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  1. oiler90

    Practice partner near Pensacola

    April 14-18 : Looking for 4.0-5.0 player to spar with. Preferably on clay, but not mandatory. Will pay any court fees incurred. Contact me at
  2. oiler90

    Miramar Beach hitting partner

    Will be in Miramar Beach 4/13-4/21. Looking for 4.5 or higher hitting partner. Will pay court fees. I am 5.0 male playing Helen Drake event same week. Contact
  3. oiler90

    Tennis Game near Sand Key

    Traveling near the Sand Key Florida area Feb 27- April 2. 48 year-old 5.0 male looking for a tennis game at 4.5 level or higher. Willing to pay court fees, etc. email with info. Thanks !
  4. oiler90

    ATP Tour Umpires Hat

    I keep seeing chair umpires on ATP Tour wearing white ball caps with ATP Tour and Logo. Cant find theses anywhere. Any idea where they can be purchased ?
  5. oiler90

    FS: Wilson Tour Vision - Size 13

    Bought these, wore them around the house for about an hour to break them and their just not my style. Too much white. Bought for $100, but will be willing to take $75 OBO. Will pay shipping anywhere in cont US if selling price is $75 or higher. Original box, packing paper, etc all included...
  6. oiler90

    Prince P-200 Racquet Stringing Machine

    Would like to sell or trade my Prince racquet stringing machine. Its in very good condition, includes all accessories, but I really need a machine that is more portable. Selling for $500 or would consider trade for a "crank" model stringer with similar value. Pictures available of Prince...
  7. oiler90

    Prince P-200 Racquet Stringer For Sale

    Finally parting ways with my BELOVED Prince P-200 Racquet Stringer. This stringer, as all of you know, is both a tank, and a VERY ACCURATE machine. It is a "constant pull" machine, which means that when you apply tension to a string, the machine keeps adjusting to the strings "stretchiness", so...
  8. oiler90

    WANTED: Adidas Forefoot a3

    Looking for Men's Adidas Forefoot a3. The great shoe that they made around 2003-2006. Size 13. Any color. Prefer new. See TW review below for picture.
  9. oiler90

    Round Robin Formula

    Looking for round robin formula for upcoming tennis event, but I don't want to buy one of those "programs" that automates the whole thing. Anybody know where I can view this formula ?
  10. oiler90

    Fed's racquet back in '02

    Was just watching the '02 Masters Series Paris match between Fed and Hewitt (which Hewy wins 4 and 3) and they showed a close up of Feds racquet. I've read here that Fed was using the Hyper Carbon 6.1 back then - which indeed this racquet I saw on tv looked like. Was this indeed a paintjob of...
  11. oiler90

    Trade: Ncode 6.1 95 For Ncode 6.1 Tour

  12. oiler90

    Want To Trade ?

    I have: nCode n3 (113 square inch head) in a 4 3/8 grip size. Very good condition. I need: same racquet in a 4 1/4 grip size. Any takers ??
  13. oiler90

    Racquet balance Terminology

    when reading about racquet balance, I frequently come across the word "points". It unremarkably refers to how much head-heavy or head-light a racquet is, but I dont understand the length of a "point". Can someone help me with this please ?
  14. oiler90

    Fed serve stance

    Looking for some good photos or videos of Federer's serve stance..please give me a link if known where I can find these.
  15. oiler90

    Difference in Hybrids

    I know that if I put poly in the mains I can get more spin (less string movement). But what does it do if I put Gut in the mains and poly in the crosses ? Would the racquet play like an all-gut job, or would the poly actually accentuate the spin potential more than if there was no poly at all ???
  16. oiler90

    Tennis Elbow is gone....

    Made a post about this a few weeks ago. Thanks to all those who gave their input. Here the formula that finally worked for me. #1: Teaching left handed as much as I could. I'm a teaching pro and I fed about 50% of my lessons left handed to give that right elbow as much as possible. #2...
  17. oiler90

    Adidas Lendl Competition

    Anyone know where I can find the old Adidas Lendl Competition shoe. Not the Lendl Supreme, the all leather shoe which Adidas released last summer all over the web, but the leather/mesh model that Lendl wore from around '84-'89 before he got dumped by Adidas and went to Mizuno.
  18. oiler90

    Fed's grip size

    Wondering what Fed's grip size is, and if anyone knows, please make reference to the size of just the leather grip, not with the white overgrip on top. Thanks.
  19. oiler90

    Tennis Elbow cure ?

    Have had tennis elbow since Oct. when I tinkered with the wrong racquet(s) too long. Now I cant get rid of it because I'm a teaching pro and always on court. Have read and tried EVERYTHING, so don't give me any new ideas because I've done it all - except rest. My question is this......Could...
  20. oiler90

    Looking to trade for ncode 6.1 95

    I have ncode PS 95 18x20 (4 1/2), ncode Surge (4 3/8), ncode nPro (4 3/8); all in good shape and new string. Willing to trade all 3 for only 2 ncode 6.1's in the 95 in. head size in 4 1/2 grips. Need 18x20 pattern, not 16x18. Thanks.
  21. oiler90

    The Next Big Thing

    Seeing what the Polyester revolution has done for those looking for spin control, I predict the next big thing will be a string with even more resistance to moving on the string bed COMBINED with a thinner gauge - perhaps 19 or 20. Now THAT would be some real spin potential with awesome feel...
  22. oiler90

    Did Fed change String Patterns ?

    From what I have read about Poly stringing and the way Fed strings his frames, he used to have Poly in the mains and gut in the crosses. But now it looks as if he has reversed this.. I also saw in Racquet Sports Industry Mag that he and Hewitt both put the Gut in the Mains and the poly in the...
  23. oiler90

    Fed's specs

    I'm wondering if anyone knows a link where I can see Fed's specs on his racquet. Among other things, I am most curious about the following: Grip size, balance, weight (any lead tape added ? if so, where ?)
  24. oiler90

    String-a-lings and tension advice please...

    I'm new to the whole Poly hybrid scene, so here are a couple of issues I'd like advice on: Issue #1: I think I've seen Federer w/ String-a-lings in part of his string job, somewhere above the middle of the frame. Does he do this to keep the mains from shifting about or is it a durability...
  25. oiler90

    Best Cross String for Poly

    I'm strongly considering switching to Poly mains (ALU Power Rough 16) and I'm wondering what people out there would suggest for the crosses. I am a heavy hitting spin player.
  26. oiler90

    Gosen Arammix Pro 18

    I'm in love w/ this string. Seems to do what other Kevlars dont do. Anyone else like this ?
  27. oiler90

    Used Wilson ncode 6.1 18x20 (95 sq in head)

    Want to buy a couple of these frames in used condition in a 4 5/8 grip size. e-mail me @ Thanks.
  28. oiler90

    In search of spin

    I've been reading a lot about the spin that people are getting from poly's. Is it common knowledge now that poly's provide best spin as of today's technology ???? Here's a different angle....if cost and durability were no issue, what is the best string for maximum spin ??? Any takers ??
  29. oiler90

    Just admit it to yourselves...

    The pros are using the same racquets we do with very little exception to that rule !!! I'm getting so tired of all this banter about Federer this and Federer that. He uses the exact same frame that you can pull off a shelf in a pro shop. Some of you guys act like there is this secret society...
  30. oiler90

    Superga Shoes

    Looking for the old Superga Lendl shoes that he wore back in the late 70's - early 80's. Anybody remember them and know where I can find them, even if they are used ??