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  1. amlemus

    Tapatalk Pro Error on Login

    Just downloaded Tapatalk Pro for iPhone and attempted to sign in to TT there. I keep getting an error (below). Anyone else get this and know how to resolve? Thanks! “Login Failed - You are not logged in or do not have permission to perform this action.”
  2. amlemus

    League Match vs. Kids Class Parent

    Fun story from this morning: My opponent and I are in our 2nd set of our match when a kids' group lesson starts up on the adjacent court. As we keep playing, a parent and her two kids hop on our court's bench (presumably because it was the shaded side) to put some sunscreen on. On it's own...
  3. amlemus

    Mobile Apps for Measuring Ball Speed?

    Does anyone know of any apps or other tools to help us regular folk get a read on the ball speed of our serves, groundstrokes, etc?
  4. amlemus

    The Unwritten Rules of Tennis

    Contribute. Discuss. Debate. I'll start: Thou shalt not celebrate an opponent's unforced error.
  5. amlemus

    Nike not putting out a Roland Garros line?

    Looks like there are a few companies (Adidas, LaCoste, etc.) that put out some kits specifically for RG this year. Surprised that Nike didn't do the same given their visibility. Wonder why??
  6. amlemus

    One-handed BH Pros

    Having read a few articles now about the 2HBH v. 1HBH, with none praising the one hander, I wonder why we have so many high ranked pros (Fed, Stan, Thiem, et al.) that use it. The 2HBH ostensibly has more advantages and is easier to teach at a young age. Do you think the one hander is going to...
  7. amlemus

    ATP Rome R16 Pick Em!!!

    Who advances and in how many sets? My picks: Fognini (3, and two broken sticks, 1 each) Berdych (3) Wawrinka (3, all go to tiebreaker) Goffin (3) Thiem (2) Nadal (2) Delpo (3, and Kei takes an extended medical time out) Bautista Agut (3, Nole fires himself)
  8. amlemus

    Cuevas vs Zverev - Mutua Madrid Open 2017

    Follow up: how many racquets die?
  9. amlemus

    Tennis TV or Tennis Channel??

    Which one do you all like better and why?
  10. amlemus

    Tennis TV or Tennis Channel??

    Which one do you like the most and why?
  11. amlemus

    Superlight shoes?

    Are there any solid men's options there that are under 12oz? I rotate indoor soccer shoes and Nike Air Zoom ultras to play tennis right now. The soccer shoes (adidas freefootball supersala) are awesome for my mobility, but they lack durability of course since they're a shade over 10oz. There's...
  12. amlemus

    "Hey, are you practicing? Mind if I hit with you?"

    The scene: I'm practicing my serve on a court I've rented for the hour. Literally going through a 70 ball hopper by myself trying to get my mechanics down. A gentleman walks by and asks "Are you just practicing your serve?", which 20 seconds of observation would have confirmed for him. He then...
  13. amlemus

    Babolat Pure Aero Tour - Good control strings?

    I just got into the Babolat Pure Aero Tour (BPAT) a few weeks ago and love the weight and control of it thus far. I've put the Wilson Sensation on them for a bit and felt the results were ok but found that the strings moved around all over the place after a few hits. I then switched to the...
  14. amlemus

    Best way to higher balls with OHB??

    I'm practicing my OHB a lot lately and trying to simulate getting more "junk" balls that I'll have to adapt my swing to on the fly. Balls that kick high tend to jam me up a bit. Any other OHBers find a relatively consistent way (outside of better footwork/setup, of course) to get these back with...
  15. amlemus

    Thiem v. Sugita

    Is Sugita going to lose his magic this round? He's been looking great thus far but seems to have hit a roadblock in this first set v. Thiem!
  16. amlemus

    Alexander Zverev: Root for him or no?!

    I honestly have no idea whether or not to root for this kid. He's got tons of talent obviously and some evident weak spots like any younger player would have. I end up wanting him to lose against underdogs (like Almagro, right now) but in his corner when he beat Tiafoe and took Nadal to 5 in...
  17. amlemus

    Starting out: what level to compete at?

    I haven't played any kind of official match against anyone with an NTRP, so when my local summer league asks me what my rating is, do I just default to 2.5 even though I feel like I'm higher than that? I realize this might be a dumb question, but gauging what my level is seems to be elusive...