile. I think It's getting about time for a restring. Sounds like natural gut has gone through some big changes since my last string job. Anything...
  22. ohiostate124

    Under Armour tennis gear

    Any word on when Under Armour might release the Murray shoes? I think I read a rumor here a while ago that it would be in early 2018 but I'm not sure.
  23. ohiostate124

    RF97 with full gut?

    Anyone try it? Still playing with my ps85's from the reissue a few years back and I've been thinking about picking one up. I'm a pretty flat hitter that's been using full gut forever and curious how it feels. Haven't been able to find any threads on it.
  24. ohiostate124

    where to find vintage 80s tennis gear?

    Looking to find a matching set of 80s or 80s style tennis gear. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Searching here didn't turn up much for me and haven't had any luck yet with the rest of the internet.
  25. ohiostate124

    question about the prostaff rf 97 autograph

    I've tried looking through the many Fed racket threads but here are.too many pages so I thought I'd just ask. Any reason why it isn't available with a 4 5/8 grip?