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  1. mhstennis100

    Study Abroad

    I'm planning a study abroad for next summer. The two trips I'm trying to choose between are an Economics trip to Ireland, and an Arts trip to Italy. Both trips cost about the same, are for the same duration, and will give me 6 credit hours. Which country do y'all prefer? Also, if I do the...
  2. mhstennis100

    Suspenders and Bow Ties

    Next Tuesday my business class is having an etiquette dinner that requires us to dress business professional. A few friends and I decided to wear suspenders and bow ties instead of belts and regular ties. I'll be wearing a white button down shirt, either khaki or gray slacks, burgundy shoes...
  3. mhstennis100

    Bowling/ Bowling balls

    Who here bowls? I started getting into it this summer, and I've averaged 135 over 30 games. I've decided I want to get my own ball now, so what types/brands do you all recommend? I'm going for hook shots.
  4. mhstennis100

    Macbook Pro 13" vs. 15"

    Hey guys, I won a Macbook Pro 13" at my school's after-prom party, and I plan to use it in college next year. The only thing is that it came with a receipt, so I could take it back to the Apple store and get a store credit, and pay extra cash to upgrade. Would it be worth $500 to upgrade to...
  5. mhstennis100

    Help a new blues fan

    Hey all, I've become interested in blues music. I borrowed a greatest hits album by Cream (blues-rock I guess), and loved it. Today I got Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughan, and I really like it so far. So I was hoping more knowledgeable blues fans could show me where to go from here. If you...
  6. mhstennis100

    The day the death star fell I lol'd
  7. mhstennis100

    New Megadeth Album

    Did anyone else get the new Megadeth album, Endgame? I got it for $10 at Best Buy, and I'm very happy about my purchase. I've always been more of a Metallica man, but Rust in Peace, The System Has Failed, and Countdown to Extinction were very enjoyable albums. I think Endgame is definitely up...
  8. mhstennis100

    Help me pick some cd's.

    I'm asking for a bunch of cd's for my birthday, so here are some that I want. I'd appreciate it if you could point out some similar artists to me. Thanks. Metallica- Master of Puppets, ... And Justice For All Megadeth- Rust In Peace, Peace Sells...But Who's Buying Iron Maiden- Iron Maiden...
  9. mhstennis100

    xbox 360 live users

    Hey all, just saw the PS3 thread, and thought we should make our own. Post your gamertag and what games you like to play. games-COD4, COD3, Rainbow 6 Vegas. Unfortunately I don't have the money to buy other games now:(.
  10. mhstennis100

    summer reading, has anyone read these books?

    Hey I have to pick one of the following to read before school starts and find 10 important passages to write a 1 paragraph description of. My choices are Bleak House - Charles Dickens Hard Times - Charles Dickens The Prairie - James Fenimore Cooper Moby Dick - Herman Melville Uncle Tom's...
  11. mhstennis100

    Eagnas 840/940 vs. Alpha Revo 4000

    Hey, I'm looking at buying a crank stringing machine. I've talked to Yulitle and he recommended the Revo, but my dad is looking for the cheapest one. I searched this subforum and learned that Eagnas has poor customer service, but got mixed opinions on the quality. Many said the 840/940 had...
  12. mhstennis100

    Favorite Rhythm sections?

    Well we've had top 10 guitarists and singers, so I thought we should give the bass, rhythm guitarists, and drummers some love. My favorite rhythm sections are Guns N' Roses Audioslave Rush Red Hot Chili Peppers Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd Post your favorites.
  13. mhstennis100

    BMW reliability?

    My dad and uncle are having an argument over the reliability of BMW's. My uncle just got back from Germany after his military stay was over, and brought back a BMW. My dad believes in Consumer Reports, which gives BMW's bad reliability, but my uncle and many friends with BMW's say they're...
  14. mhstennis100

    PS3 info?

    Hey I was planning on buying the 40 Gb PS3 which is around $400 new right now. My cousin told me to wait for a few months though because Sony would probably release a smaller and cheaper version after they fixed some of the problems. I was wondering if that was true and I should wait for a...
  15. mhstennis100

    Getting my first car pretty soon

    Yea I'll be turning 16 in a few months and my parents are buying a third car for the family. They don't want to spend more than 17 grand for a new car or truck, so I can't get anything to great. We looked at Fords first, and the lowest end F-150 was barely in our budget, so that's what I'm...
  16. mhstennis100

    making smoothies

    I went to this place called Robeks across from my school and they have awesome smoothies. So I started thinking if I could get a blender I could make my own and save like $4.50 every time. The problem is, do regular grocery stores sell fruits like mangos and guava juice? Also, they use a...
  17. mhstennis100

    Just finished 1984

    I thought it was a great book. Kinda depressing after Winston gets arrested. It has a good message about government. Time to start the English project :( Anybody else find it to be a great read?
  18. mhstennis100

    asking a girl to homecoming

    I'm a sophmore in HS and I'm asking this girl I like to homecoming. I know she likes me too so I was gonna ask her, but then I was informed that you have to make it "special" or something. So I was thinking about getting her a build a bear to ask her. For those who don't know, you go to the...
  19. mhstennis100

    abdomen hurts on serve/overhead, and leg

    Every time I go up to serve, my abs hurt when I bend back to throw up the ball with my left hand. It hurts on the left side of my abs. My coach says to stretch it, but didn't mention any particular stretches. Anybody have some ideas? Also, my right leg hurts where the bone connects with my...
  20. mhstennis100

    who to contact for dunlop preferred package?

    How do you contact Dunlop USA for a preferred player package if they don't have a website? Is there a fax number or an address?
  21. mhstennis100

    folded in 2 matches this weekend

    In my first champ tourney I folded in both matches I played. First one I lost 4 and 0. Second one was 4 and 4. The second one seems okay from the score, but I was up 4-1 second set and lost 5 games in a row. I can't describe how mad I was. I almost resorted to smashing my racket to get the...
  22. mhstennis100

    lonetango great buyer

    Sold him 2 rackets. Fast communication. Good buyer. Thanks.
  23. mhstennis100

    shipping to hong kong?

    I was trying to sell some rackets and a buyer from Hong Kong is interested. How much do you think shipping would cost from Houston to Hong Kong?
  24. mhstennis100

    got my reel today

    I got my Ashaway Synthetic Gut 17 reel today from ya'll. Got here on time and undamaged. Thanks for being a good seller.
  25. mhstennis100

    2 Wilson 6.0 95s 4 3/8 8.32432856+

    Hey I have 2 Wilson PS 6.0 95s that are for sale. I'd say they are 8.25+. Both have leather grips. I have built the 3/8 gripsize up to around 4 1/2 with electrical tape. I have lead on them, and will leave it for you to experiment with. Photos are available. I'd like $140 for both, which...
  26. mhstennis100

    Gamma Revelation 17 reels?

    Do they make these? How much would TW sell it for if they could get some?
  27. mhstennis100

    from Wilson 6.0 to Dunlop Agel 200

    I made the switch on Thursday from the Wilson PS 6.0 95 to the Dunlop Aerogel 200. Both are great frames but I prefer the feel and play of the Dunlop. I just thought I would make this for people to ask about these rackets if they are curious.
  28. mhstennis100

    2 Wilson PS 6.0 95's 4 3/8 8.5+

    Hi, I have 2 wilson ps 6.0 95's for sale. Both are 4 3/8 gripsize, but I have built them up to around 4 1/2 using electrical tape. They have some scratches on the bumper and sides of head from low slices and the normal wear and tear. No cracks. 1 is the newer TW version with Wilson leather...
  29. mhstennis100

    Can you change a post title for me?

    I made a post in the References section about a trade I made and they person wants me to take the last name out of the title. The thread is here Could you just remove his last name and leave everything else the same? Thanks.
  30. mhstennis100

    Trading for Dunlop Agel 200

    I want to get 1 or 2 Dunlop Aerogel 200 18x20s. I have 2 Wilson PS 6.0 95's I'm willing to trade for. They are 8.5 or better. Let me know if you have any Agels that are up for trade.