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    Anybody watching the daily 'live' Tennis on ESPN3?

    FYI - anyone else watching the lower-ranked ATP Pro's battling it out 'live' on ESPN3? Seems they are at some private/secluded court in Bradenton/Sarasota area... interesting stuff!
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    Dunlop NT Max Plus

    thanks for the feedback!
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    Dunlop NT Max Plus

    so,,,, what's the verdict ? Play well etc.?
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    Trying to remember old string

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    On a flight to JFK

    That's exactly how I learned back in 1976!
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    Post Your Most Recent Stringing Time

    Be 'me' a turtle or a hare... I strung 39-frames today, plus fully customized another 4-frames, (silicone injected, added leather grips, wt./bal./swingweight, etc.) as well as managed all the regular "in & our" customer sales - guessing around 40-50 cash register transactions there... all during...
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    What is/was your Most Favorite String Ever?

    besides the obvious being; VS Team 1.22 'uncoated'... for me it was Wilson 'hammer-tech 17' - loved that string for some reason! Close 2nd would be original tecnifibre 515...
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    What is/was your Most Favorite String Ever?

    VS 1.22mm "un-coated"... sublime!
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    Your greatest WORST string of all time is...

    "Tie" (for me at least..) would be... Prince "Stop Light" and Wilson "SweetSpot"... both with good "philosophies" yet neither did a damn in actuality of performance...
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    Volk holy grail ?

    Google translate - easy to use and costs nothing
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    Can I get away with no starting knots?

    still gotta 'tie-it' properly...
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    syngut colors - any differences?

    Anytime you add a colorant to a material, (nylon-P6 / P-66 etc. being discussed here) there is going to be slight differences. Sometimes for the "good" and sometimes for the "not-so-good" - back in the old days, this was done with a 'hot-process' - but updated some 10+ years ago using a...
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    Pacific FTX Multifilament

    big matt is correct~! I'd also offer that the outer-coating is really good for a multi - it holds up great with a hybrid if using poly - so actually this is my #1 favorite multi - because/being: super comfy / reliable control / durable + great price! Comes in reels too I hear... sounds like...
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    Question: How do racquet manufacturers get air into the yoke?

    There is a "pellet" inside the wrapped fibers of the added throat area/piece that when being heated in the mould (when in the oven) "blows-up", (thus, expands) and then dissolves completely. A common / typical procedure with any carbon-based moulding process whereas their is a small piece that...
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    Reduce handle weight

    When you look at it in "logical-perspective"... a Penny weighs 2.5 grams... so you must have amazing 'feel' to "feel" 2-grams!
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    I feel like a new man

    did you get the; "WFY" function? (weave-for-you) that is an AWESOME upgrade!
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    Marcelo Rios Yonex

    he still owes me $$... "typical" for him... AMAZING talent - alas:(
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    Anyone know the strings in this racket?

    looks to be Prince synthetic gut with durables 'gold' - very common (yet good!) string and since it is in a Prince frame... makes total sense!
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    The Fischer Faction!

    For that specific frame, (now being the X Force PRO.1) there was '0' change in construction - except to add the new PGS grip system. So the "mix" in the layup remains the same... why change a GREAT thing!?
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    The Fischer Faction!

    "different layup probably, the old pro no. 1´s used fiberglass...." (a totally incorrect statement)
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    Po Jen Cheng, formerly of Wilson Rackets Sports

    yup - a TOTAL (& brilliant!) class act... it was my sincere pleasure to work with him - you rock; "PO"! Blue Sky days were the best~~!
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    Head Arthur Ashe Competition

    strung way too many to actual remember - both for "regular" customers when 'home' as well as my many days on the Tour stringing for the Pro's... they were special indeed... a real creative frame introduced well before the days of "today" technology ... can't really blame Head here for the...
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    Is the DR98 the next APD?

    The just released Pacific X Fast ultra-lite is well worth a look as well - awesome 'stick'!
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    Delray Beach and Tecnifibre stringing team

    JCB is rolling his eyes, beating-up his machine, saying 'something' in French that you don't want to share with your kids... he just finished a '365' for the Angel who had an emergency 'stick' ran in by the ball boy @ the Heaven Open... all in just 11-minutes. Time for a smoke, and a scotch...
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    If you could design a pro shop....

    Being that you are a MRT, (thus you are an accomplished Racket Tech!) begin with highlighting that aspect together with your machine - trust you have a professional quality machine as well - these professional aspects need to be the most visually seen aspects by customers... stringing & other...
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    Babolat Starting Clamp Review

    and now... you've been hooked up - or as they say: Je vous doué mon ami! Ich begabt Sie mein Freund! (Since it was a mutual-cultural 'swag' delivery...)
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    Obviously easy to just Google information - hum, seems there is NO mention of Bovine Serosa (a.k.a., natural gut for medical or any other Mfg aspects @ Luxilon) yup, they do a LOT of medical threads & are a leader for those applications - none of which by the way, are using/developing/producing...
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    "What is the country of origin on the back of that package? If it reads "MADE IN BELGIUM by LUXILON INDUSTRIES NV String Division" it will unequivocally confirm that it is being made in-house." Well said... dido!