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  1. haerdalis

    ProKennex Ki15 PSE vs Ki15 (300)

    On the european website there are different versions of the Ki15 than on the US site. US site has Ki15 and Ki15 PSE with strung weights of 289 and 326 respectively. The european site has the Ki15 PSE and then two versions Ki1 (260) and Ki15(300) the former seems 10 grams lighter than the...
  2. haerdalis

    Völkl PB4, PB V1 MP and PB V1 OS

    Has anyone played with all of them? I cant demo Völks here. I really like the DNX V1 OS. Would also like to know how they compare against the PK SQ Limited.
  3. haerdalis

    PowerAngle Pro

    I wonder is the powerangle string system the same as having lower tension on a normal racquet? It feels kind of similar and in the review of the Pro they talk about upping the tension to get control. I have the centric racquet and comfort is outstanding considering its stiffness. The stringbed...
  4. haerdalis

    Is the kbold the same racquet as the nfury?

    Anyone playing with this racquet?
  5. haerdalis

    Can anyone compare the PB 4, PB V1 OS and the DNX V1 OS

    I am just curious and dont have the option of demoing these racquets where I live. I have the DNX V1 OS and use it sometimes. The new V1 OS has a higher sw than the DNX. Specswise the PB4 seems to be more similar but with the 105 hitting area instead of the 110. Anyone?
  6. haerdalis

    Why are junior racquets head heavy?

    Wouldnt it be much better for juniors to play with racquets of similar balance to adult players racquets? I mean if you are going to use lighter balls and smaller courts to keep the proportions right I think it only makes sense to to the same with the racquet.
  7. haerdalis

    Prokennex SQ Ltd Edition

    For some reason I am intrigued by this racquet. Too bad I dont have the option to demo it where I live. Is it really much more stable than say the Pk ki 15 which has similar specs. I found the ki15 horribly unstable. Not many people seem to play with this stick and not many reviews on TW...
  8. haerdalis

    Excellent trade with LafayetteHitter

    Very nice racquet! Thanks
  9. haerdalis

    Difference between O3 tour OS and Ozone tour OS

    Has anyone played with both? Also the Ozone tour lite, is that as flexy as the regular one?
  10. haerdalis

    Prince Graphite 100 midplus vs Prince Ozone tour

    Which is the most comfortable and which has most control? Is there a big difference between the two?
  11. haerdalis

    Back to square 1

    The search continues. I thought I had found a great racquet in the gamma T-7. It is a good racquet but I feel something is missing. I used to play with the prostaff line of racquets but felt I needed something easier. I tried many racquets and played with some babolats, some OSes etc. Whenever I...
  12. haerdalis

    Changing racquets again... maybe

    Just on a hunch I felt the Yonex RQiS 1 tour light would be a good stick for me. After having played with larger frames for a while but not really settled I want to go back to a smaller one but with the option of putting the weight where I want it to be. This stick seemed to be it. Anyone...
  13. haerdalis

    Ktour team fx opinions?

    I am a bit intrigued by the specs of this stick in combination with statements of great stability for its weight and sw. Can anyone comment on that? And general opinions of how it plays is always welcome. Havent seen it here but hoping to be able to test it soon.
  14. haerdalis

    Anyone still using the wilson prostaff 6.1 stretch racquet?

    I used to love this frame. Took it out for a hit the other day and it brought back some memories. 28 inches but a very headlight balance makes it a really good longbody racquet. Solid, just solid.
  15. haerdalis

    Prince O3 hybrid tour light

    Anyone tried this frame? I dont see it at TW but they have it at my club, the demo wasnt in however. I cant find any specs for it, anyone know?
  16. haerdalis

    Wanted: Head radical tour OS XL

    I am looking for one of the above in 4 3/8 or 4 ½ grip. I would prefer to trade, I have several frames available for trade. Email: henrik_sandell at hotmail dot com
  17. haerdalis

    Head protector new model

    Han anyone played with the 2007 model of the head protector racquet? I'd like to know how it differs from the original one or if it plays very much the same.
  18. haerdalis

    Pre-strung or un-strung

    Often you can find racquets of the same model both unstrung and prestrung. Are the prestrung ones of lesser quality? Who strings the prestrung racquets? The factory or the seller?
  19. haerdalis

    dman72 is a great buyer!

    Excellent communication, solid buyer. Thanks and good luck with the racquets!
  20. haerdalis

    FS Völkl and Prokennex racquets

    I have a few racquets that I dont use anymore. 2 Völkl DNX V1 OS 4 3/8 in condition 9 One strung with lux bb rough mains and sppp pure crosses at 26 kg The other sppp pure/forten sweet 26 kg 1 Völkl tour 10 v-engine mid 4 3/8 condition 9 strung with klip legend/forten sweet at 52 lbs 2...
  21. haerdalis

    Stringing the Donnay pro one OS

    It says on the webpage two piece stringing and the mains do end up being tied off at the throat which would suggest two piece stringing. Yet I noticed on the last ones I ordered strung had been strung one piece. Is one piece stringing ok on the Donnay Pro One OS?
  22. haerdalis

    Update on specs for warrior and bandit.

    I think the current batch of these racquets dont have the same specs as the original verisons. It would be nice if the specs on the website could match the actual specs of the racquets being sold.
  23. haerdalis

    Great trade with jbleiman

    I am really enjoying the F-200! Thanks for another great trade.
  24. haerdalis

    Rossignol F200 vs Wilson ProStaff 6.0

    I played today with the F200. Absolutely sweet frame when hitting the sweetspot. Feels like everything just falls into place. This is a very flexy frame, much more flexy than the ps 6.0 but I feel control is not as good and power is better which seems it shouldnt be. I could absolutely cream the...
  25. haerdalis

    Völkl V1 Classic

    I have been using the DNX V1 OS lately and having good results with it. Amazing control considering the specs of the racquet. Much better than other similar racquets I have tried. Strangely when I first used it a year ago I didnt find it as good as I do now. Anyway I still feel it is a tad too...
  26. haerdalis

    Shipping to a friend.

    A friend of mine is travelling to the US soon and I asked him to buy some stuff for me but then I thought maybe I can buy it instead. Can I place an order here under my name nad ship it to his address in the US? Should I ship it to his name, or mine? How does shipping work in the US, does it...
  27. haerdalis

    WANTED: Kevlar tennis string, reels or sets.

    I'd prefer 17g but anything is interesting. I can trade. I have several racquets and some strings aswell. email is henrik_sandell at hotmail dot com
  28. haerdalis

    Great trade with jbleiman

    Good communication and fast shipping and great looking stick! Thanks
  29. haerdalis

    FS/(FT) 3 Gamma G325 4 3/8 9/10

    I have 3 G325's that I am no longer using. They are in good condition. Grip size is 4 3/8 but original grip has been replaced by 2 overgrips. One is not strung, one is strung with sppp pure and the other has a gut/poly hybrid. I would like to sell all 3 at the same time. email is...
  30. haerdalis

    FS/(FT) 3 Gamma G325 4 3/8 9/10

    Posted in the FS/FT trade now instead.