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    What will The Fed wear next year to wimbledon 2009?

    Wimby 2007 - a creme suit Wimby 2008 - a cardigan Wimby 2009 - ?????
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    Serena William's new blazer...

    copying federer's creme suit jacket from last year ..... shocking
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    My Bet for Wimbledon 2008

    Just two bets: Main bet: Roger Federer to lose Wimbledon Longshot: Richard Gasquet to win Wimbledon.
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    Racquet manufacturer's addresses in China / Taiwan/ Japan

    Could anyone list where genuine racquets are manufactured in Asia? I am going to Asia next year and would like to pick up some cheap racquets from their factories at a bargain price. please feel free to list the addresses.........................
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    18 X 20 Or 16x19.

    Could anyone list what stringing patterns the 20 A.T.P players use ? 18 X 20 or 16X19? Please feel free to list. ..and which pattern for most (on this forum) is the best pattern to play with?
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    Safin and Monfils's racquets question

    Are they really HEAD MicroGel Tennis Racquets? A lot of talk on Safin's racquet has been discussed here but what exactly is it?? Does Monfils use the microgel too?
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    james blake racquet

    is it the m-fil 200 shapped like an Dunlop Aerogel? or customized Aerogel 200?
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    Thomas Berdych's Strings

    Hello, What strings and tension does Thomas Berdych use?
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    how do you determine RACQUET BALANCE?

    How do you determine and measure RACQUET BALANCE on a remodified raquet? please help me with answers..thanks
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    Heaviest racquets on the market now?

    Hello, Could anyone possibly tell me tell what are the heaviest racquets available the market now? I am 6 ft 5 and and 200lb and require a nice heavy racquet
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    How many pros use lead tape on their racquets?

    How many pros use lead tape on their racquets today?
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    how much does the tennis trainer earn?

    How much does a tennis trainer earn if he is coaching a top 20 player? Do they take a % on wins?
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    who has been the biggest waste of talent never to win a grand slam?

    Who has been the biggest waste of talent never to win a grand slam in the history of atp tennis?
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    The Fastest Ever ATP player in a straight line?

    Who would be the the fastest ever ATP player if he ran the 100m / 200m in a straight line? I am putting this question up as to not confuse my previous question.
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    Who is the fastest ATP player ever?

    In terms of court coverage and speed who is/was the fastest ATP player ever?
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    A one handed backhand THUMB question....

    Is it wrong for righthanded person like myself to to place my right thumb along the racquet handle for extra support whilst hitting one handed backhand shots? It is a very natural tendancy for me to do this as it gives me more support and power through the follow through. Additionally, do...
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    Davydenko and his secret bank account question.

    Q: How much has Davydenko earnt from 'pretending to retire' from his matches? I ask this seriously.. as tennis betting is arife on the atp circuit, yet not talked about in serious depth on this forum.
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    Does any manufacturer sell WIDE tennis shoes?

    Does any manufacturer sell WIDE tennis shoes? I would like to know as I usually wear a shoe size two units too large (!) just to accomodate the width of my feet! feedback much appreciated
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    Mardy Fish jokes..

    anyone got any?